"You're late....like usual."

*Wafer flips Smoke Dawg off then laughs. Wafer shrugs his shoulders as he begins to answer.*

"Traffic bitch...its a killer. Whats the deal anyways? The match is tomorrow, two guys that dont like each other, the Elite is threw with basically, yadda yadda, what the hell do we have to talk about?"

"So you arent worried about Triple X? His apparently determination.....seems as though he has something to truly prove, maybe the one hit wonder was a comment he didnt take too lightly."

*Wafer starts to laugh as he begins to look around, being here himself quite a few times being a long time friend of Smoke Dawg, the two have tagged together many times, something Nester and Triple X do not have the luxery of. With Triple X only worried about making gay jestures, one has to wonder how well his product will appear on real life.*

"Well...I didnt take to kindly with him assuming speedos make a man gay, hate to see what his 'sissy' ass is wearing.....can we say thongs?"

"Are you really going to be content with going down the same trotted road he has? I've made it apparent that road only leads to failure!"

"Hey...it works for him he thinks, why not give him a dose of his own medicine....hey....Nester can do that too! Nester's Medicine break, eh? Man, its been a while since we seen that two bit thing he calls a show...how proud he must be!"

"Well...I can agree with you on the whole comment thing though, he speaks of thinking about me all the time....makes me wonder what kind of relationship hes formed in his head. Maybe he thinks he lives in this world where he can come serve me breakfast in bed, wearing his thong panties and tutu, wiggling that thing he calls his ass, and he has a chance with me. Perhaps he lives thinking that. I dont. Fuck that. Closet sleeper he must be, its all gravy with me."

*Wafer does an imitation of Triple X, down to X you can say. Smoke Dawg shakes his head as the two laugh.*

"Its not enough that we have to hear this fool go on...and on....and on....and on....about how he has defeated me twice over. Neither win was done in a fair way. I mean....unless it taking four guys to defeat me twice over is an accomplishment, should maybe I need to pat four guys on the back, because it takes only one of me to defeat the guys I defeat."

"Son of a X thats right!"

*Smoke Dawg glares at Wafer who only looks around and shrugs.*

"Triple X has alot of learning to do, learn how to read, learn how to grasp simple concepts, learn how to count to four and analyze how four to one isnt something to brag about. Triple X needs to get some new lines too..."

"X be damned if any of thats false!"

*Smoke Dawg glares at Wafer as Wafer shrugs his head again, obviously holding back a laugh as told all over his face.*

"I mean seriously, X sounds like hes is from an old 80's porn flick that goes around saying a simple letter because hes too stupid to understand anything more complex."

"X that be....wait....what in the sam X is fun about this X shit?"

"What the hell are you doing?"

"I thought I would see how it was to say X every so often, thought it would give it more emphasis.....just made me feel stupid from what I know. I wonder how stupid Triple X must feel since he does it all the time!"

"What about Nester anyways? You havent told me shit on this fool....whats the deal?"

"He cant seem to appear more than a few moments, say a few words, why do we need to worry about him? Its like....someone else is making him tag with Triple X anyways. I wouldnt doubt he wanted to lose so he could get a better chance to take the tag titles back with Richard Gazinya as his partner....at least then he would have a competent partner."

"Hmmm....ok, well anyways, Im fucking starving dude. All this X talk has made me hungry. Lets go grab some food dude, shit."

*Wafer begins to make his way out as he punches a punching bag once as it sways from the force that was applied. Smoke Dawg shakes his head.*

"X....you may have really really beaten me.....but I will promise you that you will not get this title off of my waist, and the undisputed title will not go around your waist either. I was cheated out of it all so long ago, and now Im back for whats rightfully mine. The tag titles are just a positive I see it, to take if off of the hands of two that shouldnt even be holding them in the first place."

"I will prove to your stupid ass Im not a champion from lack of competition, as I was here thriving when men, superstars leagues ahead of you were here, and you were merely a wet dream of the Worldwide Online Wrestling federation at the moment. At nights end, you will be laying in the middle of the ring....you will be looking up at the ceiling, rafters, the lights....and you will experience first hand why Im the best damn WoW Superstar ever after your sorry ass has been Smoked Out!"

*Smoke Dawg shakes his head, as he walks out of the building as well, the horns already honking again with Wafer yelling at the cars as the door shuts behind him....*