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Welcome to Krash's lair. Every week I will be rating different cards from the WCCG card game.

My first card is:


Chris Jericho is a brilliant wrestler and in the WCCG he's got a brilliant card as well. For all your Jericholics there is also a card called "Highlight Reel Segment" that makes Jericho more powerful. That could be one of the best combinations of the year. Let's have a look at Chris Jericho's card:

Chris Jericho HP160

2S Lionsault 50

4S Walls of Jericho
Flip two coins.
 If they are both heads then your opponent is knocked out.

Tag Cost= 1

Apart from the energy for the tag cost Chris Jericho could be one of the best cards in the set. For only two speed energys you can be hitting your opponents with Lionsaults for 50 damage. Most of the superstars have less than 100 health so you could finish them off with that. Jericho's second move for 4 speed energies you can hit the Walls of Jericho. If you get two heads your opponent's wrestler is automatically knocked out! Holy s***! Holy s***! Holy s***! Jericho is going to be one of the best cards of the current WWE set. Remember that a NWA set will be coming soon. Let me think of some combinations. I've got one. Jericho/Highlight Reel/Heel turn. The Highlight reel would hit your opponent for 30 damage, the heel turn will do 20 and then you can hit 50 damage with just 2S. That's 100 damage in one go! Jericho will be a big figure in the new card game and I'm sure he'd be proud.

Tommorow's card: Kane