*Malice is done and over with, the crowds of people gone. The WoW crews already beginning to take apart the ring and all other equipment to ready it for the journey to Philadelphia, PA. Backstage in the locker rooms, Jecht sits leans back on a locker door, holding next week's card in his hand. Having already a rather bad night, Jecht rips the card up, throwing the bits and pieces in the air.*

Jecht - "So Prez Darren thinks that seeing Tim Gorder get pinned in a match once isnt good enough, I have to see it happen to him twice? Prez Darren truly is an idiot!"

Jecht - ^I've never understood the way he thinks, and I've known him longer than you."

Jecht - "What is the deal with you anyways? What are you, some sort of voice of reasoning or something? My conscience? I mean, come on, where did that come from?"

Jecht - ^I know things you cant remember. Things you need to learn in order to figure out who you truly are.^

Jecht - "What the hell? What could you possibly know that I dont? Hell, I am losing my mind!"

^*^The sun shines down brightly upon the retractable dome of the Skydome in Toronto, Ontario. The seats are all empty, though the most notable detailing throughout the massive arena is a Worldwide Online Wrestling ring set up, complete with King Karnage logoing and the works. The dome above is opened up just a tad ways, allowing the sun inside, as a lone man walks around, camera crew on hand and all.^*^

^*^Jecht sees all this from above, as he is standing on top of the dome area looking down. The man below points at something, as Jecht looks around to see another person frolicking around in a cloud of smoke wearing nothing but a tutu. Jecht shakes his head as he takes a look around him.^*^

^*^Across from him stands the same shadowy figure that seems to haunt his dreams since waking up and remembering not a thing. Just infront of him is another man, or should we say figure, as this person seems more like a ghost-like image, kneeling and looking down at the events unfolding as well. The ghost shakes his head as well, as he lets loose a loogie onto the ground below as he begins to laugh. The ghost then stands back up, as he turns and walks away. Jecht takes another look around before stopping, kind of zoning out a bit, deep in thought, when the shadow man breaks that concentration.^*^

Shadow - "So tell me, do you remember this? Do you remember this any at all?"

Jecht - "Yeah I remember this. Skydome, we are in Toronto still. And King Karnage is set up to take place here. See, I remember this."

Shadow - "King Karnage hasnt even been set up, you know that much. When was this? Why do you remember this? Hell, do you even know if you had a match?"

^*^Jecht stands there for a moment, thinking, as it grows eerily silent. The wind whipping by them strongly due to the altitude they are actually standing at.^*^

Jecht - "What does it matter? Im in it this year, thats what counts, wouldnt you agree?"

Shadow - "You're up for qualifying. And without me, you'll lose....."

Jecht - "Thats a load of talk, a load I doubt you could carry. You're nothing but a voice, nothing more, nothing less."

^*^The shadow man suddenly vanishes after that was said. Jecht shakes his head, as he turns around. The shadow grabs Jecht by the neck holding him up into the air. The shadow then holds Jecht out over the openning as Jecht struggles, trying to fight free.^*^

Shadow - "Can just a voice do this? Can it?"

Jecht - "Put me down, damn you, put me down! You're gonna ...."

^*^As Jecht tries to yell out more, the shadow'd man does as Jecht asks, letting him go, only over the openning. Jecht begins to fall down towards the mat. Just before hitting the mat, the dream blacks out.....^*^

Jecht - ^Just a voice....ha!^