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Welcome To the MWUK (Muscle Wrestling UK) website. The new wrestling site for MWUK, including info on events and characters with pictures and interviews. If you need any information then email me. otherwise enjoy the unique world of muscle wrestling.
P.S. Make sure that you check out the news section for all the up to date info on the MWUK.

WOW, The MWUK is on the first page of the MPS (Muscle Preservation Society)

I am going to be introducing a sponsorship part of the site where you can role play with your favourite muscle. I will be working on it for the next couple of weeks.


The Phoenix will battle Crimson for the MWUK World Championship at The Stand.

MWUK's first PPV has taken place. Click on the Stand link to access the schedule and the results.

Muscle Wrestler Quotes:

I will ssssslice off your tongue for insssssulting me! - Lizard Man

The main event for Core will pit Phoenix and Hair against Crimson and Claw. It should be explosive!

Monday Night CORE results are avaliable now, so check it out.

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This month's spotlight is on The Phoenix, One of the main stars the MWUK has to offer. Check it out.

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