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((The camera is shown fliming the wrestlers door as the await the arrivel of someone the door swings open and it shows a pair of legs in white pants and zooms up and shows a black thong and the fans cheer now knowing who it is as it zooms out and shows Lita she looks a bit pissed and walks with a purpose down to Shanes office and busts open the door to see Shane sitting there))

<3LiTa<3 is that all I am to you Shane?

Shane: what?

<3LiTa<3 I'm just a fling? You know what Shane you came to me asking me to be with you and I did then you turn around and call me just a fling well you know what I won't stand for this I'm the Xtreme diva so Shane fling this... it's over!

((The fans give a mixed reaction as Lita shakes her head at Shane and leaves his office and Lita heads off to her locker room))

((Lita goes into the bathroom with her gym bag as the camera fades to a break when the camera comes back it shows the rampway and Litas theme hits and the fans jump to their feet waving their posters for her all around Lita gives the guns and runs down the ramp and slides under the bottom rope and gets a mic))

<3LiTa<3 you know I have a women's title match in pudding you know most girls are like yay pudding this is awesome this is going to shoot the rating through the roof well that's not true the only thing putting that match through the roof is the Xtreme diva Lita who is going to kick all of your asses wether it be Trish Stratus,Stacy Keibler, Stephanie McMahon, Gail Kim, Ivory, or Krysten see none of you scare me at all your all a bunch of untalented women unlike me I have more talent then all of you put together and just to let you know what to expect

((Lita takes off her clothes showing a sexy bathingsuit the male fans start cheering like Crazy and Lita shows off a bit))

<3Lita<3 in all seriousness there is going to be one winner on smackdown and guess who that winner is going to be that's right your looking at her! being womens champion is something every girl wants to be and every woman fights for and I have the chance to be champion and there is no way that I'm letting this pass me up it's to important to your reigning Queen of Xtreme again look at who I'm going up against there is Gail Kim

<3Lita<3 who the hell is Gail Kim? Where is she I haven't seen her around here well she isn't important anyway infact I hope she doesn't show up makes the divas I have to go through that much easier so Gail do the smart thing know you don't want a peice of me and stay away!

<3Lita<3 next we have Miss Keibler boring do I even have to waste my time talking about her I mean she is another diva who is MIA where do all they divas here go? They all can't be that scared of me I know that I'm better looking more guys want me and of course I'm Xtreme but I mean come on ladies give me someone to wrestle my god! And....

(("here comes the money" Lita is intrupted by Shanes music Shane-O-Mac walks out with a half smile on his face as he stops on the ramp for a second and goes down the ramp and gets into the ring and gives a little Shane smile to Lita))

<3Lita<3 excuse me but I'm busy talking about my match I told you how I feel what the hell are you doing out here Shane?

Shane: Lita... I didnt feel like losing what we had over this match

<3Lita<3 loosing what we have over a match? we're lost what we had because I mean nothing to you Shane

Shane: You misunderstood... you know I love you Lita... and I know you love me

<3Lita<3 no your wrong Shane I didn't misunderstand I know what I saw in the limo which you paid for to take me shopping and I see you with Stephanie and say I'm just a fling and you say it with a smile?

Shane: Lita... me and my sister joke around like that all the time... she called HHH a fling a while back while they were married

<3Lita<3 yeah and look what happend to them

Shane: Baby... we're different and you know it! Plus you must have misunderstood... because that was STEPHANIE'S limo!

<3Lita<3 I saw it on TV shane I heard what you said and it hurt

Shane: Babe... me and Steph play around like that all of the time... Im sorry

<3Lita<3 I don't know what to say to you right now

Shane: You know what... you go on ahead... be mad at me... go find another guy... but you will see... once youve had Shane you cant have nothin else(he throws the mic down and begins to exit the ring)

((Lita stands there with tears filling in her eyes and stops Shane))

Shane: (picking up the mic) What do you want now?

<3Lita<3 I was going to say that I was willing to put this behind because I care about you Shane but if you ever yell at me like you just did I'll kick your ass I don't care if your a McMahon

Shane: Lita... just what guy wouldnt yell at you?! You broke up with me for no reason

<3Lita<3 no reason Shane? I was totally hurt by what you said so you know what if your going to yell at and you don't want to see me again walk out of this ring right now

((Shane acts like hes goin to leave but sits on the turnbuckle))

((Lita walks over to Shane and looks into his brown eyes))

Shane: What are you waitin for baby?

<3Lita<3 I'm sorry Shane I'm sorry about this whole big mess and I don't want to loose what we have over something stupid that you mess around with your sister about

Shane: Its ok baby

((Lita gives Shane an amazing kiss almost knocking him off the turnbuckle))

Shane: Woah... now hurry up and do this promo... I have a surprise for you

<3Lita<3 now onto I forget where I left off

Shane: You were talkin about Keibler

<3Lita<3 right who cares about Stacy? I mean all she is is legs and brains I'm not even going to waste my time

<3Lita<3 now onto Stephanie McMahon you know what at this moment I don't like you hell I've never liked your family until things happend with Shane and I honestly I think your a bitch

Shane: Woah woah woah... Lita I have to stop you right there... if you have a problem with her... you have a problem with me

<3Lita<3 you can't blame me because I don't like her

Shane: You dont have to call her those names though

<3Lita<3 fine Stephanie your lucky I care about your brother so much otherwise I'd have to beat your ass much worse then I planed to now I have to respect you so you should be kissing Shanes ass right now and so I don't piss off Shane I'll move on to Ivory

<3Lita<3 well I haven't seen Ivory at all I mean where is the women? she used to be the toughest bitch in wrestling and now she just sort of gave up and went into hiding or something could she have realized that she really is to old and gross looking for the fans to look at? I mean she used to be so awesome to watch I wonder what happend to her well there isn't much I can say about it which brings me now to Krysten

<3Lita<3 well Krysten welcome to WWWF and what better way to welcome you then having me Lita kick your ass in the pudding match to win the womens title sounds good doesn't it? because that's what's going to happen

((Shane kisses her right in the middle of the promo))

<3Lita<3 you know what I'll just finsih what I have to say later

Shane: Thats what I thought you'd say

((Lita theme hits and she throws the mic back))