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In the Earth year 2000, Lucinda, oldest daughter of King Zaltar, ruler of the planet Zenon, discovered the planet Earth and decided she wanted to capture it to put in her secret collection of planets. Zelphine, Zaltarís youngest daughter, found out Lucindaís intentions and reported them to her father. Zaltar banished Lucinda and the servants who helped her, from the planet. Lucinda now operates out of a mobile castle she used magic to create. She has vowed to capture Earth and then to destroy Zenon. Zaltar sent Zelphine to Earth to find protectors for it. Zelphine bestowed 5 colored gems on 5 kind teens, giving them the power to become the newest form of a mighty fighting force known as the Power Rangers.

Ryan Baker: The Red Ranger
Zord: Tyrannosauraus
Weapon: Power Sword

Daniel "D.J" James: The Blue Ranger
Weapon:Power Lance

Luke Reed: The Black Ranger
Zord: Mastodon
Weapon: Power Axe

Samantha "Sam" Lue: The Yellow Ranger
Zord:Saber Toothed Tiger
Weapon: Power Daggers

Cassandra Gray: The Pink Ranger
Weapon:Power Bow

Disclaimer: The photos used to portray the Rangers are photos of actual celebrities. These celebrities are not affiliated with Saban or Power Rangers. I am not affiliated with any of these celebrities or Saban or anything else concerning Power Rangers.

Photos Used:

Cassandra=Jennifer Love Hewitt

Sam=Kea Wong

Luke=Mike Erwin

DJ=Nick Cannon

Ryan=Rhett Fisher

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