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[- Shane McMahon -] Goldberg and the Rock standing toe to toe...

[- Sting -] Big clothesline by Goldberg!

[- Sting -] Goldberg has the Rock in a "death valley" postion..

[- Shane McMahon -] I wonder what he is going to do here..

[- Sting -] OH MY GOD! Big rib breaker!

[- Shane McMahon -] That was a nasty monuever right there!

[- Sting -] Goldberg, looks like he's going for the Jackhammer!

[- Shane McMahon -] He's got him up!

[- Sting -] Like gravity, Goldberg brings the Rock back down to the mat..

[- Shane McMahon -] Hard too.. I think they've had enough..

[- Scene -] Shane McMahon get's up and makes his way to the ring as a WWF Official does the same..

[- Shane McMahon -] You two aren't going to wait till Rebel Fever I can tell.. so tonight.. in this very ring! You two will square off, in a singles match!

[- Sting -] Wow, a preview of what we're going to see at Rebel Fever here tonight perhaps. We're going to another commercial break..