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Irons Thinking: What the hell did I just do? Iíve committed adultery with a co-worker, and do I feel bad about it? Hmm, yes and no. Yes, well because of the obvious, and noÖwellÖ.because I know that my heart belongs to her. Chloe understands. I mean, she should know what itís like to be on the road, and not be with me every time we go to bed. She knows what it feels like to be lonely and wanting a companion of the opposite sex. At least I think sheíll understand. I hope she does, otherwise Iím in deep shit.

Speaking of deep shit, my match this week. Goth versus Irons. How the hell canÖ.ohÖ.rightÖ.the wonder twins in their infinite wisdom appointed that bald headed son of a bitch as co-GM. Heís the one thatís responsible for this. But why? What would he have to gain out of seeing two stablemates fight? That sick twisted fuck! Heís trying to break up the greatness that is Disasterpiece. Well, not if this man has anything to say about it. And what of my opponent? Surely heís said some Ďniceí things about me this week. I mean, he is like a brother to me. But I canít help but wonder whatís cooking inside the head of the Gothic One. I know his intentions are true, and are ill fated, but this is so much more than that. This is a chance of a lifetime. Surely Goth will add another notch to his post after defeating me. I mean he has beaten Felix Hernandez, Jay Gold, and other originals, and Iím the last of them. Goth, oh Goth, oh Goth, I wish you could hear me thinking. Letís make this a match to remember! The night that Goth finally defeated the last of the Originals here, in the GWA. The though will not cross my mind to whether if Goth will be defeated by my hands. That, is an impossibility. In sheer talent, the man has me beat. But does he have the heart to slay the giant? Can he make the legendary titan lay on his back for the one, two three? Yes. A match that will be remembered for sure. Now, how to get out of these sticky sheets and into my clothes without waking Jade Green?

The scene opens To John Irons quietly getting out of bed. Laying next to him, covered by a thin bed sheet is Jade Green. He slips into his Leviís custom fitted for a giant, and pulls on his t-shirt. He lays a rose next to Jade and exits the hotel room quietly, swiftly, without a sound.

Irons: That was a close one! I canít believe that I just committed Adultery! I hope that Chloe understands that a man has needs, andÖ..ah who am I kidding? I wonder if theyíre still serving at the buffet table? If those of you out there in GWA Land are wondering why Iím going to the buffet, let me tell you something. My new favorite number is 31. Why 31? Because thatís how many times JadeÖ

the elevator bell dings, masking what the big man just said.

Irons: last night. She was quite a woman in bed let me tell you what. That woman knows how toÖ


The cellular phone of John Irons begins to ring, again masking what he was saying. He flips the phone open and begins talking.

Irons: Hello?

caller: hey man, did you catch the promo that Goth put up?

Irons: Um, yeah. It wasÖ.interesting.

caller: So you gonna beat his ass this week or what?

Irons: Nah, but I am going to put up a good fight though. See, Iím retired. And quite frankly, Iím better suited to face the new blood thatís coming in the doors.

caller: dude, are you serious!? Since when did you lose your balls man? I thought I called ďThe Legendary Titan of Titans, The Ironman, The Motor City Marine, The Biggest Man In Sports EntertainmentĒ, but I guess I got the biggest chump in sports entertainment.

Irons: Look man, Iím retired. I take my entire paycheck and donate it to charities. I have no moral or expectations of obligations to uphold anymore. Iím a gatekeeper for the new guys wanting a shot at the big time. I could care less if I win or lose matches. Iím still the same old John Irons, itís just now I could give two shits less if I win or not. Iím out there for the fans, and to show that this is how wrestling is done. No more, no less.

caller: I canít believe Iím hearing this. Man I used to look up to you, and now youíre a waste of space. Youíre a sellout and no different than Big W00t Daddy. Why donít you do us all a favor and just quit, retire and go to redneckís ville in Ohio or wherever it is you go. By the way, I donít care if youíre paying me, I canít work with a loser like you. I quit.

The line goes dead and John shrugs and closes his phone. He looks off to the side.

Irons: Well, I donít care. This match is nothing but an exhibition match for me. I really donít care if I win or lose. Iím not here for the money, or for the fame. Iím here for the fans that pay hard earned money to see the big man wrestle. Everyone knows that Goth has me beat, and there is no beating the Gothic One. At least in sheer terms of athleticism. So Goth has defeated every other GWA original. Monday night is going to be a big night, when he faces me for the first time. Not only is it going to be the match where Goth has taken on the last of the GWA originals, but where he very well may defeat me. Some of you may ask, how can I be okay with that? How can you live knowing that youíre going to get beat by a better man? The answer is simple. It doesnít matter because itís not up to me anymore. Itís up to the fans. They want me here, and so Iím here. The bald headed SOB Chaos scheduled me in a match with Goth? Great fine. Iím going to put up a fight, but I already know the outcome of the match. You see, Goth and I are friends. He is like a brother to me. While my career is over, Gothís is just beginning. Iím over the hill, and past my prime. I can accept the sole reason for me still being here is to help the new talent. Goth is the new talent. He is the essence of hotness. He has a greater chance at becoming the next Global Champion again that I do for my first reign. My title holding days are over. Iím forty-five years old, and have trouble getting up and around like I used to. Iím old and busted. A war relic from days past, only here to push the greatness that is the new talent forwards in their career. So, GothÖ.my friend, it is going to be an honor to face you in the ring. Letís make it a show that every one will remember for years to come. I know that I probably could beat you, but I would be over exerting myself. No need for this old fart to be out on injury with an army of new talent that just walked through the locker room doors now huh? Iíll be seeing you in the ring, and let the fun begin!

the scene fades.

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