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    First thing you're going to need when building a web page is a web page builder. I personally am using Netscape Composer simply because it's free for me right now. Here's how to get to it once you have composer. You'll open up Netscape and select window and then composer as shown below.

    From this point on it's pretty straight forward as far as what you want to do. The saving process is the same as any other. The one thing that I seemed to have trouble with is the linking, which is simply a link from one site to another. Here's an example.

    Links to your very own empty web page platelette.

    Other important features include being able to input images of your choice, sizes of font, tables, graphs. In a few words
    almost like all of the microsoft offices programs put together in one easy to use program known as Netscape Composer.

    Also in order to be able to insert images you'll have to know a specific way with Netscape Composer, here's how.
Simply go to the insert button at the top of the screen and select then go to images (assuming that's what you've saved your picture under) which will hopefully be followed by a ".jpeg." Select your picture and place where you want it, it's that simple!