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Below are the rules. They are pretty simple so you shouldn't have much of a problem.

1=After you have joined and when you have gotten the ok from me. Please make sure do put up a debut roleplay.
2=Please no using anyone and I mean anyone in your roleplay unless you have cleared it with that person or myself.
3=Watch your language in your role plays. We don't want to see cussing every other word in your roelplays.
4=We only run one show and when the deadline is up no more role plays can be posted. The deadline will be listed on the show page with the card. If you have any questions about this please contact me.
5=As far as faces go you may use anyones' face but that face can only be used three times and this does not go for an orginal person. (ex. Triple H)
6=The max number of role plays for each show is five. and this goes for PPV's as well. Any more then five posted will not be counted towards your match.
7=Keep all personal problem out of OWA. If you have a problem with a member please let me know and under no circumstances post any messages on any board about any member you have a problem with.
8=Have fun and remeber that this is just for fun.

If any of these rules are broken three time you will be removed from OWA and not let back in.