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Jerry Rice Card Collectors
Leader Board (Top 80)

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Please email me (E-mail me @ If the link doesnt work, Please also include "Top 80 update" so i know what its about. Also add your name as shown on the list) and let me know how many different Jerry Rice cards you currently have and I can add you to the Leader Board. Card count guidelines are found at the bottom of this page.

Rank  Prev   Collector       Unique Cards    
 1st     Harry Olivar        6476        
 2nd  *  Randy Wyrick        4573
 3rd     David Lowe          4023        
 4th     Jeffrey Stanley     2300        
 5th     Mike Bartlett       2230        
 6th  *  John Towne          2165        
 7th     Marion Andrews      1803       
 8th     Holger Gruenberg    1606        
 9th     Dan Markmann        1427
10th     Jerry Jochman       1360
11th     Duane Tiedke        1106 
12th    David Hucul         1034        
13th    Tobin Cattolico      934        
14th    Jeff Davis           934        
15th    Gus Ortiz            878        
16th    Dustin Chamblin      862        
17th    Gloria Byrd          845        
18th    Steve Bower          836        
19th    James Archibeque     832        
20th    Mike Brummer         795        
21st    Casey Hill           746        
22nd    Mark Utter           745        
23rd    Markus Erhardt       734        
24th    Thomas Gast          683        
25th    Steve Imbimbo        682        
26th    Scott Brondyke       678        
27th    Randy Bock           650        
28th    Howard Willman       648        
29th    Lewis Chew           642        
30th    Brian Haney          640        
31st    Betty J. Kruse       627        
32nd    Randy Kumpf          602        
33rd    Carl D. Tuckness     600        
34th    J.R. Stoney          600        
35th    Ryne Pringle         599        
36th    David Lowe (Dups)    597        
37th    Brian Jackson        585        
38th    Scot Gomez           554        
39th    Ron Low              549        
40th    Nate Cates           548        
41st    Phillip Hemphill     544        
42nd    Remco van Eyden      531        
43rd    Dana Fisher          527        
44th    Robert Sarkisian     524        
45th    James Forwood        523        
46th    David Weaver         512        
47th    Frank Gomez          507        
48th    D.J. Armstrong       505        
49th    Bonnie Emperador     501        
50th    Steve Eix            482        
51st    Brian Schmitz        477        
52nd    Douglas Pool         475        
53rd    Andy Ronning         467        
54th    Jason Nedrich        455        
55th    Brian Levitre, Jr.   450        
56th    Jason P Maki         423        
57th    Brian Sennett        411        
58th    Michael La Rue       410        
59th    Troy Tucker          403        
60th    Van Hew              401        
61st    Scott Atchue         401        
62nd    Claudia Cook         400        
63rd    Roger Grosshuesch    390        
64th    Steven Wortman       383        
65th    Matt Mueller         385                     
66th    Ron Lasley           357        
67th    Mandi Osborne        352        
68th    Tom Goodwin          350         
69th    Larry Custer         350
70th    Kallen Lunt          345
71st    Steven Weeks         329       
72nd    Bill Woodlock        310       
73rd    Jesse Burkhart       304             
74th    C. Michael Hobbs     301     
75th    Wes Watson           300         
76th    A.J. Hanaburgh       300        
77th    Kazuhiko Tate        300         
78th    Kyle Wooters         294       
79th    Andrew M. Ley        292        
80th    None         

* Means i have got an updated # since i made this page on 11/22/2007 ** If anyone wants to update me id really appreciate it !!

How to determine your Total Unique Card Count for the Leader board: 1) Any regular or oddball items found in the Annual Football Beckett count.
2) Any items found in Larry Demartini's Annual Checklist Book count.
3) Variations on the same card such as the 1990 Topps variations count.
4) Misprints, promos, proofs, error cards, wrong backs/fronts, etc count.
5) Items produced buy a card company count such as the Action Packed pins.
6) Redemptions from card companys that are not memoriblia count.
7) Promags, Protags, Prostamps, Ditka cards, POGS, Flickballs, phone cards count.
8) Cards with Rice on the front but not really one of his cards DO NOT COUNT.
9) Card size schedules, cachets, rack cards, posters, mags, etc, DO NOT COUNT.
10) Any doubles you have of the same card DO NOT COUNT.

(Note: Unique represents the total number of non-duplicate in a collection)

Last updated on 10/10/08 @ 3:00 AM EST