Preview II




The scene switches backstage to the locker room, where John Irons is seen getting ready for his match with Steve Ramone and Xander Ashton. Jack Faust walks in ready to go.

Jack: You know John, I’ve been thinking….

John: Yeah?

Jack: About our match…..

John: Yeah? What about it?

Jack: well Maybe we should go out there, and show them the new trick?

John: The new Trick?

Jack: Yeah, the new trick….you know…the one you was showing me earlier?

John looks confused for a moment, then realizes what he’s talking about.

John: Right. The new trick. Yeah, it’d be a great start to show them how it’s really done.

Jack: Think it’ll work?

John: Of course it’ll work! We’re Disasterpiece! We wreck the lives and careers of those who get in our path. Because we’ve got the fastest rising star in the business….

Jack: And the biggest most feared man in the business.

At that moment Goth, Fang, and Kristal walk in.

Goth: We’ve got the GWA’s Guilty Pleasure….

Kristal: And we’ve got a two time Global Champ…

Fang: Then there’s me. Hunting seasons open. Goth and I will make sure you know the true meaning of the word ‘Pain’this week Staniak and Franklin. You boys are no natural born killers. You’re natural born losers.

Goth: You will feel the dark side of Disasterpiece when we unleash on you. There won’t be a head turned after tonight. You boys will be packing it up and heading home crying like there’s no tomorrow.

Jack: Steve and Xander, neither one of you stand a chance with John and I in the ring. We’re the cream of the crop in this business, and you guys aren’t even the cream of crap. Those titles you hold are paperweight titles. They may mean gold to you, but consider this….

John: Disasterpiece will always out number you in every way shape and form. While you guys are playing Siegfried and Roy with those cheap toy titles, men like me, and Faust and Goth are working towards the grandest title of them all: The Global. So prepare yourself to be swept to pieces. I am the career ender, and tonight, a part of Damage Inc, dies….forever!