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Thay want me to shell the corn down for yuh all so that is wat I am goin ta do now in my opinon Mr. McMahon has gottin to big foah hiz britches he haz dun bouht all uv tha terahtories an now it seems like tha devel's apron string haz dun broken loose in tha house RAW an Smackdown seem to move az slow az a crippled turtle howa mani times will I hafta hear The King talk abowt puppies someone sen him ovah toah tha dog poun an git him a puppi up until nowah Mr. McMahon haz bin so lucky he cud fall in a bucet uv slop 'n cum out smellin' like a rose but hiz ratins are ah down nowah an all he keeps ah doin is hav Mr. Lawler talkin about them puppies an how about them talkin all tha time jus wrestle pleaz tha iz all I ask. How about tha Big Show cudn't McMahon hav thought uv a bettah name. Nowah not everythin iz bad they do hav that Lesnar kid man howah I wud like to hav him workin on tha farm. An they do hav Mysterio les jus face it he is az limbah az a dishrag I jus luv watchin him wrestle. Well I am about az busy az a bumblebee in a bucket uv tar so I am fixin to let ya all go just remember

The closest thet yawl may ever cum to givin' up yoah life may be to cross the road widout lookin', 'R to cross a suthern wife!

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