In the spotlight, shining some truths....

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Irons Thinking: Who in the hell do these women think they are? Doubting myself and Fang's ability? Screw that. I know for a fact that we have it more together than Ashe and Lacey do. At least the both of us are communicating with each other. Lacey seems to be off in her own little world, and Ashe, seems determined to prove her keeper status to the world. Like I give a crap what the hell she is. She's one half of the tag champs and one half of my opponents for this week. I'm not going to allow them to screw things up for Fang and I. Disasterpiece is bringing home the gold regardless of how they or the rest of the world thinks of it. Goth is sure to beat James Weck, because Weck is inept in the ring. He can't pull himself together after last week. I guess that kick to the gut hit him harder than expected. The tag titles will be going home with Disasterpiece, and we will show the entire world that Leather and Lace are just a joke. While I don't put them down for being women, I do put them down for trying to pull Fang and I apart. Fang may not fully trust me yet, but I fully trust him. I know he wants these titles just as much as I do. Not to mention that it's been how long since my last title reign? One week with the Extreme Title. Pathetic. I was just a newbie to the ring then. I had a vague idea what I was doing, but didn't fully comprehend it. That was 2004 or 2005. Two years ago. Now I've had my numerous shots at the Global gold, and came so close in a couple times. This proves that I am a better man now then I was then. When was the last time that Ashe and Lacey had a chance to challenge for the Global belt? I hear nothing but silence, so thus proving my point. They are bottom of the barrel feeders, and will never be more than that. Ashe may at one point have been the Global champ. And a hall of famer. But that is the past. this is now, and now she is nothing more than a wench strolling the streets of Saint Petersburg. I mean look at the way she dresses. She's either a wench or a dominatrix. Nobody wears skintight leather all the time. I' it makes sense. She wears the skintight leather and her body is covered in baby powder. Kind of like the same scenario in the first Batman movie, where Jack Nicholson slipped into the urn of acid. Maybe Ashe did the same thing, being a clumsy klutz and all. It would explain the irrational mood changes along with why her skin is pasty white. Then again we never know. Ashe is just as much a mystery as Lacey is. They both popped up on the tag scene from nowhere. I'll admit that they're okay as a team, but they're no Blood Brothers, They are not the Dark Enforcers, and they sure as hell are not the Tormentors. Most men shudder at the fact and know that their career as they know it is over when they see their names right next to the Tormentors. But not me. I have seen the ends of the earth and have seen the horror that men can do. No way in hell that Ashe and Lacey could be that bad. Hell, even the Tormentors aren't as bad as they seem. But I know that deep within myself there is something growing, something more powerful than any man, woman or child could ever dream. I rose from the ashes of nothing to Superstardom in a matter of fifteen minutes. Since then I have been in the spotlight, and Ashe and Lacey seek to destroy that. I refuse to let them. I refuse to allow them to strike down Disasterpiece. When we go out there on Sunday and prove to the world that we are indeed worthy of the titles, Disasterpiece will have won the battle. I have high goals to win this at all costs. Because what good is one man, let alone two that can't get along do together? They accomplish nothing but failure. This is not Fang and myself. This is the failure and remains of the tag team called the Fearless Kings.

But enough of this crap. My focus and attention is on Leather and Lace. They have no real foundations to build a team. Neither knows how to be a team, and thus will be their eventual downfall. The Corps taught me how to be a team, and a leader. However in this match, Fang and myself are equals. We go in as a team, we leave as a team. Like the old saying goes: ďWe ride together, we die together, Bad Boys for lifeĒ. In this Jonathan Porter and I will be victorious. There is no man, or woman team out there that can break my spirit, or the spirit of the Wolf God. This is how we function. Fang and I are two warriors that are going into battle, and the aftermath of the nightís festivities will be in our favor. We think alike, and we train alike. While each person is different, both Porter and I know the feel of battle. We both crave that sensation of victory. We desire the feeling of the rush of victory. We have a chance to win titles and we will. While I may not be Goth, or anyone else, I am John Henry Irons. I will live up to my namesake. John Henry was the worldís strongest man in his time. I am not only the strongest, but also the biggest of mine. Dedication, Desire, and Passion to win are the key points here. And no one can touch that. You cannot defeat a man that canít be broken. Iíve had my losses just as everyone else has. But you donít see me crying and whining about losing the chances to win that global title? Hell no. Iím better than that. I know that one day my chance will come, and for the time being I will settle for the tag titles. Fang, I know would love nothing more that to be a four time tag team champion. Iíd love to bring home gold to the wife and to Disasterpiece.

Many people wonder what my weaknesses are. Some have compared me to Superman. But the fact of the matter is that Superman had his day. Superman had Lois Lane and Kryptonite. I have neither. I donít allow Chloe to get too involved with my work. She escorts me to the ring, and stands back. Others have said that being so big and strong, that I must have no brainpower. Again, this is a false accusation. Albert Einstein never graduated High School, and look what he accomplished. Edison never made it far in schooling either. These people donít realize that schooling and education have no bearing or effect on great men. So I dropped out of school in the sixth grade. I later went and got my General Education Diploma before entering the armed services. While in the Corps, I studied battle strategy and tactics. I learned to predict the unexpected and prepare for the worst. This is how I have an edge to wrestling. I predict my opponentís moves, and counter. Of course like anything nothing is set to be perfect. But I continually do this and prepare for victory. Again, this is also why I havenít lost a singles match since my return from injury. The Ironman, career ender, and all the other names that I have earned throughout my career in this company will follow me to a victory. I will prove that I am not out of the spotlight just yet. This Sunday will prove to be a lesson learned from Lady Elizabeth Ashe and Lacey. You underestimate your opponent and you will lose.

Some have said that I have underestimated both Ashe and Lacey. Contrary to popular belief, there is a difference between underestimating someone and telling the world what they really are. So, no, I have not underestimated them. Underestimating them would be me saying that Ďbecause they are women, they wonít win.í Not only is that being sexist, but it also undermines them to do better and harder to prove that they are not. They may have one victory over Darcy Kohut, M.D., but that is simply an easy victory. Those two idiots should have never been a tag team to begin with. How the hell they kept those titles for so long is beyond me. Kohut is actually fairly good inside that ring. Itís Darcy that screws everything up. He should have left the GWA when Jimmy G was still around. At least Jimmy G was entertaining to watch. But enough of this nonsense. Leather and Lace is going down. I am sick and tired of people rooting for these freakishly white, blonde, and idiotic scumbags that think they have balls. You want to see balls take a look at the Cajones on The two men that run this joint. They are the real ball busters of this company. Even though they stick their hands in the honey pot when it comes to match outcomes they still run the best wrestling federation in the world. I seek to end that, but for the time being Iíll have to settle with winning the tag titles.

The scene opens to a scene from ďJohnny Got His GunĒ. The father is speaking to his son.

Joe: When it comes my turn, will you want me to go?

Father: For democracy, any man would give his only begotten son.

The scene fades out and fades back in to a blackened and dark room. All of a sudden a light is seen turned on with a simple Ďclickí. John Irons sits on a single chair with a lamplight hanging from the ceiling above his head smoking a cigar. He looks to the camera and scowls.

John: So Ashe and Lacey think they have Fang and I cornered huh? What a load of crap. While theyíre talking out their Asses Iíve been coming up with a battle strategy for this match. I know Fang and I canít go into this lightheartedly. So weíre going into this with everything weíve got. Fang may not be able to relate to me, as much as per say Goth for instance, but I am his teammate and his stablemate. You canít pull us apart. Weíre like a couple of black widows stalking its prey. The both of you have illusions of grandeur if you think you can break this team up. You both are out of your flipping minds if you think thatís a winning technique. Allow me to shed some light on Ashe and Lacey. When the both of them arenít boinking Sebastian Blood and Azrael, they most likely share the same coffin. While thatís fine and dandy ladies, I have no problem beating the hell out of either one of you. IF thatís your life choice then so be it. Iím sure Steve Ramone and every other pervert out there will want to see some Ďexclusiveí action from the two of you. While youíre squandering about listening to the shrill of your voice, and getting lost within this repugnant city Fang and myself have been going over the line of attack when it comes to the two of you. You canít beat a force that is to be reckoned with. You do realize once and for all that this match is no game, right? The both of you could wind up in a hospital wing somewhere, Ashe more likely in a mental ward than Lacey, but in serious condition. Fang and I share common grounds when it comes to fighting. Camaraderie is the key point here. Neither one of you knows what itís like to be possessed by a Wolf Spirit, or be held prisoner of war for fourteen months. Neither one of you know what itís like living each day as if it were your last. I do, and I sure as hell know that Fang does. You see, regardless of what may happen Iíll still have the manís back. He is a worthy opponent in the ring, and shouldnít be taken lightly. While in the past I have defeated him, which is not to say that I am better than him because Iím not. We are both equals. Unlike the two of you, we pride each other like wolves in the pack. We compliment each other in the ring. He brings the speed and viciousness; I bring the might and the pressure. Together we bring Disaster to those who stand in our path, shattering their dreams into pieces. Hence the name Disasterpiece. But Iím not here to get into the nameeology with my partner. Iím here to get into it with the two of you. First of all your name isnít all that original. Take for instance way back in 2005 when James Crow was still a force to be reckoned with. He and I took on the Devastators with the name ĎIron Crowí. As pathetic as that name was, yours is just as bad if not worse. I mean, come on! Leather and Lace? It sounds like a title from a cheesy porno of soft-core genre. The both of you formed a Ďteamí out of the blue and think that the two of you stand a chance against the biggest man in sports entertainment history, and the Wolf God? I think not. As I have said before, the both of you managed to beat Darcy Dynamite and Malvolio Kohut, but they were as bad as a team as the Los Angeles Raiders.

So Lacey, you think youíve got what it takes to prove the gonads that you donít have in the ring in a manís sport? Well the challenge is welcomed, but I better not see any tears when I break you in half. This is no story of David and Goliath. This is the story of the best of the best this company has to offer, and you are not it. I mean for Christ sakes you think you stand a chance against five championship holders? Let me ask you a question that Iím sure youíre to understand. What happens when you play chicken with a train thatís going sixty miles per hour?

Give up? You get hit. And thatís exactly whatís going to happen once you step into that ring with me. You will get hurt, bar none. I am not going to feel the least bit damn sorry for you Lacey when you leave that arena in a stretcher, Ashe following behind. You want to play with the big boys? Then hereís your chance. Prove to the world that youíre more than a dumb blonde with good looks. Prove to me that you want to keep hold of those titles longer than just a week. I will guarantee you that when the night is over youíll be wishing youíd have stayed home. Just because youíre a woman doesnít mean that Iím going to take it easy on you. Donít you fret about breaking a nail either. Iím just going to laugh at you and lock a submission hold in. Do you think you can get out of that? Do you think you can get out of the Detroit Special? Four super powerbombs in a row followed by an elevated Boston crab leg lift with my knee driving into your spine? How long can you hold on Lace? I donít give you more than ten seconds before you start tapping that mat like the weakling that you are. You do not stand a chance against Fang and myself. Weíre the favored to win his match and thereís not a damn thing either of you can do about it. Whether you like the odds or not, youíre both going down for a ride. Whether itís a three count, or a tap out, Fang and I will win. As far as your Ďthinkingí and waiting to show your ugly face latter in the week? I say thatís you being scared shitless of a ruthless giant and a tag team thatís going to take your titles. I never once said that I believed Staniak or Havok or Sin. If you were actually paying attention, dear, you would have caught me saying the itty-bitty word called ďALLEDGEDLYĒ. But you didnít pick up on that did you? No, like I said before, youíre off in your own fairy tale worldÖ.and you trying to correct me further proves that point. You are a dumb twit, and you donít deserve the title. You can gripe and whine and moan all you want, but in the end, I have people backing me up. I have Billions of fans worldwide and thatís not including the Marines either. They have my back regardless. Once a Devil Dog, Always one. You on the other hand, have only yourself, Ashe, and the respective man-whores called managers to your following. Why is that Lacey? Because the both of you suck. You both are paper champions, you never truly earned those titles. Kohut and Dynamite were never real champions either. Come and talk to me after youíve faced the likes of the Blood Brothers, or Silver and Gold, or The Grave Diggas, and even the Tormentors. Back a long, long, long time ago when Monday Night Anarchy was called Chaos, I was just beginning my career as a professional. I was undefeated and was approached by the baddest group of men of the time. Eddie Benoit, Taxx, Nailz, Jay Gold, and Doug Crashiní. Also known as Klub Kaos. I swatted the then at the time tag champs The Grave Diggas aside like flies. Gold and Crashin tried to gang up on me, but were met by the same fate. It wasnít until Eddie Benoit stepped into he ring that all of them beat me down, and then offered me a chance at greatness. I became a member of the Klub and later Hell on Earth. The point of the matter here, Lacey is that I have taken on groups of men single handedly before. I swatted them away like flies and mad them look like jobbers. What do you think Iím going to do to you and Ashe at Aftermath? Silly little girl. Go home and play with your Barbieís and let the real wrestlers do their job!

John takes a puff of his cigar and blows a few smoke rings. He sits there in silence for a moment, staring off into the light above his head.

Irons Thinking: Ashe has been quite the singing twat as of late. She just doesnít understand it. Her little fifteen minutes of glory are all over. Sheís had her fun with the spotlight, and now itís Disasterpieceís turn to be in the spotlight. She has never faced me in the ring and cannot fathom what itís like to go head to head with me. Oh, but she will feel the pain and sorrow of Disasterpiece. She will be begging for mercy when Fang and I get through with her.

John tosses out his stogie, and looks to the camera.

John: Aftermath. The after effects, or consequences of Unleashed III. What a fitting end to Lady Elizabeth Ashe and Laceyís rag-tag tag team: Leather and Lace. You see, Ashe, there will be no more Leather and Lace when Disasterpiece gets through with you. Like an EF-5 tornado or a hurricane pummeling through a sleeping valley Fang and I will place you and Lacey in pieces. We are a disaster to you with devastating effects.

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There will be no chance that either of you will come out of this thing the champions. Fang and myself refuse to lose, especially to the likes of the both of you. Neither you nor your partner Ashe can comprehend the fact of how much shit the both of you are in. You are not facing two jobbers like Darcy and Kohut. You are facing two world-class competitors that will hurt the both of you, badly. The mere thought of the two of you acting in perfect harmony is revolting. The two of you couldnít decide whatís better to wear to the match let alone make decisions on if the other is in trouble. Ashe, your play grows tiresome. Donít you think we have enough freaks and idiots that think theyíre vampires, or immortal already? Why not be original, and come up with more than just Ďthe steroid pill popping Nancyí as you so put it. I could care less what you and the world thinks of that. I have not now, and never have used steroids. Iíll take a piss test to prove it. And donít you think Iíd have a smaller package than the average man if I used them? Jade Green herself said it was the biggest member sheíd seen since Ron Jeremyís. So before you start spouting off accusations, try doing a little history check first. You make this seem as if it were a battle of wits. In which case, youíre losing. I have no desire to contemplate this any longer, so maybe I should just be a Ďnormal meatheadí and go do something with testosterone. OH! Wait! I better do something manly to prove I have a set!

Get real, you and everyone knows Iím not like that. I tell it how it is. You Ashe, are still living in the past. You still think that you have what it takes to get to the top of the food chain and you donít. Youíre a has been of yesterday that doesnít get it. You are no longer as great as you once were, and Fang and I intend on proving that at Aftermath. So you take a rookie and form a tag team. Great. Now youíve proven that you are desperate to stay in the light because of that great person that you once were. You are competing with yourself to prove to the fans that you think that you have that youíre still great. How sad is it when you walk out there to the ring and everyone boos at you? See the key difference here is that I am a champion of the people. They come from miles around to see the ninth wonder of the world. I have surpassed the great Andre the Giant in height, and stature. People want to cheer the biggest man on as he fights the system. You are not apart of the system, but a mirror image of a demon that wonít go away. Youíre like a rock in peopleís boots, or a thorn in their sides. You think that you and lacey have what it takes but you donít. Nobody can bring this mountain of a man down and anyone thatís standing with him is sure to be on the path to greatness. It is true that Fang has made superstars out of his tag teams. Fact is, I already am one. I hold the biggest streak in this company for ending careers because I am that damn good. Not even the great Doug Crashin can compare to that. Though one day soon Iíll have to sue him for stealing my trademarked title, but thatís another topic for another day. Ashe, do you really think you can defeat me? Do you really think that you can defeat Fang, or Disasterpiece for that matter? You are nothing impressive. All this has come down to is me calling you a wench and you calling me a G.I. Joe. Which, by the way isnít an insult, itís like calling someone ĎSupermaní. You have to realize that bothÖ.or at least one of is prepared to go through with this till the very end. I canít speak on behalf of Fang, but I can tell you that I am prepared for this. Thus far, Fang has only been on GWA networks two or three times this week. Iím not too sure if I can trust him in this match, but either way Iím coming into this match with my head held high and guns blazing. No other tag team will be able to compare to Disasterpiece, or to John Irons for that matter. I am a hard hitting, crowd-pleasing son of a bitch. The fans love me. Why else do you think I have so many names? The Motor City Marine, Ironman, The Career Ender, The Titan of Titans, The Biggest Man in Sports Entertainment History, The Epitome of Excellence, The Champion of the People, Enforcer of Disasterpiece, The Mountain of a Man, One Man Striking Force, and Hero of the Day.

The fans are what drive me for success. This Sunday at Aftermath I will shed the truth of your lies and deceit. Fang and I will be walking out of that arena the new Tag Team Champions. The both of you are finished. Ashe you are not a vampire, or a keeper. Itís an act, so drop it. Are you Satanic? Which religion do you follow for the dark side? Catholicism? Judaism? Star Wars? What Ashe? You wear pasty white makeup. You wear leather so God and everyone can see your camel. Thatís a pretty nasty camel toe youíve got going there Ashe. Iím not going to say that youíve got the ďIím sixteen years old and hate everything so Iím emo syndromeĒ. But you are treading very closely to it. You are pathetic. From what Iíve seen in the ring you hit like a girl, and wrestle like a horny donkey. But thatís to say that you are a girl, and could be a horny donkey, but thatís all beside the point. The topic here is you. Believe me when I say that religion, politics, and personal beliefs do not belong in a wrestling ring. But you make it so damn apparent so I guess the rest of us have no choice but to follow suit. There is no scientific evidence that there is a God, or a Satan. It is a fabled story made up by the Roman Catholic Church to strike fear into the wicked. It was originated to cause law and order within the early years of civilization. IF you were to take a moment and look at the FACTS, rather than idiocy, you would see that I am right. God did not make the heavens and the earth. Little strings of super microscopic organisms and gasses did. When two or more strings of gasses collided, it created the big bang, thus creating the Sun. The earth, which we live is actually a fragment of rock from the sun when it formed. Mercury, Venus Mars are also in the same state, however over billions of years bacteria and these super microorganisms began evolving into advanced organisms and the rest is history. As far as Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, they are gasses that are left over from the beginning and have formed their own atmospheres and revolve around the sunís gravitational pull. Neptune is a mixture of rock and gasses and Pluto is actually a moon fragmented from a dead planet from long ago. The point, Ashe, that what you portray in is all based on fiction. You are human. You bleed just as I bleed. You become angered just as I become angered. You are no different from any other man or woman on this roster. Vampires do not exist, because it is physically impossible for a humanoid body to live off of just plasma and blood. We humans are Omnivores. We eat both plant and animals. You, are a human. A bottom of the barrel scraping human, but you are still a human.

Go on ahead, take your best shot at me. Because if you werenít human, youíd be able to win every match with unparalleled strength, and wisdom. Youíd be able to make people submit to your will without even moving a finger. But thatís all science fiction lady. You my friend are a brainwashed fool. Please pass the bong and the pills, because Iíd really like to know what the hell it is that you see and think. Your accomplishments are nothing. You made have held titles and beaten so and so, but I have a long and famed career here in the GWA. Iíve been here since its origins. In essence I am a GWA Original, Just like Blitz Bomber, Just like Orion, just like Shane West. Now I know that Shane West beat your ass and youíve beaten him. I also know that heís no longer allowed to wrestle here, but I guess thatís what happens to people after they get into the hall of fame, they just go downhill. You will be too. You are on a downward spiral to your fortunate doom. You wonít be able to out do me on Sunday at Aftermath. Because while youíre faster than me, Iíve got the power and the brains. Not to mention thereís Fang. Do you honestly think you can trust Lacey to not screw your make up wearing ass over the top rope? Believe me, the moment that I, or Fang sees an opportunity theyíll do everything they can to eliminate you. You are no different than Lacey. Small, Pathetic, and will lose the titles. At Aftermath, Itíll be lights out for you and Lacey.

as he says this he clicks the light off and the room goes into darkness. A moment passes by before John says anything.

John: Ashe, LaceyÖ both are in the dark when it comes to wrestling big men like myself. Neither of you know how to take a man down, and are intimidated by my presence. Iíll be waiting for the both of you in the ring.


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