*The room is dark, as Smoke Dawg turns on his television as both himself and B-Pac decide to check out Wicked D's and Chandra's promo entitled.....Just Read it!*

Wicked D and Chadra won a well fought vitory at Ring Wars against the likes of PKA and Rose. Now, forming with the Revelation, Wicked D's old stable in which he was and IS second in Command. Ichabod and Wicked D have one goal to accomplish outside of wrestling first though, but that comes to a later date. For now, we concentrate on the team of Wicked D and Chandra, the newest yet most destructive tag team ever assembled here in the WoW. Smoke Dawg and B-pac stand not a chance against the two of them. We go in scene and see Wicked D and Chandra sitting around his kitchen table. They have plates in front of them with food and another plate on the other side. We see Draven in the background doing something but it isn't clear. The lighting is dim and dark bit light enough to see them clearly and without blur. They are talking and laughing and occasionaly take a bite of food or a drink.

Wicked D: This is great, so many months of planning and now, the Revelation is finally formed and hell shall be let loose upon WoW once again. Smoke Dawg and B-pac will be the first's to feel the effects of the Revelation's wrath.

Chandra: What was the Newly Crowned President of WoW, James, thinking signing us to a First Blood match against those two, morons?

It's simple, ratings. People want violence and blood in their lives so what better way than to give them what they want by adding the two most blood drawn individuals into combat against one has been and one never was. Those two have a lot to say considering they have yet to prove anything. B-pac doesn't think that we are decent or respectable opponents. Why doesn't he just go and ask Rose or PKA about that. Also, we seem to have no chance in beating them.

Oh that's funny, let me guess. B-pac said that.

Correct you are. You know, B-pac is a real character, it's funny how he is so confident of beating us. B-pac is more concerned with our make up than he is with the actual match itself. Hell, he'd have a better chance in winning if he didn't have Smoke Dawg as his partner. Draven can back me up on that.

Draven: Hell yeah, I had Smoke Dawg as a partner a while back against Triple X and Cheapshots and the bastard left me to do all the fighting. The only thing he contributed to was them winning, if I had someone else as a partner, someone that would have actually fought instead of getting their ass kicked all over the ring then we would have won...But NOO, Smoke Dawg didn't even get a hit off, I did all the wrestling in that match for our side and still I almost won. Smoke Dawg is filled with fear, I can see it in his eyes already.

Well, B-pac has got it coming to him then. He thinks he's the most most consistant talent in WoW. Tell us, when was the last time B-pac did anything important? D, didn't you beat the hell out of him just a few weeks ago?

That I did, it put him out of the game but the sucker came back whining about "I had issues and problems I had to take care of, I couldn't wrestle, because I had something else to do." Gee, he left out the part about not being able to compete because of his sever ass kicking. B-Pac is just a little kid wrestling in a world filled with legends and above all else, legends such as Ichabod and myself and in Smoke Dawg's case, a myth. I know what the fans want, they want to see us lose, they want to see us bleed and lose. But of course, it isn't going to happen. B-pac and Smoke Dawg can't do anything about it, because they are under classed here. They might be ORS, but ORS is sworn enemies of the Revelation. We have the advantage here in this stable war. Revelation has two of it's original members, ORS however, only has one.

Yeah, not to mention that B-pac and Smoke Dawg are mre concerned about petty conflicts such as who is who on X-box, who won what Football game and which ORS member banged the other ORS members in the ass.

Yes, indeed it is true. These imbecils are so content with themselves, thinking that they are on top of the world, living the good life. They don't even let a BRUTAL loose such as the one at Ring Wars get them down. They believe things will get better for them, but they won't. Things will only get worse for them and it just so happens that it'll be you and I making it much, much more diffucult and worse for them. Their own arrogance and ignorance is enough to defeat them but adding in two members of the Revelation and not to mention making it a "First Blood" match, then that should make it even more interesting. The two of them will without a doubt be busted open, with blood streaking down their faces and dripping into puddles on the mat. What excuses then? When they lose this match. When they are defeated and humiliated with gashes opened up and bleeding their sorry blood everywhere. What will they say? What will they blame it on? They seem so over confident of themselves, so sure that they will be victorious. Hell, they don't stand an inkling of a chance in this match. They are in way over their heads and they know it yet they still expect themselves to overcome the odds and win.

They can't win, they both have obvious weaknesses. Smoke Dawg is too in love with himself to win. He's convinced himself that he's the greatest wrestler that ever walked the face of this planet. B-Pac is over zealous, he's convinced himself that he is a wrestler. B-Pac thrives on luck, if not for luck then he'd still be kissing everyone's ass hoping to make it in this industry. Hell, my accomplishments alone overshadow both of theirs combined and I'm not even going to talk about your accomplishments because that would just make them want to kill themselves with envy. Hmm, maybe they should kill themselves and save us the trouble.

That's a good point, maybe they should. I'm sure they could find a painless way because if you and I do it for them, then it sure as hell isn't going to be painless at all. Oh no no no, it will be the oppisite of painless, I can garuntee them that. It will be filled with excruciating, unbearable, prolonged pain and agony. Something that the both of them will get introduced to when we meet them in the ring in a few shorts days. B-Pac is just going to get his ass smashed. I mean, I read up about him, I did my homework and read his bio and all and my god, this guy is either just goofy or stupid. He's got this one Signature move called "Fade to Black" it's nothing but a Alabama Slam followed by a Sharpshooter. That isn't a manuever, that's just two moves followed one after the other. That's it, I'm following in his footsteps, I'm creating a move called the "Nutshot Shuffle", first I dance around the ring, then I kick my opponent in the nuts seven times, not six, not eight, but seven times and then I dropkick them. Oh, he calls himself a 'Dirty Player' as well. That's interesting, some baby faced little punk kid saying he's a 'Dirty Player.' Look at me, I make Ric Flair look like the ultimate Face when it comes to playing dirty. May he pray that he doesn't try his little petty moves against me, should he do so I'd just humiliate him beyond anything he's ever felt. It's like a said, like many others, he's just a kid in a world filled with legends. Also, I noticed that Smoke Dawg and B-Pac both have a move that is nothing than a Powerbomb into the Turnbuckle, very original that is. Smoke Dawg calls his the "Mack 3" while B-Pacs refers to his as the "Eyesore" and such an eyesore it is too.

This is going to be fun? So, what else should we plan for Malice?

Well, I was thinking a little hell raising and some terrorizing. We have some business to begin and I figured that this Malice is the best time to begin it and it wouldn't be too long before we finish it either.

The two of them continue talking and laugh at certain intervals.

*The promo goes off as Smoke Dawg turns his television off. Smoke Dawg flips the lights back on, as he laughs a bit, shaking his head at what he just saw. B-Pac reserves his comments, as he just tosses the tape across the room.*

"Are we supposed to be afraid of those clowns?"


"No, you know what. All that work they put into that to put that together and they'll still lose. I dont even have to say anything and be better than that. Why? Because its Wicked D and Chandra......point, set, match. Thats it, cut it off!"

*Smoke Dawg's promo cuts out with a fuzzy screen as it fades to black.*