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North American Wrestling Alliance

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Welcome to the NAWA

Thanks for visisting what, (I hope) will be a long lasting go at E-Wrestling. Now I have been part of a lot of feds in the past 10 years and they all have the same thing in common. The Front Office gets bogged down. Well hopefully I, along with a few select front office members will stop that from happening.

Now everyone has been part of those feds that are alwasy late with cards. Angles gets all screwed up. No-One knows who is fighting who or when or what kind of match. Well, for the most part that is going to stop here. Now I realize everyone has a life and this is just for fun. However how much fun is it to see the same news page for months at a time. Or a card to be 2 or 3 days late every week. I know how this can get members to bail and head for higher ground. So I plan on doing everything in my power to make this federation better then all the rest. With the help of some good RPers and a strong Front Office the NAWA will take E-Feds back to the top!

Take a look around and check out the site. If you have questions comments or suggestions...let me know! I am always ready to hear them.

The NAWA is all about good angles. Fresh ideas. Not just blood baths and foul mouths. Yes we can get X-Treme but we also no what "real" wrestling talent is. So if you think you have what it takes to win the crowd over give us a try.