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These are the matches we have done so far. Take a look at them, give us tips or just enjoy them. Note: You must have Realplayer to view these. Get it here. Just click the link on the top right of their website that says "Free Player."
Another Note: Due to the lack of free space we have on Angelfire, some of these links don't work anymore. We apologize and hope to get a new provider soon.

doesn't work The first match: This is the first match we have ever done. It has no referee, so we have to count our own pins, so it looks kind of funny. There are also no entrances in this match. March 30, 2002

doesn't work The second match: This is the second match we have ever done. As you will see it was done in the night. We got a referee for this match. We also put entrances in this match. April 5, 2002

Compilation of moves: This is a compilation of moves. Some from the previous matches, and some from us just practicing. Check it out, it's pretty cool.

doesn't work The Funny Match : We were already cracking up because we were screwing up all the moves, and then we look over and see Ben coming over unexpectedly with this huge cardboard thing.(you'll see in the movie) We decided to make a match out of it. It's pretty hilarious. April 13, 2002

doesn't work The 4th Match: This is Happy Jake's first match. We finally taught him some moves. It's a cool match, Mike is the referee and he stays in the whole time this match. April 19, 2002

Compilation of moves: This is another compilation I made. It has a bunch of cool new stuff. I added some more to it, so if you already downloaded or watched it, watch it again cause there's new stuff at the end.

doesn't workEvil Rapper vs Cyclone: New! Cyclone and the Evil Rapper were bored Monday night so they filmed a match. First one in a while. It is supposed to be a higher quality but for some reason Angelfire wouldn't upload the higher quality one. Oh well, this one is okay. And by the way, we were just messing around so there is no ref and we count our own pins.

Last match?This is Cyclone vs Evil Rapper(except in this match he's actually the Evil Golfer, dont' ask) in what will hopefully not be our last match. You'll see what we mean at the end of the match. We have to count our own pins again, but oh well.

2 on 2: Well after Royal Rumble on Sunday we wanted to do a bigger match. We did a 2 on 2. Demolisher (Evil Rapper) and Rage vs xMx and Sgt. Extreme (Cyclone). Since the actual match was close to 15 minutes, this is just highlights. It's pretty cool though, enjoy.

The Third Compilation: This is great compilation of some of the MPBW's best stuff. Check it out, it's only 3 minutes long. I am not sure if I am done yet so more may be added later.

Evil Rapper vs xMx: The winner of this match gets to go on to the triple threat for the MPBW championship. The other two people in the triple threat will be the winners of Cyclone vs Cenada and Happy Jake vs Rage. Come back and look for the rest later!