*Jecht's eyes begin to flutter open, as a smelling salts are ran underneath his nose, and a bright flashlight shined into his eyes. There is alot of cludder about him, as for the most part it all is uncoherentable echos, growing more clear with each passing moment.*

Doctor - "Jeafa.......Jeafa........Jec.......Jecht......Jecht!.....Jecht!"

*Jecht begins to wake up, finding himself surrounded by WoW backstage staff, and a local doctor. With his head throbbing in pain, Jecht rubs his forehead, feeling a bandage that was placed underneath his mask as he shakes his head. Jecht looks down, closing his eyes for a moment, as the last moments of his dream reply inside his head. Seeing himself held over the openning of the Skydome's retractable roof only to be let go, left to fall to his doom as a lightheadedness falls over him. Jecht stumbles to his feet, looking around as if he hasnt seen where he is with his own eyes before.*

Jecht - "Where am I?"

Backstage Staff Member - "You're in your locker room still, Jecht.....don't you remember?"

Jecht - "Oh..."

*The doctor looks at Jecht, strangely, as he starts to flash the light back into his eyes examining him.*

Doctor - "So are you ok? No double vision or anything? From what I was told, you hit your head pretty hard."

Jecht - "Ummm...well....nope. Im good to go doctor. Great in fact."

Doctor - "Hmmm.....well alright then. Let me know if anything comes up. Dont want to see you getting injured you know."

*Jecht nods his head in agreement as the doctor packs up his things. The doctor, along with the backstage crew leave Jecht to himself, as Jecht begins to look around, letting everything soak in.*

Jecht - ^What the? I told them I had blurry vision. Why did you lie to them?^

Jecht - "I've worked through that before, I think."

Jecht - ^Better question though, what the hell are you doing in my body anyways?^

Jecht - "Am I just a voice now? Heh. You should watch what you say, chump. You have a thing or two to learn, and Im gonna be the one to teach you."

Jecht - ^No....no this is bullshit. This isnt right. Someone! Help! That isnt me!^

Jecht - "Scream all you want, you arent gonna be heard. You're mine until my point is proven to you."

*Jecht laughs to himself....about himself, as he takes a seat, looking down at the ground, as he scratches the back of his head. On the ground, Jecht sees a sheet of paper on the ground. Skimming the paper, Jecht notices it to be next week's Malice card, as he sees he is scheduled to fight Tim Gorder. Jecht rips the paper up, throwing all the pieces into the air.*

Jecht - "Hey....what do you know about this Tim Gorder guy?"

Jecht - ^I thought you knew more than I did.....you tell me.^

Jecht - "Hmmm.....you have a pretty good point there. Lets see, we just got done having a match with this low rate loser, and here we are having to fight him again. But wait, whats this, much more on the line this time. Nothing small like the availabilty of the lights being turned on and an advancement back into the cameras, but a King Karnage tournament slot. Where it all has to do with earning pride, earning bragging rights, and most importantly....earning respect. Isnt that what King Karnage is about?"

"I mean, sure, you get some lousy barbed wire crown, but what means more than any title, any crown for that matter? Respect. Bottom line. And I have to go through the same man that I was apart of beating? What kind of bullshit is pulled around here?"

Jecht - ^Being here as long as I can actually recall....weird...^

Jecht - "Well, I dont really care what Tim Gorder has to say about this all. Whether he has, or whether he is still getting stitched up from the loss he just recieved, he may as well back some tissues, because he'll be crying another new tune after its all said and done. Im not some helpless punk off the streets. I may not know alot of things about myself, but once the bell rings, and Im in the middle of that squared circle, I remember everything I know how to do. How to take someone down. How to beat someone into a battered pulp. How to show to you, to the crowd, to the world that I am perhaps the best thing to happen to the WoW...."

Jecht - ^Im sure there are those that would dispute that. Sheesh, you really are a dumbass....^

Jecht - "Let them dispute it. I'll make an example out of Tim Gorder. That the past two weeks have been just fluke happenings. That Ichabod is the only reason for our string of bad luck. Let it be known though, Ichabod was the one that left the arena with the bigger ass kicking, as I personally made sure that took place. Teach the redneck boy to stay out of the way. Save it for King Karnage, and we'll see what smack is ran then."

"For now, lets focus on your next match with Tim Gorder. 'The heart and soul' as he likes to call himself. The only thing Tim has to look forward to is the Jecht Shot.....and he is locked within my sights..."

Jecht - ^Lets just make sure not to get into anything over our head here!^

*Jecht shakes his head, as he looks around for his gear. Seeming to have lost it, Jecht finally locates it, as he packs up, moving on out of the locker room, the arena for that matter, walking towards his ultimate destiny....even if he doesnt know where it lies.*

Jecht - ^Where have I heard some of that before......too familiar....^