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North American Wrestling Alliance

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NAWA Rule Book

1. You must Roleplay at least 1 time a week. If you don't you'll get a warning. If you don't Roleplay for 2 weeks straight, your gone. The only exception to this rule is if you have something to do and your gonna be gone for a while, or something like that, and you notify some one in the front office.

2. Attacking people in your Roleplay's is perfectly okay, with a few exceptions. You can't seriously injure a wrestler (ie: Breaking his arm or cracking his ribs, etc.) but beating him down, maybe some blood, thats alright. Also, don't just go around beating people up all the time cause it does get boreing after a while. Another thing, don't always be the one handing out the beatings, take a few lumps as well.

3. The front office has all say in match results and fed related material. If there is a problem or you don't like something that has been done, send either Crisis or Maxx a message and we'll do the best we can to make things right.

4. If you suffer an injury or something like being busted open, play it off. Don't come out in your next RP totally healed like nothing happened to you. Even though some people might have super powers, they can still be injured.

5. Try to stick to one feud or one storyline. Don't skip around in each RP and attack different people or jmp into other peoples feuds. Plan some stuff out if you want, just don't go randomly attacking or challenging people. It gets confusing to the front office to try to keep up with such stuff.

6. Have fun. And remember it's only a game. Something to pass the time, so try not to take things too seriously.