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Interview with JP Black

Picture from JP Black's Personal Collection

JM: how did you get your break in the business?

JB: I went to a NBW show it was a gift from my then wife. And I was bigger then 90% of the guys on show, so couple guys asked me to try it out. Jokes on them I had been dyeing to do this from when I was a kid.

JM: who trained you & where?

JB: Tony Devito Broke me in. That was some of the best times of my life hurt like hell! but if you could get past the rats you where good.

JM: What are your fondest memories from TSW?

JB: My deal with Hoss, We had a great run, He played a great hero. and made it easy to get him over. And my heal turn on Tanner! I think his grand pa was going to kill me. He kept yelling GET A ROPE GET A ROPE lmao....

JM: you wrestled a televised tag team match-up on WWF's Metal show against The Acolytes, How were they like to work with?

JB: For me Great, not good for my partner. But those where the breaks. That was my first match for them and they gave me my hero. They could have set me on fire I was going to do my job and as good as I could! One thing is there's an ass kicking in all that match and it hurt like hell.

JM: You wrestled for WOHW & was a triple crown champion...holding their heavyweight, U.S. & hard-core titles all at the same time, would you say that would be your toughest challenge in your career defending the titles?

JB: No that was a cool time but not the hardest time. it was more taxing then anything else. 2-3 matches a night depending on what title was up that night.

JM: In Texas, your a former 4 time NWA Texas champion, would you say that is your greatest highlight of your career?

JB: Yes that Belt goes back a long way and my name will always be linked to those great names. That Belt meant the most to me. So as far as championships go that one was the best....yet the hardest! Texas boys will kick your ass!

JM: you had a very long & strong feud against HotStuff Hernandez...now TNA's LAX Hernandez! What are your memories of that feud and your thoughts of Hernandez in TNA?

JB: He may be the strongest man alive today! I was 260 lb then and he tossed me around like a paper weight. I recall He ripped out my nipple rings with his chops in the same match. He's one of two men that I have faced and never beat. GRRRRR. I think He a tough guy and holds himself to that standard. He is the king of TX!

JM: Do you see yourself in TNA in the near future

JB: No I do not. I see my self help the young guys get into TNA, ROH, WWE, see we all have our spot in wrestling this sport. I did it now I choose to pass what I Know on to the next class of wrestlers. so will I be in TNA no, but my kids will be! My Students

JM: Since returning to the Northeast, you have been a mainstay in SAW & had a number of feuds ... and wrestled Maxx Burton throughout most of 2005, your thoughts wrestling Maxx Burton and your time in SAW?

JB: He gave me a black eye! That was the feud where we just kept getting carried away lol. Good times good times. those feuds are the ones you tell your grand kids about lol. Saw is a young Fed and I see there is nothing holding it back but it self. They are doing something's great and others not so great. But its a small family fed and I like that. They have a great Locker room. SAW is a great FED and I will be there as long as they have me.

JM: your now the owner & head trainer at the Do Or Die Wrestling Academy in Hudson Falls, New York. Can you share some of the training stories and the info for fans who have that dream in wrestling to join the academy?

JB: Yes everyone that walk in my door gets sick! Why because we Train. We sweat, we cry, we hurt. but in the end you will have one of the best skill set's in the sport today! I got CJ Scott Fin, his Training this month and he will have his first match on the 18th at SAW. Come out see what he can do. And you will know that I am the MAKER OF WRESTLERS!

JM: word association?

Tony Devito= Hero

Miss Montgomery= lock and key

Big Vigo= deprecation

Pierre Vachon= Sicko

Dusty Rhodes= Pays great

Hernandez= Nippels

The Outcast Killers (Oman & Diablo)=best tag team ever

Abyss= great gimmick,

Alexandra=You cant ask that I know her man and he is mean....(Shhhh..Great Boobs Shhh)

Raven= Listen

Ron Simmons= Pathfinder

Maxx Burton= underrated superstar

JM: Do you have any advice for young fans who want to get a break in wrestling?

JB: Get in shape before you join a school. run. Never say I can't and never quit. fail but never quit. If you fail that means you gave it your all and came up short...to quit is to give up on yourself. find out the background of the guy training you.

JM: Closing thoughts?

JB: Yes, Be safe this summer do something you love. Come see a wrestling show, without the fans...there is no show. Thank you and take care.


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Quick Highlights

---Debut: 1998

---Trained by the Funking Conservatory

---Has appeared on World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Metal

Interviewer: John Mikels
Interview date: August 1, 2007

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