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John Thinking: When it comes down to it, sometimes you just have to take the punches with the flow of things. Not everyone is superhuman. Sometimes people say and do things that make absolutely no sense at all. Take for instance Sin playing with dolls and purchasing cheap headstones with his opponentsí names on them. What about Pain with his Bar-Be-Que and playing with action figures, or Bill Barnhartís infatuation with Diet Coke, clothes shopping, and the Simpsonís? All these things may seem funny, or for entertainment but the message these superstars are sending through isnít exactly clear. However this isnít the case with Blitz Bomber. Apparently heís going to shit on me in the ring. I guess his colors finally do come out with his fetishisms. But hey, if thatís what the man likes to do in his spare time then by all means, allow him to do it. Just not on me, or in front of the fans. Thereís kids out there that watch us week in and out that idolizes us. What does this tell them? That itís okay to do that? I donít think so. The only shitting that Blitz is going to be doing is when he shits himself after he gets tossed out of the ring. Then thereís James Weck. Boy can that dude spew. Heís a bigger windbag than A.P. Feight and Shane West combined. He holds that extreme title like itís a Godsend. Though everyone knows that title is nothing more than a strap of leather with a steel plate painted gold. Every newbie gets ranked for that title and gets a shot at it, just like the Television title. Weck is nothing special. He talks tough, but deep inside heís a little girl screaming out to have her first orgasm. He wants to say that Goth is the leader of Disasterpiece? Fine. The rest of us know better. We are all equals. We have nothing but honor and respect for one another because of this. That is something that James will never understand. Honor. Just like heíll never know the pain of losing close friends in the worst possible ways. He wants to spit on me for serving this country when he himself didnít have the balls to step up to the plate and be a real man. He has no idea what itís like to travel across the world and lose people that youíve grown accustomed to. He has no idea the horror of what itís like to be a prisoner of war. He has no idea what I have been through being tortured and beaten with an inch of my life. He doesnít know what itís like to watch your best friend being brutally murdered before your very eyes. Damn him for being inconsiderate. Damn him for assuming. Damn him.

Weck may be a title holder, but what he doesnít realize is that itís not the amount of titles that youíve held. Itís not about the matches you win. Itís about the fans and giving them a show to remember. Itís about being a memory with the fans who have driven hundreds or even thousands of miles to see you go out there and give it your all. Maybe a gal as an anniversary gift gets her guy and her ring side seats for Anarchy, or Unleashed. Itís about being apart of that special moment when they see their favorite superstarís music hit the loudspeakers and seeing them in person walking to the ring. Itís about them, and being able to get back up. Doug Crashin knows this better than anyone else I know. The ability to get back up after being hit hard like a ton of bricks. As long as you get up afterwards is what matters. I could be a five foot five tall man weighing one sixty, and get hit with a spear from a guy like Jaymz. As long as I can get up it doesnít matter if I win or lose. But then again a mentality like that doesnít get you a title either, which is why Iím in this match. Thatís why all of us are in this match. We are ten of the most talented superstars in the business and weíre competing for a shot at the gold next week. The other battle royal is made up of six other superstars, and frankly the only two worth mentioning are John Harper and Goth. One of those two men will be going on next week for a shot at gold. I can only hope that I do better in ring than the words that spill out of Blitz Bomber and Weck. Those two guys are jokers. They have centered on me and made me a target, just like I wanted. The more people I have coming after me the better. I know I can take them, itís just a matter of mind. Like riding a new bike up a steep hill after not being on one for many years. In your mind you know you can do it, but your body says otherwise. Thatís when you push yourself to keep going, through the pain and keep going till you reach the top. Thatís the mentality here. The more people that I have coming after me, the more pressure I have, and the better chances I have at winning.

In all reality you canít just count out anyone, because upsets do happen. Iíll admit it, my ego has gotten the better of me in the past and I underestimated an opponent or two. Take last week against Steve Ramone and Xander Ashton. I underestimated the both of them and it costed Faust and I the match. I wonít be doing this again this week. Thereís too much on the line and still too much to prove. I need to look at the strengths of my opponents and focus on the weaknesses. So where do I begin? Letís start with the man that everyone has said that would be least likely to win. Bill Barnhart. This guy is one tough cookie. He beat me once, because I underestimated him. Heís a hard hitter, but heís not too quick on his feet. He can use that to his advantage by wearing down the opponents and making it easier to get over the top rope. He has heart thatís for sure. But his mind isnít always there where itís needed. He thinks about his girlfriend Lupe too much and focuses on what he considers key players, and not on the people that could make a difference in the outcome of the match. His weakness is just that. Heís inexperienced in the ring and in matches like this. He doesnít realize that when it comes down to it, itís every man for himself, regardless of who is helping him. Next we have Sin. Now this guy is freaky. He prides himself of instead of going about it in a normal way, uses psychological warfare to get into the minds of his opponents. He uses that and takes advantage in his matches. One thing that he doesnít have though is enough intimidation to get into the mind of the thick headed, and Iím not thinking about Jaymz either. Iím thinking the likes of Weck. His appearance and demeanor are part of it, the other is just sly looks and movements. His weaknesses though are his skills. He hasnít quite mastered fully functional take downs and submission maneuvers so he has that going against him.

Then thereís Krusher. This guy just got inducted into the hall of fame. Not every joker gets a chance to have their name and photo embedded in marble and titanium. He got there for a reason. But the real question is with the recent loss to Pain and Blitz, he hasnít really shown anyone much other than he misses being in the ring. Heís got strength, and Iíll give him that. But a new look and hairdo wonít win him matches. He needs to step up his game and prove to the world why heís back and why he wants to win. If he doesnít then heís wasting his time. From the legend of his past, heís quite an adversary to face. Though I wouldnít put it past him to try and pull a fast one with the referee. Then we have my friend Jack Faust. Small and wily as he is, heís not a man that you want to count out. What he doesnít have in muscle he makes up for in speed. He, like myself doesnít quit when the going gets tough. The man has been through a lot in recent events. His wife being t-boned and ending up in a coma, then his own inner battles. Heís had more than enough of his share of trials and errors. But he isnít a man you want to underestimate. Just because of his size, people underestimate him and just assume that heís going over within the first few minutes. I think heíll last longer than that, but then again Iíve been wrong before. His speed and agility will be of great assistance to him. Fang. While I have beaten him before, I know what heís capable of. He gave me a good run for the money, and for that both he and Faust have my respect. Fang is a hard hitter with few errors. Heís a brash and fierce competitor but he doesnít always consider his surroundings. He could be laying waste to an opponent and not see the big ugly Jaymz pick him up and hip toss him over the rope. I consider this man my friend, but when it comes down to it, it is every man for himself. This title means more to everyone that anyone could dream. Itís the chance of a lifetime for people like Fang to take it and win it. But like I was thinking, he doesnít watch his back. Then thereís Pain, Marshall White, the Milli Vanilli look a like. He prides himself with his in ring ability, but doesnít anticipate his opponents moves. But from time to time he gets lucky and pulls off a few wins. Iím not sure what he meant by his only loss was with me in the tag match. His win loss record says heís lost five matches. I think heís looking for an excuse to blow hot air. Pain has never faced me one on one, and this will be an encounter that heíll never forget. Itís not like its another psycho circus match, but this time heís not coming in as a champion. The last two men are more hype and bark than bite.

First we have Blitz. This guy is a real piece of work. He underestimates me and everyone else thinking that this is going to be an easy win. I remember seeing the match between him and Jack Faust. Blitz says he kicked his ass from beginning to end. In reality it was evenly matched, until the very end when Blitz saw a moment of opportunity and won it. Blitzís weakness is he over-hypes himself to make him seem invincible. Fact of the matter is that heís mediocre at times. No doubt that this man is great, but heís not as great as he thinks he is. Sure heís back for another round, but how long is it going to last before he gets bored again? Heís full of himself that Iím actually surprised that he doesnít worship himself. I think he takes those Chuck Norris jokes a little too far and literally, with the exception that he replaces the name ĎChuck Norrisí with his own name. Donít let me forget that his fetish of taking a dump on people either. I guess with time and stress of things Blitz has fallen victim to a strange yet almost accepted lifestyle. I wonder if Iíll be needing a Hepatitis shot after this match? Either way he and Weck share a lot of common grounds. Weckís strengths lay in his own alma matter of Determination Incarnate. Determination in the flesh. Well if heís so determined, then why does he talk a lot? Why did he lose to Pain last week? Like Blitz he over inflates his ego to the point where he indulges in self love. Vanity is said to be the Devils favorite sin, and this guy is full of it. What Weck and everyone including Jaymz doesnít realize is that I have more than the desire to win. I know that Iím not immortal, and just human. And like all people I feel pain and the aches of time. I want to eventually retire, but before I can do that I want to hold that global title in my hands. I want to prove that I am a world class champion. The only other thing on the agenda is put an end to Damage Incorporated. Well, maybe not an end, but at least get the boss men that run the GWA out of it so itís a fair playing ground. When thatís done then I can retire. Until then itís still an upwards battle to continually prove myself. Like I have told Jaymz in the past, I have the eye of the tiger. I hunger for the victory to win against anyone to hold onto that title. Jaymz, Blitz, Pain, Barnhart, Sin, Fang, Faust, and Weck have all held titles recently. Itís been since 2004 since Iíve had that honor, and Iím long overdue. Though everyone hears the saying, Ďeye of the tigerí and they think of Rocky III when Sly Stallone went up against Mr. T. at least I think it was Rocky III. Letís see, Rocky I, Sly faced Apollo Creed for the title and won. Rocky II was the rematch, Rocky III was Mr. T, Rocky IV was Ivan Drago from the Soviet Union. Rocky V was when he was training the kid that stabbed him in the back. Then thereís the most recent one where Sly comes out of retirement once again and goes ten rounds with the current champ whoís thirty years younger than he. Anyways back to the topic at hand. Itís not a reference to the movie, itís an old saying. Itís what was being said to the underdogs way back when black and white ruled, and thick framed glasses were more than a fashion trend. I think and say it because itís the truth. I do have the eye of the tiger. I have the hunger to win at all costs. I want to prove to the entire world that I can do it, that I can become a world class champion. And what better time to do it than now, where sports entertainment all began. Greece. Mount Olympus. The first Olympic games. Thatís something that Doug Crashin knows about. Heís a Gold Medalist. That means that he has more talent than meets the eye. Of course I canít forget about the biggest man of my opponents this week.

Jaymz. Alexi Jaymz Yaroslav. The man that can sit down and say almost nothing and expect to win. Heís a hard hitter. But heís extremely slow moving. He doesnít train like the rest of us do. If he does itís not seen on camera. His greatest feature is his strength, which is matched by my own. The other is his size. He will be a tough one to get out of the ring and thatís for sure. His weaknesses lies in his abilities to leave himself wide open for comments. Heís not a fast thinker, and doesnít expect the unexpected. Heís not going to see it coming whether itsí me, or itís me and two other guys eliminating him from the match. Though of course like last time heís going to shrug it off like it was nothing and focus on rebuilding Zero Tolerance. It must be tough living the way he does. Being brainwashed into thinking a certain way and believing in a psychotic make up wearing fool. Too bad. Such a waste. I remember seeing him grimacing in pain the last time he and I were in the same ring. I could read his face seeing that he was just seconds away from tapping the mat, and giving up. Whether he wants to admit it or not, I knocked him down a few pegs that night. I proved to him and the whole world that I can do great things. Sometimes I wish A.P. Feight was still around. Although Iíll never admit this to a camera or another soul on the planet, I miss him being around. I learned much from his time here. Indeed he is one of the great wrestlers of this industry. The man could best me in a match any day of the week. He is that damn good. He could lend me a pointer or two. He knows what itís like to rise from nothing to greatness. Problem is I canít live down my reputation. Iíve ended careers, and have hung with many of the best this company has to offer. But I guess Iíll never be good enough to get into the hall of fame. Hell Iím the one that both Grinder and Al Cohol sent people to in the ring when they had a problem. They knew what I was capable of, and though at the time I didnít understand it they were preparing me for later events. They were the ones building me up for the legend that I am. Granted Iím still a scapegoat to them, but what really matters is that they gave me a shot at fame and look at me now. Itís been three years. Thereís only a few people that are still on the roster that were original members when Grinder and Al started this company. People get fired or move on to other things. Though there is only one man that has withstood the test of time and is still kicking, and thatís me. Iím not finished until I say I am. People need to understand that and accept it. Iím not going anywhere until the job is done and I am satisfied. So they can bring it with all the firepower they want. Iím still standing and thatís the point. Wins, losses, draws. If you can still stand at the end of the night then youíre proving more than a strap of gold, or wins on paper. Youíre showing that youíre tough and that youíre the best. Now I know that almost everyone is standing tall at the end of the night, but thereís a double meaning to that. Iím meaning it in the sense that you can get up and go on the next day without any troubles. The ability to show back up the next week and do the same thing again. To prove time and time again that youíre not going anywhere. Thatís standing tall. Thatís getting back up after a match win or lose. But this week weíll just have to see what lays in store for myself and the nine other men involved. Ten men. Nine losers. One victory. Thatís the story. And letís see what happens.

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