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TNA Theme
TNA Dancers - "Knock You Down"
Jeff Jarrett - "My World"
Scott Hall - "Marvelous Me"
Bruce - "Push"
Jorge Estrada - "Flying To Graceland"
Kid Kash - "Redneck"
The New Church - "Take You Under"
SAT's - "I'm Everything"
AJ Styles - "I Am"
Curt Hennig - "Champion"
Jerry Lynn - "Fear"
Jerry Lynn - "Born & Raised" -original
Jimmy Yang - "Omega"
Amazing Red - "Seeing Red"
America's Most Wanted - "Crue"
Brian Lawler - "So Phat"
Syxx Pac - "Giant"
BG James - "Road Dog"
Harris Brothers - "War Necks"
Low Ki - "Omori"
Sonny Siaki - "Skinn"
S.E.X. - "Sex Sells"
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