Richard Arpin Interview

How did you get into professional wrestling?

Richard Arpin-I got into the business some 17 years ago with Big Bob White, Hollywood Henderson doing my training.

What is your typical work day like with the NWA?

Answering alot of e-mail, Just mainly helping to run the day to day operations.

-Who has influenced you most when it comes to making decisions in the NWA?

I would say some of the things learned from Howard Brody,and just using my head and not my heart. If I used my heart every strap would be on a old legend.

What are the short term and long term goals of the NWA?

These are my personal goals and no way reflect the rest of the membership. Short term to get the NWA more recognized on the national market again. Long term to make the NWA a profitable business venture for all the members.

Why do you feel the NWA has been able to survive as long as it has?

One word: TRADITION.

What does the NWA product offer that no other wrestling promotion offers?

We offer good quality entertainment at a price that is affordable to the local fan, we offer a chance to get up and close with the wrestlers. We off the name NWA.

There are rumors going around that some of the promoters in the NWA are feuding over territories how true are these rumors?

This is internal NWA Business, and I can not express my views on this.

Do you see Jim Miller and his NWA East/PWX ever reuniting with the NWA in the future?

Anything is possible. Jim has been a valuable asset to the NWA.


Vince McMahon - Great Businessman

Hulk Hogan- Re-ignited pro wrestling

Ric Flair- The BEST ever

Dan Severn- A great Champion and a great Friend

WWE- Getting old and boring

NWA- The future is TRADITION.

LEGENDS OF WRESTLING would like to thank Richard Arpin for doing the interview and we wish him and NWA the very best!!!