Precious Lucy Interview

Why did you decide to get into wrestling?

Of course, Iíve always been a wrestling fan but the fact that I got involved in this business all happened because of a challenge. Many of my friends subscribed to a local wrestling school and thought, so as the wrestling teachers, that it would be too hard for me to go through the classes because Iím a girl. I simply wanted to prove them wrong. I think I made my point since today, Iím the only one out of 25 students who is still involved in the squared circle.

What wrestling promotions have you worked for so far?

There are so many I could not mention them all. The most important ones were NWA Nashville and New England, Calgaryís Can-Am Wrestling, Ultimate Professional Wrestling, Tony Atlasí All-Star Wrestling, The Mountieís International Wrestling 2000, Hardcore Wrestling Federation and Internet Syndicate Wrestling. I also did some work from small but good promotions such as Paul Leducís FLQ, Green Mountain Wrestling in Vermont and Eastern Wrestling Alliance in Maine.

Have you ever considered wrestling over in Japan?

Actually, Iím in contact with a recruiter from ARSION and Iím planning to work for them in a near future. However, Iíll go to Mexico first so I can learn the ďlucha libreĒ style. I want to be sure to be perfect before heading to Japan which is so far away from home.

What is your most memorable match that you have had and why?

I have many favourites. Of course, the first time a won a title belt was something especially since it is a men championship. You donít forget that. Now, I got five of them. However, Iíll always remember my triple-threat table death match where I was crushed into a table by a 6 foot 4 monster. There were neon light tubes and thumbtacks everywhereÖ On the table too! What a messÖ

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about getting into the wrestling business?

Do it for fun and learn your wrestling technique at a good school. Knowing the basis is the most important thing. It can save you from many situations. Donít expect too much from this business because youíll be disappointed. Be true to yourself and fight for what you believe in. As Savio Vega once told me: ďThe sport is beautiful, but the business sucks!Ē

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I really donít know. I learned throughout the years that you have to live day by day in this crazy business. But before I hang up my boot, I want to go to Mexico and Japan for sure.

What wrestler have you not yet wrestled that you would like to wrestle in the future and why?

Very good question. Of course, a dream match would be against Chris Benoit because I believe that I could learn a lot from him but as for wrestlers I know and could fight, I really canít tell. No matter who Iím fighting, I just want to put on a great match for the fans. Thatís all that matters to me.

What do you do to relax?

A nice hot bath and a massage. I also like drawing. I can forget about everything and create a new world.

What is the best part of being in the wrestling business

The fans. When you feel down and you want to quit, theyíre always there to support you. I wouldnít be where I am today if I havenít got some touching e-mails in the past from them telling how inspiring I could be for different reasons. It can only be the few words they are telling me after a performances. They mean so much to me.

What is the worst part of being in the wrestling business

All the hypocrites, liars, people who wants to get rid of you by any means necessary so that they can take your place. I met really mean people and itís been very hard to keep up with that. I did cry more than I laugh so far since I started in the wrestling business. You got to be very strong and not believe everything you hear.

Everyone has an opinion as to who the greatest wrestler of all time is. Who do you feel is the greatest wrestler of all time and why?

Owen Hart will always be in my heart as the best of them all. I was lucky enough to know him personally for almost three years and he gave me so much without even knowing. He was the best because he was simple and he was real. He was almost always laughing, making jokes and in the ring, every move was performed with such finesse and confidence. As far as I can remember, he never had a boring match. I would really like to be like him one day. He was a model in every way.

LEGENDS OF THE RING would like to thank Precious Lucy for taking the time to do the interview and we wish her the very best!!! The above picture is used with the permission of Precious Lucy.