*A massive 747 graces the skies, flying high over the ground. Inside the plane, Jecht sits loftly in first class, having the WoW set him up in the comfortabilities of such. With headphones on, Jecht is currently watching promos that have been released by his opponent this week, Tim Gorder.*

Jecht - "I thought others I remember facing talked tough, but this Tim Gorder takes the cake."

Jecht - ^What in the world are you talking about?^

Jecht - "Quoting songs, assuming far too much, and to guarentee a victory against me.....and he talks about braging and such. I mean, lets pick this guy apart. First Gorder brags about how he came unto the WoW scene, attacking someone from behind. And the story about how he stuck a popcicle into some bum's eye. What is a seven year old doing roaming the streets alone, pretty lame story if you ask me."

*A stewartess walks by, as Jecht quiets down for a moment, so as to not create suspicion. Jecht looks around, before continuing again.*

Jecht - "Also, he calls me a loser. What was that? I dont recall myself being pinned last Malice for the loss. Sure, I wasnt the one that scored the pin, but I wasnt the one that got pinned, and that is the bottom line. Bragging even more that kids are going to dream about becoming him. Well, before going into that aspect, Gorder may wanna win a match here, then he can wish more on that dream."

"Respect, a seven letter word with a big meaning. Respect demands honor, demands courage, demands everything that makes someone great......things Gorder doesnt seem to possess at the time. I wont gloat and say I have them, thats what the tournament is all about. But, I know going the distance is something I can commit to, something that I am willing to do, something that I am going to do."

"Heres an even better question though.....when did we bitch about our losses? Answer me that one...."

Jecht - ^It hasnt happened from what I can recall, but then again....what can I recall....^

Jecht - "Gorder has his priorities reversed, and the way he sees things even farther out of scope. I wont dwell on the past any longer. I will not bicker and moan about not winning. I will not let that leach onto me, hold myself back from much greater things.....things that I will showcase upon Gorder. The good side, bad side of life isnt what Gorder said. No, its different."

"The good side is where everyone gets what they work hard for, and earn with determination and will, never settling for what they get. Striving for much more, to push that bar farther than it has been pushed before. The bad side gets what they deserve, what they worked for, nothing. You can lose and still take it for good, as it may have just not been your day. But, I kid you not, June 24th will be my day. Maybe June 26th, the day Gorder spoke of, will be his. But June 24th will be the day, the day that everything is overturned, and I continue on, while Gorder lays on the mat looking at the lights, wondering what went wrong."

Stewartess - "Would you like some tylenol sir?"

*Jecht looks up suddenly, as the stewartess looks at him with confusion on her face. Jecht looks around for a moment, then back at the stewartess, shaking his head. She walks off as Jecht lets out a sigh, laying his head back on the head rest.*

*He closes his eyes to seeing weird visions. Himself shining the WoW World Title, with another on his shoulder, standing atop a tall building looking down on the world, and himself fighting the actual Jecht.....openning his eyes, Jecht looks at the ceiling.*

Jecht - ^What is all this.....^

Jecht - "I dont know....I really dont know...."