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Interview with "Bombshell" Bert Williams

Picture personally from Burt Williams Myspace

JM: How long have you been interested in wrestling?

BW: Seems almost all NY life

JM: Where you a fan as a kid?

BW: Yes I was. My first memory of wrestling was then I was 5 years old and I saw Hulk Hogan squash Earthquake on the Brother Love Show I'd catch it every so often on Sun mornings but when I was around 10 i became a huge fan for WCW and have been a die-hard wrestling fan ever since. I think I always will be.

JM: How did you get into the business?

BW: In September of 2000, a few of my friends and I went to our first independent show for World of Hurt Wrestling in Schenectady, NY. After the show, one of the students from their wrestling school asked if we'd be interested in joining. After about 6-7 months of convincing my mom, I started training in the summer of 2001. I had my first match on September 21st 2001 at the age of 16.

JM: Who were your biggest influences?

BW: I really liked watching Owen Hart, Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko.

JM: Who were your trainers?

BW: I was trained by Dave "Danger" DeJohn, "White Lion" Jim Tanner & Thornn. Also Kenny Casanova & "Hot Bod" Todd Taylor have been a very big help throughout my wrestling career.

JM: What companies have you worked for?

BW: Too many to list for this interview but by my count I've wrestled for 27 different promotions throughout NY, VT, MA, CT, NJ & RI.

JM: Titles you have held?

BW: 3 times World of Hurt Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion, the first (and only) Conquest Pro Wrestling Grass Roots Champion, Tri-State Wrestling Tag Team Champion (w/"Mr. Spotlight" Jeff Starr) and of course just recently in IYFW the Tag Team Title w/Ricky Williams. Twp of the highlights of my 8 years in wrestling was defeating H.C. Loc for the WOHW Heavyweight Title (even if only for about an hour) and also being ranked #499 in the 2005 PWI 500.

JM: In Nov. 08' you won the IYFW tag team titles with your partner Lover boy Ricky Williams. You lost them in July 09' to The Access members Scott Scarsdale & Al Jihad. It is rumored you are getting a rematch on Oct. 10th at "Rising Spirits Of Madness." What is going to be the plan of attack to regain your titles?

BW: Well it's the first I've heard of this and must say I'm glad to see the IYFW officials are interested in getting us our rematch. Everyone who was there in Queensbury back in July know me and Ricky we're robbed of those titles and if that match is signed, we'll be sure to have a trick or two up our sleeves and bring those titles back to the Williams Express and the good people that support us.

JM: Who exactly was "BUTTERY BERT?"

BW: Why he was The Sweetest (Not Too Salty) Professional Wrestler in the World, the boy raised in the Land O' Lakes and not to mention a mullet so golden & it shined so bright the sun would be jealous. Seems like a cult favorite among NY/VT indy fans.

JM: Do you have plans of going for singles or would you prefer to remain in the tag team division?

BW: At this point it's unknown what my plans are with wrestling. Me and Ricky have been a great time since getting together so we'll have to wait and see what the future holds.

JM: Any advice for future wrestling students?

BW: Live your dream realistically. Keep school first, get a degree and a good job.

JM: Any web sites you would like to plug?

BW: For sure www.iyfwrestling.com. We're getting ready for 10/10 with our debut in Ballston Spa, NY. If your in the area on the 10th please sure to come check us out. Always love to hear from fans of wrestling so feel free to drop me a line at www.myspace.com/bewny22.

JM: Word Association:

*Maxx "The Ax" Burton
Have known him a long time. Great guy.

*Scott Scarsdale
Money can't buy everything

*Drake Evans
Hard-worker, great passion for the business

*Fronz Roddy
Have seen this man's abilities grow and grow over the past few years and now the IYFW Champion.

Great gal

*Mysery The Barbarian

*Good Lord Willing
I said it back in Queensbury on 7/18 I'll say it again here: Big Fat British Tranny

I wouldn't want to get her angry at ya. She'd claw my eyes out for sure.

*Loverboy Ricky Williams
A good partner and an up-and-comer

*Pierre "The Beast" Vachon
What can I say? He can wrestle he can fight, a wrestler's worst nightmare

*Triple H
The Game eh. Who can't forget the classic Hunter Hearts Helmsley circa Dec 1995 vs Henry Godwinn in an Arkansas Hog pen Match

*Gail Kim
No Comment.

*CM Punk
Seems to be the next big WWE superstar

No opinion

Her screams give me a headache.

*Stevie Richards

*Traci Brooks

Talented big guy

JM: Do we see you in the WWE or TNA in the near future?

BW: Not at all. Never wanted to be in the big time. I'm living my dream and making people happy, even if it's not on national TV or in from of thousands of people. And that's fine and dandy with me

JM: Closing Thoughts?

BW: Really enjoyed doing the interview and again hope to see a lot of you reader and Bombshell fans from NY & VT in Ballston Spa on 10/10

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---#499 in PWI Top 500 Wrestlers in 2005

Interviewer: John Mikels
Interview Date: Septemember 30, 2009

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