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(((A camera is tunred on in a street and we see all tramps just lying around and we can tell by the look of the place that it is a bad part of town, then in the distance is ACW superstar massimo, the camera zooms up to him and watches him as he walks past the tramps and the homeless and looks at each one as he walks past them, Massimo then turns to the camera and begins to speak)))


you see these people, they are homeless, tramps if you will and they are out here just trying to survive one day at a time and they don't even know where their next meal will come from. I dont feel sorry for these people becuase they use to have it all but they went and messed up their lives and they have nobody else to blame but themselves, you see this is exactly what will happen to violator after Raw, his life will go downhill, angela will dump him andhis life as he knows it will be gone, he will have nothing left to live on, he will be just like these people. I can see it By June or July Violator will leave the ACW for good, he will deserte all these great fans and go off somewhere becuase his battered old frame will not take any more. He will be done by July You mark my words!!, I know what i am talking about and i know when i say that he will be gone by July, he shows up at some old wrecked, smelly Gothic Train station in his hometown flapping his gums i know he will come and say i am here in my hometown but he is mistakes becuase my hometown is Detroit Michigan and we are here in Conneticut hometown of The violator and i must say what a dump it is. You see violator you came out here and you said a little too much for yourself, i know that i can beat you at King of the ring so do all these fans. You say that i think beating Jeremy Mayhem was a huge accomplishment, hey dude what plannet are you on??i never said anything of the type, i must have some of what you are smoking becuase you sure are high when you make a statement like that that makes no sense at all and i have said nothing of the sort. You say that my three match winning streak is fluky and that my matches are not real wins that i am getting, well a win is a win take it or leave it, i go down in the books as the winner and when push comes to shove you will be the next person on my list of victims. You said that if i beat you it will be a lucky and cheap win, no, violator you are just scared becuase if i do beat you you will be the laughing stock around here for years to come and i for one won't let you live it down. You talk about if i beat you i will Face angela and then destrukt, well bring them on i may be the underdog but i don't give a shit becuase i know that when i set my mind to it that i can get the job done and done good, you see when i am on top of my game there is noone in this damn business not even you violator that can beat me and oh believe me i am on top of my game. Just take a look at my last three matches and they will prove that i am on top of my game. You say that i cannot beat you, come on violator we all know that everyone even the great massimo is defeatable, but you are not the person to defeat me, i AM the one to defeat you though and i will do it on raw this week in the King Of the Ring tournament in from of millkions, apon millions of ACW fans watching all over the world live. You say that sooner of later everyone is forgooten but not you, give me a break you are just some wrestler who was handed the ACW world heavyweight championship on a silver platter and has hardly defended it since. Violator you may be the best in the business for now and top of the food chain but soon your empire will come crumbling down on you and the Massimo Era will begin, you see i am just waiting in the shadows for the right time to come and then i will take the advantage i have and gain the world heavyweight championship and the spotlight for the massimo era to begin. You say that i will neverbe as good as you, i know i will never be as good as you, i will be better than you had ever imagined, you see when you will be going around in the wheelchair at the Old aged pensioners home you can say to people , "Look there is the guy that retired me ass" and you will have nothing to be asshamed of becuase i will not take the piss out of you but it will be nice to know that Massimo defeated Violator and retired him. You say that assponeys like you come every 1 in 1 billion i know becuase there is not another person on earth who is so dull and unintelligent but you! You say that nobody else can say that they are the ACW world heavyweight champion, no i know they can't right now but soon i will be able to say that and i will say it with pride unlike you who abuses the title and i personally think you should be stripped of that title, you don't deserve it give it to a true champion someone better than you. You say that you were made for this business, yeah you most probably were but your time has gone and it is time to move on, your over the hill, past your prime, it is time to hang up the boots, it is your choice but it will save you a hell of a lot of pain come Raw when me and you mett up in the squared circle. You talk about how everyhting is in your mind and how your mind is a weapon, well that weapon of your is about to be used against you.

(((Massimo stops talking and stops talking then walking and looks at this house, we can see that it is Violator house, massimo picks up some eggs from the floor and start throwing them at the house wrecking violator's house, angela then comes out ranting and raving about the state of the house and massimo just cooly walks away in laughter about what he just did, then after a few seconds he looks back at the camera and begins to speak)))

You see violator that is what i think about you, you think i am scared, do you see fear in these eys, NO! i am not scared of you and i never have been, i will show you how scared i am when i meet you in the ring on raw if you show up, you might get cold feet and not turn up but i wouldn't blame you. You say that you prove everyone wrong, name me five people you have proved wrong in the past? I can't think of one. You think everyone is scared of you?? Maybe in your little dreamworld they are but in reality they don't fear you they just laugh at you. You like jokes so much well after raw this week your face will be nothing more than a joke. I know that i can beat you violator i just have never been given the chance to. You say that i am lying to the fans about how i am going to beat you, well you must have me mistaken with yourself becuase i am telling these great fans the truth and that is this, I WILL beat you in the king of the ring tournament it is just the way it goes. You say that your mind is a weapon and i am just dragging people into my mind which is just like quicksand, well your wrong becuase my mind is full of stratedgy's to beat simple opponents like you, i am just that good. My mind works ten even twenty time more than yours, my mind is faster than yours and most of all my mind is powerfuller than yours! How dare you call these fans idiots, if it wasn't for these fans you wouldn't be here, violator winning gold and getting success is going straight to your head, you are forgetting who made you what you are, these great fans made you what you are today so don't your forget that.If it wasn't for the fans the entire ACW wouldn't be here, not even me. Hell violator, your ring, my ring it doesn't really matter becuase when it comes down to it i am the one who will come out on top, when all the dust is settled i will be left standing, when it's all said and done Massimo will be standing over Violator body. You call me a liar for telling these fans the truth, come on violator even you aren't that dull or are you?? I am telling these fans the truth and i am a liar, somehow that doesn't work out. All you go on about it people fear you, jesus christ, get it through your thick head violator people don't fear you especially me, i said i respected you, yes that is true but that doesn't mean that i fear you, i fear no one. I don't want to fight you huh, well how on raw will i be getting in the ring and whooping your assponey ass all the way back home to the crap place your call conneticut, Yes in PXF,WWA and now ACW we were all there together, you, me and Mimic, but i didn't come up to you asking for you to teach me how to fight or wrestler, violator i am just waiting for the right time for me to steal your spotlight, you have had it for enough it is time you moved on, go play some golf or something old man. I use to idolize you, yeah right, i have never idolized you or even liked you for that matter, i know you can wrestle but i know i can wrestle better. You think you know my faults and weakness, good for you you may know them but you don't know how to exploit them, i know your faults and weaknesses and i know how to exploit them and i will, believe me i will. Violator just you wait until raw and i will show you how to wrestle. (((With that said massimo stops talking and walks off into the darkness)))