Kenny Casanova's Interview

How did you get into professional wrestling?

Back in 1994, I met up with a guy named Dave at, believe it or not, at an action figure stand in the middle of a baseball card convention, in total awe of the vast vats of WWF miniatures before us. We got talking and ended up hitting things off pretty well. We both talked about our fascination with WWF and everything about it. Not even a few weeks later, we found ourselves both training out of a small closed down old furniture shop in Elmira, New York. There is where Dave was soon to became "DANGER" Dave DeJohn.

Since we both had a three hour drive or so, rides would be lonely if we didn't have someone to talk with. Dave and I were coming from different areas so we didn't often car pool, until we entered the independent scene. During these training days I had brought along a friend of mine, "Sweet" Pete Waters, who now wrestles as Thornn. Danger brought along his friend Mike Stark, who would later wrestle as his tag team partner under the name of Hazard... then later Johnny Kain... then later Mike Hardy. So at first, it was just the four of us, coming from remote areas of the Capital District, every Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday who would make this sabbatical religiously every weekend to our wrestling get away.

Day one, the four of us from the Albany area were there and we met up with the only local student at that time, and the gyms first only real student before us. Matt Knowles was a smaller guy at this time, with a big heart, a big stomach and an ever bigger craving for pizza. Little did we know that we were looking at future ECW Superstar, HC Loc.

Who has been your biggest influence as far as your managing style goes?

I liken myself to an amalgamation of Captain Lou, Jimmy Hart and Las Vegas Sensation Tom Jones.

How did you get to the Guest Ring Announcer spot with the WWF/WWE?

I hit it off with then WWF Ring Announcer Bill Dunn, simply by busting his chops at local WWF shows. One night, he asked me if I thought I could do better and gave me a "guest ring announcer" shot.

What promotions have you worked for?

Many all over the North East Indy scene. I have had extensive work and have been connected particualarly with the following promotions: MWA, NMW, EWA, WWA, NEW, ESW, ECW, YPW, JCW, JWA, TSW, WOHW, USWF, CACC, NAWA, PYW, AWF, UWF, NBW, USA, EWE, NCCW

Have you managed anyone to a title yet?

Yes, the list is a big one! For a list of the members of Camp Casanova, check out

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Lucy "Xena" Lawless' arms.

Who do you feel is the greatest wrestler of all time and why?

I really enjoy late gimmicky 80's wrestlers. My favorite gimmicks of comedic value include The Mountie, The Beserker, Bastian Booger and The Genius Leaping Lanny Poffo.

For pure wrestling ability then, I enjoyed The Dynamite Kid. Today I would have to say that I enjoy watching Billy Kidman and William Regal's strange mat-skills.

Who have you not yet managed that you would like to manage?



King Kong Bundy

Sarcastic & fun... The greatest LJN Action Figure of all time -a solid pound ball of flesh-tone rubber.

Tito Santana

Has puppy dog eyes for the chicas, parttime barber in PA

Greg Valentine

Rhythm and Blues, I miss you

Dan Severn

Straight shooter, but looks like that wacko from QUEEN

Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Trust your mama-legit! Promoters are scared of his indy reputation.

Bam Bam Bigelow

Has to be persuaded to remove his sneakers and down the boots on cheap independents. I don't blame him.

Brian Lee

kayfabed Tom Brandi's watch

Jimmy Superfly Snuka

loves chinese food, specifically General Tso


Awesome / The Shavitts

LEGENDS OF THE RING would like to thank Kenny Casanova for doing the interview and we wish him the very best in the future.