Interview with Ariel

The Independent Federations are packed with stars working hard to break through and become Superstars. Below I have an interview with Ariel, a talented young woman rocking the Indy feds. There is no limit to what Ariel will achieve and I have a feeling you'll be hearing more about her as time goes on. Be prepared to take a ride on the Ariel Go Round.

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In-Ring Name?


What Federation are you currently in?
ACW, PCW, UWF,WXW, and Karoba Pro

Have you been in any other federations?
Yes, YPW, SCCW, NEPW, P3Pro and G.L.O.R.Y.

What has been your favorite appearance/match so far?
My favorite appearance and or match was when I was in a mixed tag team match with myself and Jim Nastic vs. former ECW superstars Simon Diamond and Dawn Marie.

When did you start wrestling?
I started training in January 2001. Then I started doing shows since May 2001, and doing actual matches since July 2001.

What school did you train at (or who trained you)?
I trained at the YPW/SCCW training center and there I was trained by Brickhouse Baker, and Sweet Scott Ashworth.

What was the hardest wrestling move you learned?
Ariel Go Round

What was your favorite?
Dariel( Variation of the Diamond Cutter)

What's your schedule like?
Right now it consists of practice, school, and soccer. A typical day is wake up, go to school till 2:30, then go to soccer practice from 3-5 then come home, get dressed go to wrestling practice from 6-9, and finally come home, do homework and sleep. On weekends add shows to that list and you can kind of tell how my week is.

Who are some of your favorite people to work with?
Dawn Marie was awesome. Amanda Storm was also a big influence.

Is there any kind of match you wouldn't do (like a lingerie match, bikini match, jello match)?
I am not really into gimmick matches. I prefer a good women's wrestling match.

What titles have you won or helped others win?
SCCW Women's Champion and helping Johnny Angel win the SCCW Heavyweight Belt. I also helped Phoenix acquire the G.L.O.R.Y. Girls trophy by eliminating Lady Vendetta.

What is your most memorable match?
Ariel vs. Fever

Who is the strongest woman you've seen in the Indy's (mic skills plus in ring skills)?
The Fabulous Firebird Phoenix

What's it like working in the Indy's?
A lot of fun and like not anything else. I guess you can say it's like a dream come true.

The following questions are asking for your opinion on the WWE product, since that is what most people get to see.

Who are you favorite WWE Male wrestlers?
Shannon Moore And Billy Gunn.

Who are you favorite WWE Female Wrestlers?
Molly Holly

What is your favorite WWE storyline?
Formation of Degeneration X.

What is your least favorite WWE storyline?

With the current storylines focusing on HLA and matches like lingerie pillow fights, how do you think the women wrestlers could move past that and put the focus back on their in-ring skills?
By showing more in ring skills.

Do you think this focus on T&A will hinder other women's, like yourself, chances to be taken seriously?

If you had a chance to wrestle any WWE star, who would be your top choice (you can pick 2 males and 2females)?
Matt Hardy and Molly Holly and Victoria

What do you think of the current WWE women's matches?
Depends on the match.. If its a match with in ring ability like Trish vs. Victoria I actually enjoy it. But the gimmick matches I dont really like watching due to the fact that they are degrading. Granted its entertainment but it doesnt make it any less degrading.

Do you think women should get more belts (Like their own tag team belts)?
Yes but there is a lack of really good female wrestlers so therefore its hard to start a women's tag team division.

Do you think the WWE should take a page from the Indy's and let the women wrestle the men more?

What do you think of the women who are now in the WWE?
Depends on which one. Respect every one of them because they are in WWE though.

Who is the strongest WWE female wrestler (Mic skillsand in ring skills combined)

Who is the strongest WWE male wrestler (mic skills and in ring skills combined)?
Kurt Angle

Do you think any of today's wrestlers (indy or WWE) are going to be legends in years to come?
Kurt Angle

If you could change one thing about the WWE product,what would it be and why?
I would make wrestling more about the gimmicks/characters again. Wrestlers would care a lot about crowd reaction.

Do you have any advice for others trying to break into the husiness?
Never give up. If its your dream go for it. Just like my quote says "If you can dream it you can become it."

Do you have anything you'd like to say to anyone who is new to the Indy scene and your fans?
To anyone new.. Don't let people get to you just keep doing your best and just be happy with yourself. Don't do anything you are not comfortable doing.
To my fans, thank you for everything and for all the support. Each and every one of you makes the business that much worth it. You keep me coming back. For anymore info on myself or comments post a message in my fan club..Here is the link
Ariels Yahoo Club
Keep Smiling!

Check out the Links page to find the link to Ariel's Website! Keep watching for this dynamic young star to make her impact in a big way!