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Pro Wrestling Training Information

The Rapid Pro Wrestling training center is the only Pro Wrestling training center in West Michigan. We are located in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Training Information

Head Trainer- Frankie The Face
Frankie The Face has been a Pro Wrestler for over 7 years. He was trained by Joe Ortaga and has also had training from Dave Taylor,Joe E. Legend,Chris Hero and American Kick Boxer. Frankie The Face is a well known Michigan independent wrestler and has also worked for many promotions out of state such as IWA-Mid South a well known mid west independnet promotion. He has also wrestled such names as Al Snow,Hacksaw Jim Duggan,Gangrel,Simon Dimond and Johnny Swinger. Frankie has American,British and Lucha training experience.

Price of Training
The total price for training is 1800.00 dollars. We do allow monthely payments of 300.00 with a 300.00 deposit for the last month.

Days and Times
We train Mondays,Wednesdays and Fridays. We train from 6:00pm intill 10:00pm. We do a 6 month training program. After the 6 months if you would like to continue training the price is only 50.00 a month for gym fees.

In the 6 months of training you will learn everything you need to learn to wrestle a pro wrestling match. You will learn all the basics such as bumping,running the ropes, and basic mat and chain wrestling skills. After the you learn the basic skills you will be moved to the more advanced wrestling moves. After your completed with the 6 month training program you will recieve a match on a pro wrestling show infront of a crowd. Location
We are located at 300 Eugene st in Grand Rapids Michigan. The building is on the east side of GR located on Eugene st which is right off of Jefferson st between Hall and Burton st.