Keone Ocuendo Murphy Escapes From Leon County Jail

On Wednesday December 1, 2004 the notorius Keone Murphy escaped from Leon County Jail. Murphy was arrested January 31 of 2003 of vehicular manslaughter, posseion of marijuna with intent to sell, and stealing from the collection plate at Greater Mt. Zion Baptist Church. Murphy was found guilty by a jury of his peers on three accounts of vehicular manslaughter, 2 accounts of possession of marijuna with intent to sell, one account of being within 50 feet of a school with marijuna, and one account of stealing from the collection plate. He was sentenced to 10 years of prison without parol and also sentenced to being beaten by every member of the congregation. Due to the large congregation of the church, the beating will be broken up into shifts. The beating schedule is posted below.
Monday December 13th(12:00PM-2:00PM) Murphy will be beaten by Usher Board #2
Monday December 13th(2:30PM-6:00PM) Murphy will be beaten by the Youth Choir
December 14th(6:00AM-10:00AM) Murphy will be beaten by the Mother's Board with the church's brand new fans and various kitchen appliances
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