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The Facts
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 328lbs
Hometown: Houston, TX.
Race: White
Age: 35
Style: Powerful
Alignment: Face
Manager: None
Theme Music: "Crazy Train" by Ozzy
Contract: Signed to NWA
Nickname: "Killer"
Contact: N/A
All-Time Record 0-0-0
High Times Double armed choke slam into pin

Trademark Moves
Big Boot

Choke Slam

10 Moves
Choke Slam, power bomb, big boot to face, clothes line, DDT, superplex, bare hug, neck barker, drop kick, face buster.
Long black hair with green eyes and a black goatee, with a black tank top on and black tights with long boots on.
Crazy train hits over the PA and green/red smokes fills up the stage as fireworks goes off in the arena, everywhere. As the smoke cleans he comes out.
Titles History
none at in the NWA
The Story
Born in Housten,Tx in the mid-70's. He went to school in Houston area until he moved to fla for school in the 1980's. He than became a pro-wrestler in the early 90's in the fla beach area. He moved up to Philly to start wrestling until now.