*Street lamps shine down brightly on the wet pavement on a rainy night in Philly. The First Union Center set in the background, lit dimly as a man in a trenchcoat walks slowly towards the arena. The man stops, looks up at the arena, as the lights lights his face up enough to see that it is Jecht.*

*Jecht continues on, walking towards the arena, as he walks to the back entrance door. A guard stands by, stepping infront of Jecht, stopping him from entering. Jecht looks up, making eye contact with him, as the guard just nods, moving aside allowing Jecht to continue on.*

*Through the hallways, through the backstage, Jecht continues on, shedding the trenchcoat. Jecht keeps on walking until reaching the ring area, which is already set up, ready for Malice. Jecht walks down the entry way, and into the ring, as he overlooks the vast amount of empty seats, the same seats that will be full of screaming fans, as he nods to himself.*

Jecht - "This is it, this is the place."

Jecht - ^What is so special about this place? Just the ring.^

Jecht - "Thats what has always seperated us from everyone else. This isnt just a ring, but our second home. Where everything is second nature. Thats what seperates us from everyone, thats what seperates us from Tim Gorder."

"See, Gorder has no sort of compassion, no sort of determination, and that has shown through this week. Saying such of me bragging, bitching, and guarenteeing victory. I guess that isnt that bad though."

Jecht - ^I think Im getting it now....^

Jecht - "Well the only thing I want to make sure is gotten across is King Karnage is where everything lies. The pride, the honor, the respect. Whether Tim Gorder figures out our match is Monday, June 24th, or Wednesday, June 36th. I will do all in my power, my strength, my determination to win this match, enter the name Jecht into the tournament for King Karnage, and move onto the next opponent. To prove to Prez Darren, to Cheapshots, to Ichabod, to Smoke Dawg, to the Worldwide Online Wrestling organization, to the world that I am a voice that will be heard, that must be heard, and that I will be the one doing the talking to be heard!"

*With those lines, Jecht collapses on the mat, apparently going unconscience. Jecht begins to convulse just a tad, only to stop once more....*

^*^Jecht looks around, the area around him engulfed in darkness, as the shadow circles around him. Keeping a keen eye on things, Jecht jumps out at him, taking him down to the ground. The area changes to the tops of Zill Towers, snow falling down softly, and the wind wipping by.^*^

^*^The two seem to scuffle for a moment, until the shadow grabs the upper advantage on him. As the shadow seems to have it all under control, Jecht goes down low on him, nailing him in the crotch with a low blow, causing the shadow to buckle over. Jecht grabs him by the head and tosses him over the railing, plummeting towards the ground as everything returns to black again.^*^

Jecht - "Wha.....what is this all about...."

*Jecht's eyes begin to flutter, as the rest of him begins to stir about. His eyes wide open, looking into the rafters of the darkened arena, laying on the mat still. Jecht jumps a bit, startled to find himself there, looking around with eyes widened in total surprise.....*

Jecht - "Im....Im....Im in control...."

Jecht - ^Heh......hopefully you learned something.....^

*Jecht nods as he looks around again at the empty seats, sighing to himself before making an exit from the ring, along with the arena as a whole. Monday approaches swiftly, as an amped Jecht now awaits for his chance to shine.....*