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The scene opens to John Irons walking in St. Petersburg. The sun is just setting as he lights up a cigar. But we know that this time of year the sun only sets then re rises as the axis of the earth is closer to the sun. He walks over to a bench and sits down, looking around. He finally inhales and exhales.

Irons Thinking: What a beautiful day. Its a shame that this country has wasted so much, and has so little. Since the end of the cold war, tensions seemed to have eased between the East and the West. But one thing is for certain, and thats Russia is the dump of the world. Socialism at its best. Then it all came crashing down in the early nineties. I doubt that one half of my opponents were alive. Or barely then. The other one though.i cant easily dismiss as a gimmick. I saw those pictures of Ashe and it sent a cold chill up my spine. Damn womancan I call her that? What the hell is she?

John: Prostitute.

Irons thinking: There we go. She and her partner in crime are nothing more than prostitutes of the GWA. But that seems a bit harsh to say to two beautiful women like that. Maybe Wench will suffice. I mean after all this IS St. Petersburg. Sex and prostitution have gone hand in hand throughout the ages here. Funny how Fang and I are facing these two women in this famous City on Sunday. That woman and her cockney accent. Its enough to drive a man nuts! I mean she IS English, but youd think after how many years shed learn to speak the language correctly? Dont forget the fact she called you a Nancy Boy.

John: Pathetic.

Irons Thinking: I couldnt have said it better myself. See, she doesnt know what shes getting herself into. I am a huge mother, and I dont take shit from nobody, especially a woman. Not that Im insinuating that because shes a woman shes weak, or any less capable, Im merely thinking that shes never faced me inside that ring. Jonathan Porter has. He knows what Im capable of. These wenches havent. They have no idea the amount of pain and destruction that follows my path. When I laugh, earthquakes happen. I am such a powerful man that I am actually ten feet tall, weigh two-tons, breathe fire, and could eat a hammer and take a shotgun blast standing. I am Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, I am able to leap tall buildings in a single bound... yes, those are just some of my warm up exercises. Scientists have estimated that the energy given off during the Big Bang is roughly equal to 1DTS, a Detroit Special. Yes I am all powerful, I choose to either win or lose matches, not the other way around. As a teen, I had sex with every nun in a convent tucked away in the hills of Tuscany. Nine months later the nuns gave birth to the 1972 Miami Dolphins, the only undefeated and untied team in professional football history. Yeah, Im that damn good.

It does not rain in the Rain forest. Its my way of telling you that Im pissing on you. These ladies dont stand a chance, and the point Im getting to. It is true that the sun once rose in the west, until it met me. Now in fear it rises in the east. See, I strike the fear into people. The fear of me! Because if you piss me off, you better make sure you have a will.

John: Damn straight.

Irons thinking: but wheres the challenge and fun in that? These two bimbos want to step into the ring with the biggest man in sports entertainment history, fine. Theyll have Fang and me to deal with. One or both of them might have faced the Wolf God in the past, but they sure as hell havent faced the Wolf God and the Career Ender together. We make an interesting team, and that makes me confident that well win this thing.

From the distance a man is seen walking towards the big man. As he gets closer we see that it is Fang. He walks up and sits next to the big man, shaking his hand.

Irons Thinking: Ever heard of a Shower Porter?

John: Good Morning, sir. How goes it?

Fang: Great. I have no idea how the hell to get back to the Hotel, but this is a nice place John. Real nice.

Irons Thinking: Are you sure about that Porter? Cause I know differently.

John: This is actually said to be a haunted park. Years ago a man was walking by just here and witnessed two small children be eaten alive by a bear.

Fang: Are you shitting me? A bear!

Irons thinking: Pussy.

John: No man. Why would I kid about something like that? Besides Ive been thinking about what we talked about earlier.

Fang: The pictures?

John: Yeah. Maybe you are right. Maybe Ashe is some sort of sub species of humans. I mean theoretically its possible. Just not plausible.

Fang: So what do you suggest we do? The last time either of us faced her was when you won the five man over the top rope. She was disqualified. Other than that her record is pretty much impeccable.

John: Well thats why were here Jonathan. This place is both mystical and historical. Countless people have died in this park, but I believe their spirits remain. That is whats going to help us defeat them on Sunday.

Fang: So what? Were going to invoke the spirits of days past and ask them for help? John, I think youve had a bit too much of alone time. Think about this, its crazy man.

Irons thinking: You have no idea pal.

John: Is it? Or is it just crazy enough to work?

John sticks his hand in his pocket and pulls out a pendant.

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He pulls it out and shows Fang.

What the hell is that man?

John: Its a spiritual crystal. Its going to help us.

Fang: Are you sure about this?

John: Yeah, I mean if you look at it this way, Ashe is something supernatural. This way we are fighting fire with fire.

Fang: Fine, but if shit starts to get too freaky Im out of here.

Irons Thinking: I give him five minutes.

John begins to chant something in Russian.

John: , .

The pendant begins to swing in a counter clockwise direction, slowly at first then picks up speed with each turn. The wind begins to blow as it gets dark fast. From the ground spirits begin to creep up and around the two men. Spirits of men, women and children surround the area, swirling around like a flower petal in the wind.

Fang: What did you just do?

John: The spirits of the dead. Theyre here to help.

One female spirit floats by and stops short in front of the big man. She looks as if shes trying to figure out what he is. The female spirit begins to speak.


John: John Irons, Jonathan Porter, . .

Fang: I didnt know you spoke Russian!?

John: It comes with the territory.

Spirit: summon ?

John: , . Ashe.

Fang: I understood summon and Ashe. Are you asking for pointers?

John: yeah, shut up.

The spirit appears as if it were thinking then responds:

Spirit: !

John: e . .

Spirit: . . .

John: , . .

Spirit: , . Rasputin?

John: Rasputin, 4 , Neva . undisclosed

At this point the spirit begins to wail and cry. She shouts something but it isnt heard as she disappears. John Begins a chant again, and this time the sky brightens and the spirits fade away.

Fang: What the fuck was that man?

John: Like I said, we needed help and we got it. It wasnt much help, but itll do.

Fang: So what did it say?

John: as is large in proportion to you, you they must not have any problem to govern wooden if through its heart. In other words, we drive a wooden stake through her heart.

Fang: But wont that kill her?

John: Yeah, but were not going to do that. Were going to go in and show them that Disasterpiece is not a fools stable. Were going to show the both of them that we mean matter the cost. Ashe can call us what she will, but we have yet to hear something out of Lacey her tag partner. Perhaps she is scared.

I dont know John. But Id really like to be a four time tag Champ.

John: Id be honored to share that with you. Shall we?

The scene fades to black as the tag team of Disasterpiece walks away.

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