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Ultimate Ric Flair Collection (DVD Master)
Disc 1
Harley Race and the NWA championship
Ric Flair vs. NWA World champion Harley Race in a steel cage match with Gene Kiniski as the special referee (from Starrcade, Flair wins title, 23:46, 11/24/83) ****1/2
Bonus Feature: $25,000 Bounty - Harley Race puts a price on Flair's head
Orton and Slater collect - Bob Orton Jr. & Dick Slater accept the challenge
Bonus Feature: Flair Announces retirement due to injuries from the attack
Bonus Feature: "It's Only Just Begun!" - Flair attacks Orton and Slater with a bat
Bonus Feature: NWA Press Conference to select the site of the Race vs. Flair rematch
Bonus Feature: Starrcade '83 Pre-Match Interviews
Harley Race
Ric Flair
Race, Bob Orton Jr., and Dick Slater
Ric Flair and Wahoo McDaniel
Bonus Feature: Starrcade '83 Pre-Match Interviews
Ric Flair
Harley Race
Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, and Jay Youngblood
Dusty Rhodes: Talking the Talk
NWA World champion Ric Flair vs. Dusty Rhodes (from Starrcade, 22:04, 11/28/85) **1/2
Bonus Feature: Flair and the Andersons Break Dusty's Ankle - recap of the attack in a cage
Bonus Feature: Flair Cuts a Promo - Comments on Dusty's injury
Bonus Feature: "That's Hard Times!" - Dusty's first interview after the injury
Bonus Feature: Controversy Explained - Flair retains the title after a controversial ruling
Bonus Feature: The Man - Flair gets riled up
Bonus Feature: The Legend - Dusty comments on the disappointing decision
Barry Windham: Keeping up with the Champ
NWA World champion Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham (from World Wide Wrestling, 45:00, 1/20/87) *****
Bonus Feature: Attacked by the Horsemen - Windham and Ron Garvin discuss the 4 Horsemen
Bonus Feature: "You Cried the Blues" - Flair tells Windham to "quit talking and do it!"
Bonus Feature: Flair vs. Windham 1/13/87 - the match in Columbis, SC turns into a melee
Bonus Feature: Dusty's Analysis - Post-match commentary on the Flair vs. Windham match
Bonus Feature: Flair Post-Matchy Promo - Flair and the Horsemen celebrate in the locker room

Disc 2
Ricky Steamboat: The Rivalry
Ric Flair vs. NWA World champion Ricky Steamboat in a best two out of three falls match (from Clash of the Champions VI, 55:32, 4/2/89) *****
Ric Flair vs. NWA World champion Ricky Steamboat (from WrestleWar, Flair wins title, 31:37, 5/7/89) *****
Bonus Feature: Ric Flair & Barry Windham vs. Ricky Steamboat & Eddie Gilbert - Steamboat returns to the NWA (1/21/89)
Bonus Feature: Steamboat's Three-Man Workout - Flair interrupts a training session
Bonus Feature: Flair Calls Out Steamboat - Steamboat and Flair go at it again at Clash of the Champions V (2/15/89)
Bonus Feature: Controversy Recap
Flair's Lawyer
Jim Herd
Ricky Steamboat
Ric Flair
WrestleWar Pre-Match Interview
Terry Funk: Hardcore
NWA World champion Ric Flair vs. Terry Funk in an "I Quit!" match (from Clash of the Champions IX, 18:33, 11/15/89) *****
Bonus Feature:Press Conference - Flair announces that he will return to wrestling(6/22/89)
Bonus Feature: Bagged - Terry Funk puts a garbage bag over Flair's head (9/12/89)
Bonus Feature: "I'll Shake His Hand!" - Funk says he'll shake hands if Ric Flair beats him (11/4/89)
Bonus Feature:Flair's Rebuttal - Flair answers back (11/4/89)
Bonus Feature: "You're Gonna Say 'I Quit'!" - Flair interview one week before the match
Bonus Feature: New York Knock-out Promos - Flair and Funk before the "I Quit" match
Bonus Feature:Pre-Match Interviews
Terry Funk
Ric Flair
The Plane Crash
History of the Horsemen

The "Nature Boy" Heads North
30-man Royal Rumble for the vacant WWF World title (62:02, 1/19/92) *****
Bonus Feature: Bobby "The Brian" is Excited - Heenan prepares for a visit by "The Real World Heavyweight Champion" Ric Flair
Bonus Feature: Flair's WWF TV Debut - from Prime Time Wrestling (9/9/91)
Bonus Feature:Funeral Parlor - Paul Bearer interviews Ric Flair and Bobby "the Brian" Heenan
Bonus Feature: Flair attacks Piper - Ric attacks Roddy Piper at ringside
Bonus Feature: The "Real" World Heavyweight Champion - Flair tells everyone what he really thinks about Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper
Bonus Feature: Rumble Post-Match Interview - Flair receives the WWF Championship belt after winning the Royal Rumble
Sting: Defining an Era
WCW World champion Ric Flair vs. WCW International champion Sting in a title for title unification match (from Clash of the Champions XXVII, 17:17, 6/23/94) ****
Bonus Feature: Kicked out of the Horsemen - the 4 Horsemen kick Sting out of the group
Bonus Feature: Reeking of Sex Appeal! - Flair cuts another funny promo on Sting
Bonus Feature: Ladies and Gentlemen...Sting! - Pre-match interview with Gene Okerlund
A Special Night in Greenville
Bonus Feature: Flair's World Wide Wrestling Federation Debut - vs. Pete Sanchez at Madison Square Garden (3/1/76)
Bonus Feature: A Workout with Piper - Flair and Roddy Piper do some amateur wrestling (1/24/82)
Bonus Feature: PWI "Wrestler of the Decade" - Flair is named "Wrestler of the Decade" by Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine (11/15/89)
Bonus Feature:The Final Nitro - Flair address the fans on the final episode of WCW Nitro (3/26/01)
Bonus Feature:Ric Flair vs. World Heavyweight champion Triple H with the post-show tribute that has never-been-seen before on TV (from RAW, 7:24, 5/19/03) **1/2
Easter Eggs (hidden features):
Disc 1: Go to Chapters. Right click on the chapter titled: "Barry Windham: Keeping up with the Champ." You will see a promo from Flair from the Summer of 1985 where he talks about Magnum T.A., Nikita Koloff, Buddy Landell and James J. Dillon (3:30)
Disc 1: Go to Chapters. Go to the Dusty Rhodes chapter section. Left click on the sub-chapter titled: "Flair Cuts a Promo." You will see the never-before-seen "Lost Promo" from Flair! On the 8/31/85 edition of World Championship Wrestling on TBS, Ric Flair opened the show doing a promo with Tony and David where they announced Ric Flair had been awarded “Man of the Year” by the Wrestling Press International in New York. It was one of Flair’s greatest interviews and the TBS studio crowd was eating it up as Flair rattled off all the names of his opponents, faces and heels alike. Only one problem. No one saw it. As would often happen, the Atlanta Braves ran long that afternoon, the interview was pre-empted, and the show was joined in progress about 15 minutes in. Later in the show, when Flair and Ivan Koloff were having a confrontation, Ivan made reference to the interview and Flair being Man of Year, but no one would know specifically what Ivan was referring to until now! (2:07)
Disc 2: Go to Chapters. Right click on "Home." You will see a promo with David Crockett and Ric Flair following the newly formed Horsemen injuring Dusty Rhodes.
Disc 2: Go to Chapters. Left click on the chapter titled: "Day in Life of the Horsemen." You will see a promo with Flair from June 1987 talking about Jim Garvin, The Freebirds and Larry Bird.
Disc 3: On the main menu page go to Play. Left click and once the WWE logo is highlighted, hit enter. You will see a Flair promo from 1987 talking about the Road Warriors, Freebirds, Jim Garvin and Precious (2:14)
Disc 3: Go to Chapters. Go to the Special Night in Greenville chapter section. Go to the bottom and select Menu. The beer in the picture will highlight. Hit enter. You will see Flair's WWE Entrace video featuring Sprach Zarathustra (Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey)(1:54)
A Day in the Life of the Horsemen