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Deck Garage

Welcome to Krash's deck garage. Here I will be writing out decks for you to play with and helping people sort out their decks if they've hit problems in matches. My first deck is my TECHNICAL PROBLEMS deck that comes included with Apprentice when you download it from this site. All you have to do is click new game then load and click technicalproblems.dec. This deck is mainly technical guys mixed with some speed.

Technical Problems
Wrestlers (22)

4 Christians
2 Billy Gunns
4 Chris Benoits
4 Edges
4 Lance Storm
4 Eddie Guerrero

Moves (26)

2 Call Out
4 Face Turns
2 Dragon Sleeper Holds
2 Attacks from the crowd
2 Low blows
4 Double Technical Energy
4 Double Speed Energy
4 Debut
2 Face Turns

Energy (12)

8 Technical Energy
4 Speed Energy

Analysis: Ok first off.. that's a load of wrestlers! There is lots of variety in the attacks of those wrestlers. Christian can increase your opponent's Tag Cost and attack them at the same time, Billy Gunn has very good moves for cheap values, Benoit's Crossface can drain your opponent's health by half, Edge is simply very powerful, Lance Storm does 50 just for 2T on his Super Kick and Eddie has two very powerful moves that can take your opponent's health away. I usually wouldn't reccomend that many superstars but this is a very hard hitting deck. Moving onto the move cards. There is a lot of drawing power with the Heel and Face turns, debut can find that wrestler you need, Low blows stun your opponent and the Double Technical Energys can get your attacks going quickly. You might be shocked to see the amount of energy but due to the Double energys there isn't much point of having a lot of energy. You might have a few problems finding that Speed Energy for Eddie but it shouldn't trouble you that much. This deck's rating is.....



It's a nice deck and could win matches easily but it could also lose matches due to the huge drawing power. You can run out of cards easily with this deck but if you get the attacks as quickly as possible those 6 prizes will be in your hand in no time. Not the most original of decks but a good one to start with.