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:. Bio .:

Name: J.V. Insanity
Age: 25
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 190
Years Pro: 5
Finisher: "The Dizzy Spells"
Trained by: "Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant

Titles Held
NWO United States Title (retired)

CCW Cruiserweight Title

Has appeared for:

304 Wrestling-Huntington, West Virginia
Promoter: DJ Tom McKnight
Debut: January 25, 2005

All Pro Wrestling-New Albany, Indiana
Promoter: Del Pheia
Debut: June 11, 2005

All Pro Wrestling-Johnson City, Tennessee
Promoter: Mike Dugger
Debut: March 25, 2003

American International Wrestling-Sabine, West Virginia
Promoter: Richie Acevado
Debut: December 20, 2003

American Wrestling Association: Apex-Oak Hill, West Virginia
Promoter: Brian Logan
Debut: July 18, 2005

American Wrestling Association: Supreme-Madison, Indiana
Promoter: Shaun Sands
Debut: January 29, 2005

Appalachia Pro Wrestling-Oak Hill, West Virginia
Promoter: Ward Wilson
Debut: January 12, 2002

Appalachian Mountain Wrestling-Bud, West Virginia
Promoter: Rocky Blankenship
Debut: January 1, 2004

Appalachian Wrestling Federation-Pikeville, Kentucky
Promoter: Joe Clark
Debut: May 14, 2002

Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling-Bardstown, Kentucky
Promoter: Joe Bailey
Debut: March 26, 2005

Big Time Wrestling-Wayne, West Virginia
Promoter: Freddie Cornell
Debut: October 11, 2005

Black Diamond Wrestling-Moundsville, West Virginia
Promoter: Rikk Diamond
Debut: March 21, 2004

Bluegrass Championship Wrestling-Pikeville, Kentucky
Promoter: Chuck Roberts
Debut: September 30, 2005

Burke County Wrestling-Morganton, North Carolina
Promoter: ??
Debut: July 15, 2004

Central Wrestling Federation-Lafayette, Indiana
Promoter: Sean Cook
Debut: January 29, 2005

Championship Wrestling-Kingsport, Tennessee
Promoter: Tony Givens
Debut: July 31, 2004

Championship Wrestling Alliance-Huntington, West Virginia
Promoter: Eric Lewis
Debut: October 29, 2004

Coliseum Championship Wrestling-Evansville, Indiana
Promoter: Eric Acker (R.I.P.) & Mark Acker
Debut: October 6, 2004

Commonwealth Championship Wrestling-Clarksville, Indiana
Promoter: Darrell Mays
Debut: April 25, 2003

Eastern Kentucky Championship Wrestling-Pikeville, Kentucky
Promoter: Gene Goodman
Debut: July 6, 2002

Exodus Wrestling Alliance-Morganton, North Carolina
Promoter: George South
Debut: July 13, 2004

Hard Core Wrestling-Somerset, Kentucky
Promoter: Darrell Fugate
Debut: May 28, 2005

Hardcore Championship Wrestling-Logan, West Virginia
Promoter: Danny Ray
Debut: September 8, 2001

Heartland Wrestling Association-Cincinatti, Ohio
Promoter: Cody Hawk
Debut: January 31, 2005

IWA Mid-South-Clarksville, Indiana
Promoter: Ian Rotten
Debut: July 4, 2003

Independent Pro Wrestling-Oak Hill, West Virginia
Promoter: Scotty McKeever
Debut: July 10, 2003

Kentucky Independent Action-Harrodsburg, Kentucky
Promoter: Alvin Hamm
Debut: May 7, 2005

Mason Dixon Wrestling-Clarksburg, West Virginia
Promoter: Jim Hawkins
Debut: February 7, 2004

Metro Wrestling Alliance-Louisville, Kentucky
Promoter: Bryan Blade
Debut: October 26, 2002

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Alliance-Bradshaw, West Virginia
Promoter: Rip Manson
Debut: November 13, 2004

Middle Tennessee Wrestling Assosiation-Cookeville, Tennessee
Promoter: Mike Promo
Debut: December 3, 2005

Mountaineer Pro Wrestling-Oak Hill, West Virginia
Promoter: Barry Blackburn
Debut: March 2, 2004

National Wrestling Alliance: Bluegrass-Pikeville, Kentucky
Promoter: Kenny McCoy
Debut: March 12, 2005

National Wrestling Alliance: Main Event-Nashville, Tennessee
Promoter: Mike Porter
Debut: January 15, 2005

National Wrestling Alliance: Mountain State -Beckley, West Virginia
Promoter: Tom Lilly
Debut: September 30, 2003

National Wrestling Alliance: Tri-State-Parkersburg, West Virginia
Promoter: Richard Arpin
Debut: November 16, 2002

National Wrestling Alliance: West Virginia/Ohio-Parkersburg, West Virginia
Promoter: Richard Arpin
Debut: October 27, 2001

National Wrestling Organization-Charleston, West Virginia
Promoter: Danny Valentine
Debut: June 30, 2002

Nationwide Championship Wrestling-Bud, West Virginia
Promoter: Rocky Blankenship
Debut: October 2, 2003

New Empire Wrestling-High Point, North Carolina
Promoter: Terrific Tony
Debut: December 15, 2001

New South Wrestling-Kingsport, Tennessee
Promoter: Tony Givens
Debut: March 1, 2002

Ohio Championship Wrestling-Ashland, Kentucky
Promoter: Larry Fradd
Debut: May 5, 2003

Outlaw Wrestling Alliance-Beckley, West Virginia
Promoter: Drew McVey
Debut: February 8, 2005

Premiere Championship Wrestling-Corbin, Kentucky
Promoter: Jim Collins
Debut: September 1, 2002

Professional Championship Wrestling-Huntington, West Virginia
Promoter: Freddie Cornell
Debut: March 2, 2002

Regional Championship Wrestling-Glenville, West Virginia
Promoter: Aaron Lester
Debut: September 26, 2004

Salt River Wrestling-Glensboro, Kentucky
Promoter: Russell Schweighardt
Debut: March 13, 2005

Southern States Wrestling-Kingsport, Tennessee
Promoter: Beau James
Debut: February 13, 2004

Tennessee Wrestling Revolution-Dickson, Tennessee
Promoter: Chris Shivan
Debut: November 25, 2005

Thorobread Wrestling Association-Morehead, Kentucky
Promoter: Eddie Browning
Debut: January 23, 2005

Thunder Mountain Wrestling-Charleston, West Virginia
Promoter: Matt Broyles
Debut: March 4, 2003

Tri-State Championship Wrestling-Rogersville, Tennessee
Promoter: Adam York
Debut: February 27, 2004

United Wrestling Association-Alcoa, Tennessee
Promoter: ??
Debut: January 27. 2005, West Virginia
Promoter: Jason Hall
Debut: May 21, 2005

Wrestlers of West Virginia-Whitesville, West Virginia
Promoter: John Cooper
Debut: January 5, 2002

World Class Wrestling Federation-Charleston, West Virginia
Promoter: Danny Valentine
Debut: September 28, 2002

World Professional Wrestling-Chapmanville, West Virginia
Promoter: Jeff Lane
Debut: May 25, 2002

Xtreme Maximum Championship Wrestling-Nitro, West Virginia
Promoter: Allen Lynch
Debut: April 26, 2003

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