NWA's Hottest Sexpot! Trish Stratus! NWA Diva's Beware!!!!!
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-vs- Chyna & Inferno 0-0-1 None Inferno & Chyna

Trish: Well Well look a here who's back in the Nwa the biggest badest sexiest diva of all Me Trish Stratus I have one thing to say to the other divas we all know you cant compare to what I have please just look at me what do you have compared to this

Trish: Let me ask you a Question little miss inferno the clown what the hell is up with the physco attitude where do you think that is gonna get you well i'll tell you where it will get you it will get you no where in the Nwa the only place it will get you is the mental ward in a padded room where you really belong you physcotic bitch..hahahaha Oh and what the hell do u call your self doing coming in there stealing the womens belt well i got news for you, you are not gonna sit around and take advantage of me and think you can get away with it, oh yea i forgot that is the only way you will ever have the womens belt is to steal it we all understand that you had to steal it to have what u wanted cuz that proved right there you dont have what it takes to win the belt from me......... Now you might would have a chance against Chyna the dyke because look at her she sucks major cock all she is about is getting laid she doesnt care about her carrer but sweety you mid as well back off while u have the chance cause come impact your ass is man so you might can run but you cant hide

Trish: Chyna chyna oh my sweet little innocent dyke do you see this belt no one i mean no one is getting away from me! What the hell are you thinking you can challenge me hahaha that is very funny well all i got to say is you may think you can get me but you dont have the balls! So tell me what are you gonna do to me? Nothing! but get on your knees and beg for mercy like a little stupid ass bitch,I'm gonna make you look like the whimp that you really are come impact and you will never thank me enough for it oh and i heard you were trying to get with the boss so you could win this match but oh think again you little slut he wouldnt get between them legs if you begged him to so you mid as well give up on your carrer you are nothing and you never will be you wanna talk your shit but that is all you know how to do is talk shit nothing else because your a shit talker all you care about is licking womens pussy and getting laid so you might wanna fuck off while you have the chance with your steriod ass and that is all I have to say about you and the inferno the clown yall aint shit and never will be so dont ever think you have the guts to stand up in my face because all i will do is knock you right back down.... Your ass is mine come impact