The scene flashes backstage where John Irons can be seen pacing back and forth. Finally a small Jade Green walks up to the big man and startles him.

Jade: John?

John Irons turns around and smiles at the interviewer.

John: Jade Green. I was expecting you. Thanks for meeting me on such short notice.

Jade: Not a problem. Are you excited about your match tonight?

John: Actually Jade, I am rather saddened by tonightís match.

Jade: Really? Why is that?

John: Jade, youíve seen this business grow into what it is today. And if not for people like me, Doug Crashin, James Weck, and others that keep this company beating so these new kids have a place to work tomorrow. Iíve been here since the GWA opened itís doors, and I have ended manyÖ.many careers in my time here. Sixteen to be exact. And I aim on ending at least one more tonight, before I leave.

Jade: Before you leave, John?

John: The Global Wrestling Alliance has been the greatest place on this earth. But there comes a time when you must choose how you want to live out the rest of your life, in a wheelchair because you canít walk, or waking up before dawn watching the sun rise with the love of your life? I have made my choice, Jade.

Jade: And that choice is, John?

John: I have decided that the GWA isnít what it used to be anymore. Back when it was just starting we pushed the limits of Television programming, and had the FCC to worry about, not if the fans were watching or not. Back in the day when an inferno match decided if one lucky man would walk away a champion, back in the day when Greats like Felix The Cat Hernandez, and Tadashii Kaiou went head to head, when Greats like Orion and Rod Smith were battling each other for the Global Title. Those were the days. Now we have a roster thatís full of nobodies and losers. If itís not a vampire gimmick, itís something on the freak sideÖ.like Mason Storm, Havok, and Sin. The bastard son of Mother Nature, The guy that leads Hellís Armies, and The Almighty God of nothing. And thatís why tonight, after Mr. Juggalo and I win the tag team titles, I will be retiring from Professional Wrestling, and the Global Wrestling Alliance forever.

Boos and jeers can be heard from the crowd. Many of them begin a chant saying, ďDonít go, Donít go!Ē After a moment the crowd settles down and John continues.

John: I regret doing this knowing that there is still much to do. Mason Storm, Havok, Sin and Crazy JÖ.The Titan of Titans is gunning for you tonight. Mr. Juggalo, letís make this night one to remember!

The giant known as John Henry Irons walks as the scene switches back to the arena.