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Narrator: Men have come and gone, but none have had quite an impact as John Irons. If you look at his track record, you will see that heís been given more title shots than his opponent for the week, Crazy J. Now why would it be, that the administration has placed a high card show stopper in with a zero? Perhaps they see John as a threat and want him to take care of business for them. Perhaps they see Crazy J as someone that no longer belongs in the GWA. Or perhaps itís the administrations way of ensuring that Zero Tolerance gets put down, like you take a deranged dog to the vet to be put to eternal rest. No one may ever know, but what we do know is that John is preparing for the third installment of Unleashed. Heís ready to come back to Detroit with another win. But this is more than just a win for John. Itís his chance to get on the train to immortality. Many wrestlers have come and gone in this business, but only few have made it to all three Unleashed events. See this is bigger than Wrestlemania, or The World Series. This is the ultimate sporting event. There, in front of the sold out people at the Rose Bowl, tears will be shed, history will be made, and careers will be ended. One career in particular will be worth watching, and that is the abomination of Crazy J. John Irons is going to make sure that he never sets foot in a GWA ring again. He will ensure that Unleashed III, will be an event that will set J to the retirement home, or a hospital, or a morgue. J has said practically nothing all week, and what to show for it? He made a mention for about two seconds in his last promo, the entire three minutes of it. His first he said about the same. Perhaps Crazy J is thinking that this match is like a video game. Maybe he thinks that he can input some sort of code and receive god like powers to defeat John Irons. But we all know the case here. We all know the facts about Crazy J, and why he wonít win. The facts are: Crazy J beat the Original Balla when the week before Balla had his ass handed to him by John Irons. Crazy J beat a man that could barely stand on his own. Then six days later he lost his title to a real wrestler: Fang. Now John has beaten Fang as well, but that isnít the topic here.

The topic is, facts and truths about Crazy J, or lack thereof. Everyone finds it hilarious that this man can even call himself a wrestler, much less a PROFESSIONAL wrestler. His demeanor is anything less than professional. How he made his way into the Global Wresting Alliance is beyond thought or comprehension. He just doesnít fit the criteria. But that is why John will be making an impact at Unleashed. He is going to make his point proven that this Crazy J doesnít deserve to be in the Global Wrestling Alliance. John will make Crazy J tap, and wonít let go. He is what is to be assumed the greatest there is. That is why he will be known as the Career Ender. Ending Crazy Jís career is what will happen, because no one, and no body will be able to say otherwise. However, time will only tell what is in store for this uninteresting, defeated man. In the meantime, we will see what John Irons is exactly up to, as it is just hours away from the biggest event of the year.

The scene opens to the rose bowl. Fans are nowhere to be seen, but the stage crew and staff have just finished setting up the ring. The entire place is empty, with the exception of a few security guards walking around. The camera pans out and a little to the left as we see John Irons standing there with his wife, Chloe. John is no longer in a business suit, nor in his ring gear, but wearing casual clothes. His jeans have a hole ripped in the right knee, and he wears a black and gold ďIron LegionĒ t-shirt. His boots look like theyíve chewed some dirt. He smiles and looks to Chloe, who wears a short skirt, and a black halter top. Both seem to be lost in thought.

John (thinking): So this is where it will happen. In front of a hundred thousand screaming fans. Nobody will see it coming. Not even God. But lord knows that I do this for her, and for the fans. Week after week, I put my life on the line, I sweat, I bleed, and make an impact for her and for them. I wonder why I do this. I sometimes wonder why I ever came back in this business. I could have sold the mansion, and moved south to a cleaner, warmer, safer climate with her and just made a living as a bartender or a bouncer part time. Hell, I could have opened up my own place and made a decent living that way. But that is wishful thinking. I know that I belong here. I have found my true calling. Nothing can prepare anyone for the hell each of us goes through week in and out. But the calling is only for the few. Many apply but donít get past a week, or a month. Fewer more make it past a year. But we do it for the fans and out loved ones. I remember a time when I did it to earn money. Now I donít have to worry about that. Sheís taken care of, and so am I. But the thought of just retiring for one last time is always there. Her and I could take that cross country road trip on the Harley. Or we could always go and visit Prague and Europe. But then we never really talked about family. Once Iím gone, and sheís left, where will she go? What will she do? She canít possibly take my place. She knows that Iíve always wanted a family. But is being forty two too old to start a family? I know Chloe is thirty, but still. Maybe we could adopt. I know that her and I set a time to go at it, but we never seem to get results, and I just donít understand it. But looking at her, I canít imagine what she goes through week after week, watching me put my body and life at risk inside that ring. I wonder what she goes through?

Chloe (thinking): This place is amazing. I canít believe that Iím standing here in the Rose Bowl. Where so many championships are won, and so many tears shed. Without John, Iíd be a lost woman. Iíd still be doing customer service for RHT if it wasnít for him. But sometimes I worry about him. He goes in with an attitude to win week in and out, and even in the loss to Ashton, his spirits are still high. How does he do it? How can he go out there and do it for them? Can he be doing it for me? Can he really love me that much that heís willing to go out there and risk everything for nothing? John has been known to be many things, and has done many great things. But where does he find time to do it all? He personally donates ninety percent of his check to help out others in need. I know that I didnít marry him for his money, because heís been there for me my entire life. Heís been there from the beginning, because he knew that he had to, because no one else would. I love him so much, but Someday Iíd like to settle down. Iíd like to have a baby, but I just donít knowÖ.maybe I should just keep smiling and taking things as they come. John has always been a good man with the best of intentions. I just donít like the man heís become when he steps into that ring. Itís like heís a completely different person. Itís almost like he becomes an unstoppable force. But as soon as the match is over and heís in the back cooling off, he returns to the same John that I fell in love with. Does he do it for the fans? Or is there an alter ego to John Irons that I donít know about? Thereís just too many questions that I donít know if I can handle it. But then I look into his eyes, and see him there. I see a man that loves me, because he really does. There is no greater feeling in the world when heís out there and all the fans are screaming his name. It gives him a rush, and it gives me a rush knowing that he is adored. Men want to be him, they want to be as bad ass as he is in the ring. Women want a piece of him. Mainly the same piece I get every other night. Though there are some co-workers of his that I wouldnít mind getting a piece of. Several actually. Thereís that Steve Ramone guy, but he seems kind of young. Thereís Shane West, but I heard Stormy say that he has the clap. There is Goth, but heís so mysterious. So chilling that heís a mystery. Of course thereís Kristal, but I canít tell anyone that. Theyíll think that Iím using John for his money as a cover up. Still I canít help but look at her gorgeous body, or the way she kisses other women. But I couldnít let John know that. Iím afraid he might leaveÖ..oh what do I do? I love him, but at the same time I have urges to be with other women! Maybe Iíll just do what I normally do and just screw the shit out of him after he wins his match.

John: So this is it huh? The big time. Where legends are made, and dreams are broken. The Rose Bowl. Home to the victors of college football, and this Memorial Day Weekend, itís home to the biggest event in sports entertainment: Unleashed III. Letís take a look at the card and see who I think has a chance, and who needs to go home.

John takes a piece of paper out of his pocket and begins reading it.

John: We have a Fatal Four Way Match For A Shot At The Television Championship Next Week At Anarchy. Nailz versus Jay Bonez versus Jonny Ringo versus Steve Harvey versus Jay Money.

Well I didnít know that Nailz was back in town. I know the legend will want to shake off the ring rust, so this match is going to him.

Next we have a Standard Match. Nate Franklin versus Steve Striker. Now Franklin deserves whatís coming to him, but thatís not to say that Striker canít handle him. Iíve faced both these jokers before and I have to say that Striker impressed me. He should have his hands full for the match.

After that we have a Barbed Wire Ladder Match For The Extreme Championship. Blitz Bomber versus James Weck the current extreme champion. Iím sticking with the current champ, and better man, because we all know that Blitz is overrated. Next there is a Fatal Four Way Match For The Airborne Championship involving Doug Crashin', Jack Faust, Kristal Clear, and Steve Ramone who is the current Airborne Champion. Now I know that everyone thinks that John Irons is a Steve Fan, but Iím pulling for two people in this. What this company needs is a Female Airborne Champion, or, a man that has lost so much already but keeps fighting: Jack Faust. This is sure to be an interesting match. Next we have my match. Crazy J versus myself. I think we all know where this is going to end up anyways, but for the sake of argument, ME. NEXT!

We have Krusher versus Fang. Both these men are tough competitors, but Iíve only faced one of them. And that man is Fang. Rumor has it that Krusher has had ring rust, so Iím going with the better man. The next match is for the television championship. Lacey versus Subhash versus Xander Ashton the current champion. I feel that Damage Inc. needs a blow to the nads, so Iím going to guessÖÖ..Lacey. Besides, she might be crazy, but sheís hot as hell!

At hearing this Chloe, jabs John in the ribs kiddingly. He continuesÖ

John: okay next there is the much anticipated Ambulance Match. Chaos and Songaa going head to head for the final time. My vote is on the little Indian that could. He deserves it. Then there is the Last Chance Tag Team Match For The Tag Team Championship where if Darcy Kohut M.D. Donít Win They Will Not Be Eligible For Another Title Shot For One Year. The champs of Acid and Shane West against Darcy Kohut M.D. Iím pulling for Shane West and Acid. Why you ask? Because thatís two less people I have to worry about when I claim gold. That and Darcy is an idiot, and is worse than my opponent for this week: Crazy J. maybe they should have a pink slip match, where the loser leaves the GWA forever. Either way continuing on: There is Bill Barnhart and Pain locking horns. Both Revolution members, but I have to say that Pain has the advantage. He, being a former Global Champ will school the barn yard animal how to behave. Next is a Last Man Standing Match where Staniak and Jaymz will face off. Hands Down, Jaymz. The next is the United States Championship Match Where The Loser Must Join The Winners Stable For Thirty Days. Another funny match where the administration is screwing up the lives of the big money makers. John Harper would do well to join in Zero Tolerance. At least there he could help them win a few titles. HA HAÖ.okay. Next is a sleeper match that is only worth mentioning because it has a former Global champ in the match. Johnny Inferno will fall victim to Ashesí ability.

The last match of the night is what Iíll be having my eye on. Of course it is the Global Championship Where A.P. Feight will be retiring. Goth I am rooting for in this because he can deliver as much pain and make this sorry son of a bitch suffer for the way he cheated me out of my title. But nonetheless. I will be concentrating on my match against Crazy J. Now he hasnít said squat to me all week. He has raped the eyes and ears of the GWA fans out there of any type of promotion for his match with me, and thatís fine. Iíll beat his ass and make him quit. And he will get whatís coming to him, just like the rest of the rosterÖ.so until then, Hereís to you.

The scene fades to black as John flips the camera the bird.