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Super CLash 2005

An absolutely amazing event in front of a rabid crowd so loud, it is difficult to hear the announcers on the tapes. A strong set of matches all the way through was capped off by a WILD brawl that saw nearly every roster member fly all over the building. Here are the results from Super Clash 2005:

The show opened with Rebel X taking on Tony Bruiser, who was making his return after over a year away from the ring. This match was set up after Tony Bruiser returned out of nowhere last month at Saturday Night Mayhem to take out Rebel X. Su-Zaku came out and distracted Rebel X, allowing Tony Bruiser to win after a gross modified powerbomb. Rebel X called Su-Zaku back out, challenging him to a match later on where if Su-Zaku won, he got Rebel X's confederate flag, and if Rebel X won, Su-Zaku had to remove his mask.

Jon Kowalski came out to challenge Scott Talon to a rematch, as Jon felt his win over Talon was tainted due to Ed Kowalski's interference last show. Talon came out, but before he could say anything 3XL surrounded the ring. Talon and Jon started to brawl, as AJ the Bomb directed Freak Show and Chris Reign to attack them. Freak Show destroyed Talon with a chokeslam, but Jon got the better of Chris Reign. Jon stared down AJ and Freak Show, who walked out, collecting Chris Reign in the process.

Next up was Super Beast taking on Gimmick Napolean Dynamite! This match was to determine who got the returning Dr. Proctor as their manager. This match was a total squash, as Super Beast destroyed Gimmick Burglar, who's only offense was a brief "'roid rage" as Mark McGuire. The end came with a Super Beast DDT on "Napolean". After the match, however, Dr. Proctor announced that Super Beast was not his first genetic was actually Gimmick Burglar. Proctor revealed that he found a way to control GB's gimmicks. This sent Super BEast into a wild rage, and he attacked Proctor as Gimmick Burglar ran off.

Up next was a GREAT tag match, as 3XL members Freak Show and Chris Reign took on MAX Pro Wrestling's Sly and SPWO's own Nightmare. Sly is thrown all over the building in this one, as Freak Show and Reign nail him with everything. Even with the advantage, Sly couldn't connect, even missing an AMAZING Shooting Star Press! Just when it looked like 3XL was heading for victory, Sly and Nightmare hit paydirt. Nightmare hit Reign with his chokeslam, and then chokeslamed Sly off of the top rope into a Squirrel Dive Splash for the victory.

Our "Mask v. Flag" match was next, as SPWO legend/LWA Pro's Rebel X took on Su-Zaku. This match was vintage Rebel X, with dozens of weapons being used in almost a throwback to the SPWO days of 2000. As Rebel X beat down Su-Zaku, Sly came back out and stepped between them. Suddenly, Sly attacked Su-Zaku, allowing Rebel X to hit three straight stunners for the win. Su-Zaku, the mysterious ninja from the orient, was then unmasked to reveal...A WHITE GUY?!? Rebel X and Sly looked stunned (no pun intended) to see this, walking out in a shocked silence.

We are back from intermission with a new concept match between SPWO Legend/LWA Pro's Ed Kowalski and the high-flying, ultra-extreme Lithium. Called a "Time Bomb Match", the rules state that after the first pin fall, the defeated wrestler then has 10 minutes to answer. If he does, then that pinned wrestler has 10 minutes to answer. This continues until a wrestler can't answer a pin fall i nthe allotted 10 minute time limit. This match started out quick, with lots of reversals that culminated in Lithium hitting Ed with a kip-up hurricanrana and a HUGE plancha to the outside. Lithium controlled until his Blockbuster attempt was reversed into a Super Kick from Ed. Ed followed with a DVD for the first pin fall. Lithium then had 10 minutes to answer. Ed wasted no time in maintaining his advantage, bringing in a ladder and chairs. Ed eventually bridged the ladder between the chairs, but his attempt to DVD Lithium on it was reversed. Litihum set Ed on the ladder and hit a HUGE Swanton Bomb. He covered Ed for the pin. Ed Kowalski now had 10 minutes. Litihum immediately set up a table outside of the ring. He went for his Tornado DDT finisher, but Ed reversed, hitting a INDESCRIBABLE sitout powerbomb from the ring apron, through the table to the concrete floor. Both Jon Kowalski and Scott Talon then ran out, attacking Ed. The "Time Bomb Match" was thrown out by ref Jason ? as Jon and Scott readied for their match...