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Mike and Paul's Backyard/Trampoline Wrestling

7-7-03 Sorry to all of our devoted viewers. Mike can no longer come to Paul's house or trampoline. The wrestling federation is currently without Mike. We may or may not still upload more videos depending on when or if we are able to make them with other people. All the old videos that are there will still be kept up.

5-15-03 As usual I don't update very often. We haven't been able to wrestle very much lately. There have been multiple issues that have to do with this which I won't talk about now. However, during the summer, expect a lot more matches. I know I say that a lot but really there should be more. Mike got a new camera and so now we can do two cameras on all matches. While you wait for us to upload some of our old matches that we put announcers into, go to matches and check out the third compilation and the xMx vs Evil Rapper (demolisher) match.

3-29-03 New match today! I have started the one match a week thing. So everyone come back every saturday night and there will be a new match. This is Evil Rapper vs xMx. This is an important match because the winner of the match gets to go on to a triple threat for the MPBW Championship Title. The other people in the triple threat will be the winners of Cyclone vs Cenada and Happy Jake vs Rage. Next week will be one of these matches. Oh and we are doing announcers. The announcers are Mike and Paul, the fed's owners. Yeah, we aren't that great at announcing but deal with it, it's harder than it sounds. :P Since Paul is currently grounded from seeing Mike it's rather difficult for them to get together to do announcers but they should be able to find a way to do it by next week. So everyone go check out the new match.

3-28-03 Still no luck. My contact says it will be only a few days but that's what he said two weeks ago. Oh well, hopefully it will be soon. Mike and Paul recorded announcers for one of the matches. It would be up already but we have no room. Once we get more webspace we will. I am still planning to upload one match a week once we get the cjb address. And Demolisher is currently grounded from going anywhere and from seeing Sgt Extreme (cyclone) because his parents are stupid. I won't go into more of that unless you really care. While you are waiting go check out the new compilation on the matches page. It's really cool.

3-15-03 No luck on cjb yet. Oh well. Well, yesterday some of us got in a few hours of wrestling and today we were wrestling from 2:00 till 10:00 so we have some good stuff. Unfortunately I will be gone for a week and may or may not be able to update the site. Until then, check out the new compilation. I even put some of the stuff from today's wrestling on there. Enjoy!

3-13-03 Still waiting for the cjb site to be up. It should be up within a few days. Hopefully it will be up before this sunday. The MPBW webmaster is going out of town for spring break this sunday and will be gone for almost a week. I marked the dead links in the matches page so you don't have to search through them.

3-10-03 Back to this site temporarily. We should be able to move back to soon if everything goes as planned. As usual we can't wrestle as much as we want to. A lot of us at MPBW have girlfriends who we like spending time with. The Demolisher and Cyclone recently bought cars and aren't home all that often. Since the trampoline is at Demolisher's house it doesn't help that he works a lot. We have some old clips that I will start uploading weekly, one a week. That should hopefully get some more visitors. So anyway as soon as we get the cjb site back I will start uploading stuff and maybe people will come more. So everyone just look for the new site in a few days. I'll try to keep everyone posted.

1-22-03 My friend gave me a bunch of webspace and bandwidth to use, so the site will be probably move to a address soon. (thanks Lance!!) The matches will all work too. I am working on new pages for wrestlers right now. 1-21-03 We did a 2on2 after Royal Rumble. Go look at it. It's just the highlights because the match was almost 15 minutes long. More major updates coming soon - I promise this time.

12-25-02 Sorry for the lack of updates again. Well there was actually a reason this time - we didn't have a trampoline. Well, it's fixed now and hopefully we will start doing stuff again. It's just the school year, plus the fact that its really cold, means we aren't able to do it all that often. Not to mention Angelfire's restrictions on us. For some reason we can't upload any files bigger than 5 meg, so we have to reduce the quality of our videos. If anyone has any good free or cheap hosting, please let us know. Also, I fixed the moves pages by taking off all the bad links. I had to delete a lot of the moves because of space constraints.

11-23-02 Got some bad news for everyone. The trampoline is no longer useable. We hope to get a new one soon. Go watch the newest match, and you will see how it happened.

11-13-02 Updated!!! Finally!! and made worse! I took off a lot of the moves that were up to free up webspace and a lot of the matches got deleted by Angelfire, but the best are still there. Our old website didn't work out so we have to temporarily go to this one. But, there is a new match up for everyone's enjoyment.

New! w00t! New Website: doesn't work as of now

Well, the new page is messed up due to some confusing circumstances but we will get a new one soon. Until then we will use this site, but unfortunately we can't upload anything due to the lack of free space. You will have to live with all the current stuff for now.

We are doing something similar to a king of the ring for the title. Basically, we said screw what we were doing for the earlier show. Soon, we will upload the two matches we did that were originally going to be in our show. We now are actually working on a new show, and this time we actually know what we are doing. We know what all the matches are going to be and everything. Hopefully, we will have it done within the next few weeks, but it will be long so it might take awhile. Also, we are most likely going to switch to a different web hoster, and we will get rid of all the annoying ad banners and we should have as much space and bandwidth as we need, so that annoying message about not enough bandwidth will go away.

Welcome to Mike & Paul's Backyard/Trampoline Wrestling website. We are a fairly new backyard wrestling league, so we don't have that many really cool matches or shows or anything. We have some though, and be sure to come back for more. We do real matches. We don't kill ourselves like some other people do, like we don't hit each other with light bulbs or T.V.s and stuff like that. What we do do is actual moves. Look at the about us link for more info on us.

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Disclaimer: We do not take credit for the names or any other part of any move or wrestler.