*The rain pours down in Augusta, Georgia, as Jecht stands outside of the Augusta Civic Center wondering what happened only hours ago in his first defeat in the WoW. With so much at stake still, so much on the line, Jecht failed to deliver. Knowing that the person that did this to him had to still be watching, Jecht feels disappointed in himself as he walks around the arena. Trains go past, hourns blowing at random intervals to signal the their presense there.*

^You lost. You lost your match....^

"Who are you, where are you! Stop hiding in the background and show yourself!"

*Jecht yells out, as he looks around to find noone as usual. He picks up a piece of wood that lays in the gutter of an alley way for some sort of protection against this hiding foe.*

^Why do you always look around, are you that stupid?^

*Jecht looks down for a moment, almost as if he believes to recognize the deep, distorted voice he has heard over the past week or two before looking up in a puzzling manner, much to his disbelief.*

"No.....no you cant be.....you cant be in my head! Im not crazy!"

*With that being said, Jecht seems to fall down and out, falling into another one of his dream trances. Some of the staff who overheard this nearby rush to his aid.*

^He is so weak minded.....^

^Jecht watches a WoW event take place, only able to distinguish it by the Target Locked set up, guns scattered about, bushes and barbwire littered around the ring, and a massive tank sitting just a few steps away.^

^Then, suddenly, the lights begin to flicker on and off brightly, flashing in Jecht's eyes practically blinding him here and there. Jecht tries to look, as he sees the ring still standing erect, as the tank begins to move slowly, the lights blind him, and when he can see again, the ring is totally demolished. The lights then blind him again, then as he sees again, he sees glass shattered all around a body laying in the middle of all the rubble, and another standing victorious with a title in hand. The lights blind Jecht once more, letting up to allow him to see two standing, with two titles held up in the air. Jecht starts to fill rage course through his body, unknowing to why this is happening. Jecht hears a faint voice in the distance, too far away, too muffled to distinguish what is said. Jecht stands there, trying to hear the voice when a glass container smashes over his head, causing him to collapse in a heap....^

*Jecht's eyes begin to flutter open as he looks up to see the top of the inside of a plane. Jecht hears voices nearby, all of which are distorted a tad growing more distinguishable and audible with every passing second. One of the doctors notices Jecht is awake again, alerting the others to it as they all look down on Jecht. Jecht tries to get up, as they all push him back down, restraining him from doing so again.*

"What the hell do you guys think you are doing? Let me up from here dammit!"

"We found you acting schitozphrenic like and passed out from something, we arent letting you up any time soon, we must keep watch over you to make sure you are ok and cleared for Target Locked!"

"It is a must, Jecht. Get angry, get mad, get pissed as much as you like, you are going nowhere for the time being. So sit back, and enjoy your ride!"

"Damn you! I have no idea what the hell you people are talking about! You guys attacked me, I wasnt talking to myself, let me up from here now dammit!"

*Jecht struggles for a couple of moments until one of the doctors inject some relaxers into him, causing him to lay down, as he lays there totally relaxed and out of it, as the plane flies onwards to its destination....Target Locked.*