*The sun shines down brightly on the grassy plains of vast emptiness, wind blows freely with no trees to stop its gentle breeze, as everything seems so peaceful, so quiet. From above, a body can be seen. Laying there, face down and motionless, it appears that the person has taken a great deal of beating, harassment as the person's clothes are ripped in varoius places stained with the dried blood of the fallen man. Close inspection reveals that he is still breathing, barely as alot of blood has been lost staining the grass around him and assumingly beneath him in blood*

*Some time passes before the man begins to finally stir. His hands shake at first, followed by his arms pulling at the grass. He tries to get onto his knees, but obviously too out of it still to balance himself at all. His legs begin to move, as he slides his knees up under his body to prop it up a bit. He breathes deep, hard breathes, as if it all was a real challenge or he may just be totally out of it. In either case, he tries to prop himself back on his hands again, sliding his left arm under first, then followed by his right this time succeeding. His body lifts up off the ground as blood gushes from a huge gash in his face, making what he looks like undistinguishable or irrecognizable. The man hurriedly sits himself up and struggles to remove what little is left of his shirt to help put pressure on his face as he falls back down unto the ground seemingly passing out and collapsing once again.*

^What the fuck happened? What did this to me? Get the hell up, dammit! Get the hell up off the ground and move!^

*The man begins to stir again, the moon now looking down on him, as he sits up with what was left of his shirt wrapped around his face for the most part. He looks around, seeing no one in site but knowing he heard something, someone.*

"Hello!?!?........Whos out there!?!?.......I heard you talking, come out now dammit!"

*The man gets to his feet, somewhat, looking around for the person responsible for the voice in which he heard only to see grass swaying in the wind. Taking a couple of steps forward, the man comes across a decorated mask along with a note attached that reads 'Jecht'. The man takes the shirt off of his head, as blood starts to run a bit from the cuts that surround his entire face and puts the mask on to which a sort of tight fit works out best for him.*

*The man then begins to look around for something, anything that may help him figure out where he is. Trying to recollect the events that brought him here, he gets a startled look on his face. Not only does he not know how he got here, but he knows nothing of who he is, his past, anything of that matter. He holds in his hand the attached note, reading 'Jecht' once again, assuming that must be his name. Patting himself down looking for anything that may help him figure out anything, nothing is abound. No wallet, no identification, nothing. Further investigation into his pockets helps him only a bit in finding a sheet of paper that reads 'Worldwide Online Wrestling, Monday April 29, 2002, Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre - Charlotte, North Carolina'.*

"Worldwide Online Wrestling? Am I supposed to be there on that date? Hmmm....better question, what day is today? Even better, where the hell am I at? Why cant I remember!?!?"

*Jecht looks around, trying to find something to help him figure out where he is. Giving up hope, Jecht looks for the North Star, and just begins to walk. Where to? He doesnt know. For how long? He doesnt know. The only thought filling his mind is reaching the place on the paper, and hopefully not being one day late.*

*The sun begins to slowly rise, signaling the coming of another day. Jecht having now made it to I-40, follows it, hoping to find out where exactly he is at, having not yet seen any sort of signs other than knowing he is apparently heading east.*

*The sun rises higher and higher into the air, as time passes by, as it grows warmer and warmer, beating down on Jecht mercilessly. But, to his avail, a sign approaches that reads 'Oklahoma City, 15 Miles' which brings a smile on his blood staind mask and face. Now knowing where he is, the only question left is what day is it exactly, and will he be in North Carolina in time or is he already too late?*