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The scene opens a few hours before show time to the Amsterdam Arena, where John Irons and Nick, ďMr. JuggaloĒ Adams are seen going through maneuvers to prepare for the tag team match at Anarchy. The entire arena is empty with the exception of a few stage hands setting up the announcerís table, and barricades. The globatron is being put up as the camera zooms to the ring as we see Adams swings in with a leg sweep, trying to knock the big man down. John counters by picking up Adams into a sidewalk slam, but is reversed into ezurgi by Mr. Juggalo. Irons hits the mat, as Mr. Juggalo covers him for a quick pin, but is short lived. Irons gets up and smiles as if heís got a trick up his sleeve.

John: Is that all you got man?

Mr. Juggalo: Nope, just getting warmed up.

John: Good. I was worried that you were starting to tire out.

Mr. Juggalo: The only thing tiring here big man, is your moves!

Mr. Juggalo runs at John with a spear and manages to knock him down again. This time Juggalo places his feet up on the ropes to pin Irons for a full count, which would normally win a match.

John: My moves? Whatís wrong with my moves?

Mr. Juggalo: Youíre too damn big and too damn slow man! You need to speed up and keep up with the younger generations pops!

John: Pops? The hell you talking about son? I ainít that old!

Mr. Juggalo: I know that John, Iím playing. So what are we gonna do about our opponents for this week?

John: Iíll tell you what my man, weíre going to prove to them that Disasterpiece is no laughing matter. Weíre a team, and they couldnít figure out how to play tic tac toe if they tried. You have Crazy J that is proving that heís incapable of holding his own in this match, let alone Sin helping him. Sin, I think has finally broke and has lost his mind to the cutting and the makeup that he wears. He is defiantly something else, like Havok. Havok is completely nuts if he thinks he can win this thing with Mason Storm. They are the reason why Al and Grinderís stables never last. They canít trust another, and donít belong together in a team. Mason is a loner that has no idea how to work in a team effort. Thinking that way will lead to a record like Doug Crashinís. So there you have it. We are the only fit team to win this match up. They canít compare to anything that we can do. You donít need to worry man, Iím the biggest, baddest mother out in the game today. Rain or shine, Mason and Trash boy are losing those titles to us. I can guarantee it. Why? Because I am the Titan of Titans, the biggest man in sports entertainment history, and the best damn super heavyweight wrestler since Andre the fucking giant! Andf you are Nick Adams, Mr. Juggalo! You were trained by Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. You my friend are a brawler, and a hardcore sumbitch. It is an honor to be stepping into the ring with you.

Nick smiles as he walks out of the ring. He turns around and looks up towards the rafters for a moment. He looks back down and smiles.

Mr. Juggalo: You know, all week weíve heard this and that about how great Mason Storm, Havok, and Crazy J are. But truth of the matter is that these clowns are all talk. They canít back their shit up. Crazy J got his ass handed to him by Mason last week, and Havok keeps a disappearing act that keeps everyone guessing if heís an employee of the Global Wrestling Alliance or not. Not really reliable if you ask me. And this whole thing with Mason being the mystery man? The more he tries to be a mystery, the more it makes me laugh at him. These jokers are clowns and are going to feel the wrath of the Dark Carnival and Disasterpiece at Anarchy.

John: Well spoken. But youíre forgetting one thing.

Mr. Juggalo: Whatís that?

John: Crazy J. the fat, slimy, unbathed, mental nutcase that thinks he can wrestle. When it comes down to it, Itís going to be me and you and those straps of gold around our waist. Monday night is our time. Itís Disasterpieceís shining moment, and itís BOOM BOOM time!

Mr. Juggalo: I see. What about him?

John: You see, he wants everyone to believe that heís psychotic enough to do the unthinkable. Problem is that itís already been done better by people that are more pathetic than he is. Sandman, Rhyno, Chris Benoit, Mick Foley, Balls Mahoney, and other greats that graced the old ECW ring. Crazy J is nothing more than a punk loser that couldnít wrestle his way out of an imaginary straight jacket. Then again J has also lost more matches than a doorknob. Everyone has a turn, itís just J has had more than everyone else. But letís not just focus on the nut job. Letís look at the Olexion trash man. Like Crazy J, heís too unstable to try and win these titles. You and I are the only sane ones in the whole bunch. Mason Storm thinks heís the bastard child of mother natureÖ.when the hell did all the crazies check out of Arkham and come to my federation?

Mr. Juggalo: Your Federation?

John: Yeah, mine. You see, Iíve been here since the get go. When they opened up shop for business, John Irons was here waiting to get into action. You see why we are a great tag team man? We compliment each other. You are the new, and I am the old. We will win this battle like there is no tomorrow man. These guys arenít going to last more than a few minutes. Whether itís Crazy j talking about fat women and diet pills, Havok Ďrising from the deadí, or Mason Storm being the weather manÖ.Disasterpiece is going to blow them all away. Mason wonít see this storm brewing. Weíre like an F-5 Tornado, mixed with a Category five hurricane. We are the most powerful stable on earth! We have the Global Champ Goth on our side. We have Jack Faust with the airborne Championship.

Mr. Juggalo: You mean my soon to be airborne championship?

John: One thing at a time killer. First letís win the tag titles, then you can concentrate on the airborne title. Iím with you all the way man.

Mr. Juggalo: Good. Now weíre going to make clowns out of all these guys, and prove that we are the true tag team champions. Mason and Havok were thrown together like peanut butter and cream cheese. Sin hasnít said a word, and Crazy J thinks heís a badass because heís got the name Crazy in his name.

John: let me tell you something about little Crazy J. Heís more pathetic than a carpet wench trying to make a living. He is more pathetic than deadbeat parents that want nothing more than to beat on a harmless child, and walk in and out and all over kidsí lives. Iíve beaten him in less time than it takes Sin to start weeping after he slits his wrists, and starts jacking off. Mason Storm never hath witnessed the titan of titans in person. He will bow to the greatness that is John Henry fuckin Irons, and Nick, ďMr. JuggaloĒ Adams as we make him and Havok retire those Tag Team titles to Disasterpiece. Itís going to be over faster than the one pump chump known as Crazy J. No wonder why his girl left him. Two seconds after sticking his small prick into her he came and she was never satisfied. What a damn shame. Guess you canít blame the guy for going Crazy. I mean, after allÖ.itís men like me that seduce women like her and screw them on leave. Speaking of which, letís head out of here and go get a bottle of whisky. We got celebrating to do. This Monday Night, Disasterpiece will walk away the new Tag Team Champions. And if you're doubting our abilities consider this: I have single handedly ended more careers in this company by brute force than anyone else. Why do you think they call me the career ender? This monday Night....someone's career will end. The question is boys, whose it going to be?

The scene fades to black.

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