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Johnny Richter, childhood buddy of D-Loc, was shipped around to six schools and 2 rehabs before being sent off to boarding school at age 16. 
     Being a fan of classic rock groups (like the Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, and Jimmy Hendrix), this hard core stoner grew up singing along with anthems from the 60’s and 70’s while also being a fan of music from his own era.  Switching from Run DMC to Tom Petty.. From Public Enemy to the Beastie Boys, Santana, Janis Joplin..; this mixture and diversity made for an unlimited spectrum of styles from the young MC.
     Richter Dipped into a whole new style on “Rollin’ Stoned”, He went from his stoner roots, and mixed a little of the old school with the new school. "I was just hanging out gettin high in my garage with the judge, and started singin; and he was freaked on it, so I threw it on the album.
     A Dope-slanging street hustler who has a 5 foot iguana, he went from moving pounds to moving units.  Richter’s party pad, which was used in the filming of KMK’s first video “Suburban Life”, had four kegs on tap and two full size nitrous tanks in operation at all times.  
     Although out of the Kings, in the early days Richter would still show up at local KMK shows and bust old tunes like ‘Suburban Life’ and ‘So High’ with them.  “When I wasn’t with them, I still hung out with D-Loc, that's my neighbor from grade school, my oldest dog.  He was doing his own thing and I was home keepin’ P-Town and parts of O.C. swimmin’ in nugs, just running my game.” 
     On his third album back with the Kings, Richter solidifies his position and has added a whole new element to the band.