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How To Play the WCCG

  1. What's the game like?
  2. What do I need to play?
  3. How to win
  4. What are the different types of cards?
  5. Starting the game
  6. What can I do during my turn?
  7. Where can I get Apprentice?
  8. Where can I play?

What's the game like?

The WCCG is a wrestling card game that we play over the internet. It is exactly the same as Pokemon except we have move cards instead of trainers, no evolutions and wrestlers instead of pokemon. If you know how to play Pokemon you should skip this tutorial. We use a program called Apprentice and meet on the WWE-Club to play. Here's an overview of the game.

You might have several wrestlers on the table at one time, but only one of them (called your "Active Wrestler") will be fighting for you at a time. The rest will be sitting on your Bench, waiting for their turn to fight. Every turn, you'll have a chance to attack with your Active wrestler, which will either do damage to your opponent's Active wrestler. If your attack does enough damage to knock out the opponent's wrestler, you get take one of your 6 Prizes. When you take your sixth Prize (when you've Knocked Out six of your opponent's wrestlers), you win!

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You need a deck in Apprentice or one of our premade ones which are included in the WWE Club apprentice package which will be on the web soon. There is a text file that tells you in detail how to use apprentice for WCCG included which you must read to play this game online.

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In the WCCG, you can win three different ways. First, at the start of the game you set aside 6 of your cards as prizes. Every time one of your opponent's wrestlers is Knocked Out, you take one of your Prizes and put it into your hand. When you've taken all 6 of your prizes, you win the game! Second, you also win if your opponent has no wrestlers left to fight against your wrestlers. And finally, you win if your opponent's deck is out of cards at the start of his or her turn.

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The wrestlers are your most important cards. They fight for you turn after turn against your opponent's wrestlers.
Energy cards are attached to your wrestlers to give them the energy they need to do their attacks.
Move cards are one-shot cards that do something once and are then discarded.

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1) Shuffle your deck and draw a starting hand of 7 cards. (apprentice will do this automatically)
2) If you don't have any wrestler cards in your hand, tell your opponent, shuffle it into your deck, and draw 7 new cards. If you get no wrestlers again keep shuffling your cards back in and drawing new ones. If it keeps happening I suggest you get a new deck!
3) You and your opponent each choose a wrestler card from your hands and put them face down. These will be your Active wrestlers.
4) Each may, if he or she wishes, choose up to 5 wrestlers from his or her hand and put them on his or her Bench (this is where wrestlers wait when they are not Active).
5) Put the top 6 cards of your deck face-down in the "Prizes" section of the board. These are your Prizes, which you take as your opponent's Pokemon are Knocked Out. You can't look at a Prize card until you take it. You and your opponent must choose who will be playing top and who will be playing bottom.
6) Flip a coin to see who goes first.
7) Flip over all the Active and Benched wrestlers that have been put on the table.

As you play, you and your opponent take turns. During your opponent's turn, you don't do anything except replace your Active wrestler if it gets Knocked Out. During your turn, go through the steps below.

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1) Draw a Card
2) Do any of the following in any order and as often as you like.
- Put a wrestler on the Bench (maximum 5 on the bench)
- Attach an Energy card to a wrestler (only once per turn)
- Play a Move Card
- Tag your active wrestler
3) Attack with your active wrestler
4) Your turn is over now

1) Draw a card
You always begin your turn by drawing a card. (If your deck is empty at the beginning of your turn, the game is over, and your opponent wins).

2) Do any of the following in any order and as often as you like:
-Put a wrestler on the Bench
Choose a wrestler from you hand and put it on your bench. You can have no more than 5 Pokemon on your Bench at any time, so you can put a new wrestler there only if your bench has 4 or fewer wrestlers on it.

-Attach an Energy card to a wrestler
Take an Energy card from your hand and attach it to one of your wrestlers in play (put it under the wrestler card or above but let your opponent see the HP and the name of the wrestler)

-Play a move Card
To play a move card, do what it says, then put it in the discard pile/graveyard.

-Tag your wrestler out
You may switch your Active wrestler with one of the wrestlers on your Bench. To do this, you must discard Energy cards equal to the Active wrestler's tag cost that's written in the bottom of the card. If you can't do that, then you can't tag. Pokemon with no tag cost don't need to discard any Energy when they tag - they can tag 'for free'.
When your Active wrestler goes to your Bench it keeps any Energy cards and any damage counters it may already have.

3) Attack with your Active wrestler
If you wish, you may have your Active wrestler attack your opponent's Active wrestler. This is the last thing you can do during your turn - you can't do anything else afterward. You can only attack one time during your turn, and your wrestler can only use one of its attacks each turn.
To attack, just tell your opponent which one of your wrestler's attacks you're using. You can only use an attack if you have at least the required amount of Energy attached to your Active wrestler.
Only Energy of the appropriate type counts toward Energy requirements of that type. So if an attack has an Energy requirement of S (Speed), you must have a speed energy to make the attack work. The other types are M (martial arts), P (powerful) and T (technical)

When you attack tell your opponent the attack you're using and do what it says. For each 10 damage a wrestler takes, put one damage counter on it. If a Pokemon ever has total damage at least equal to its Hit Points (for example, 4 or more damage counters on a wrestler with 40 HP), it's immediately Knocked Out.

What happens when your wrestler is Knocked Out?
Whenever a wrestler is Knocked Out, put its wrestler card and all cards attached to it (Energy cards, move cards, etc.) in the discard pile of whoever played them. The opposing player takes one of his or her Prizes and puts it into his or her hand. A player who loses his or her Active wrestler must immediately replace it with a Pokemon from his or her Bench. (If a player can't do this because his or her bench is empty, that player loses.)

4) Your Turn is Over Now
Sometimes there are things to do after your turn is over but before your opponents turn begins. After you've done those things, your opponent's turn begins.

Okey doke. You now know the rules of the game so why don't you get Apprentice now and start playing?

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