*The streets of Atlanta are busseling with noise and clatter as the sun shines down from above through the few wisps of clouds that hang overhead. Horns honk and people talk as an ever eternal rush hour seems to commence in the downtown parts of Atlanta. Smoke Dawg is walking down the sidewalk, amist it all. In his usual summer attire, Adidas jogging pants, wife beater, Nike tennis shoes, and a pair of shades, he makes his way through the masses of people.*

*Through it all he looks back on what all has transpired in his career to the present point. Smoke Dawg thinks of how he began out, as a young rookie with all the talent in the world. How he was mentored by the same man that mentored B-Pac. How he went on to win match after match, amassing any title he could get his hands on that meant the world to everyone else. How he has become the innovator of the wrestling world, doing things his own way and others seemingly follow. Becoming the best damn thing to ever happen to someone's career, pushing them to new points in their career, new goals. Smoke Dawg thinks on it all....and how Triple X seeming cannot seem to grasp the reality of it.*

*How Triple X is doing exactly what Smoke Dawg created, what Smoke Dawg made big. How Triple X attempts to turn the word game around, yet fails in an utterly miserable pile of bat dung. How Triple X has one eye fixated on the title, and the other fixated on lies. Just thinking of this....knowing this....Smoke Dawg shakes his head.*

*Shaking his head at every word uttered out of the so called 'One True Icon'. The world knowing it was a mere half a year ago when Triple X needed the help of his fellow Elite members. Smoke Dawg remembers how he DDT'd Triple X to the ground preparing to finish the match when Sweet Cheapshots came out from the back with a pitcher in hand, along with Adam Lax with the very title Smoke Dawg holds now. How the two of them began to hover over Triple X like hawks, and how VP Thomas A. Anderson was supposedly telling them to go to the back. How Smoke Dawg actually thought Triple X was a competitor, and he went to back VP Thomas A. Anderson up, trying to get the two idiots out of the ring. How VP Thomas A. Anderson took the pitcher from Sweet Cheapshots and smashed it over his face, feeling his face now remembering the act. How even after that, Adam Lax felt that wasnt enough to defeat him, smashing the IC title over his head. How Triple X actually needed help getting up to get to the beaten Smoke Dawg, to put the finishing touches on something that was already taken care of for him to prove that four men were needed to take the World Title away from Smoke Dawg, four men. How Triple X must forget this every time he remembers his damn story, or how he must just be paying attention to the shit hes spewing.*

*Even going to remember how Triple X said the names of such WoW Wrestlers as Anarky, TormenT, and Rage....as Smoke Dawg doesnt even recall having to face them once at all. Smoke Dawg remembers who he has faced with the World Title, names like Boy Wonder, Thomas A. Anderson, Selena among others. How they all fell victim to the title reign that was known only as Smoke Dawg. Apparently, Triple X needs to learn how to read, as Smoke Dawg remembers the archives that actually document alot of these very memories.*

*Smoke Dawg thinks about his match with B-Pac, how it didnt go the way he wanted it too. How he was being kicked out of the arena for demanding answers to questions and Wafer covering for him. That Dick had his own agenda, what ever the crap it was, when Smoke Dawg had returned Dick knew where the exit was and ran fast. Smoke Dawg remembers how he won the title, and since then had successfully defended it against a legend such as Justin Payne. Going a step farther remembering how Triple X said Smoke Dawg himself hadnt defeated anyone of signifigance, Smoke Dawg remembers as Jecht, he defeated Ichabod...the same man Triple X go a draw with. That alone puts Smoke Dawg leagues ahead of the idiotic ramblings of the one hit wonder man.*

*How a name makes a person, and thats what makes Triple X a contender for the World Title alot quicker than a new comer by the name of Jecht. How Triple X has yet to accomplish much of anything in the Worldwide Online Wrestling Federation except proving that once he cheats his way to the World Title, he leaves knowing his time is running short, vacating the title allowing another person, Brother Brimstone at the time, to win the title. How Triple X and Sweet Cheapshots could not even take the Nasty Dick Experience down, but Smoke Dawg was able to toss them around like dolls at Hell Bent flying solo. Triple X must not read the archives much, apparently.*

*Smoke Dawg thinks all this as he finally reaches his destination...his gym he owns in Atlanta. Run down as it may, Smoke Dawg knows of the memories here, able to remember his memories right unlike a certain man going by a certain letter. Smoke Dawg walks through the doors, as the place has been spruced up a bit. Smoke Dawg had asked it to be remodeled and such, as it seems to be progressing along nicely. Smoke Dawg punches one of the punching bags, as he continues to walk around a bit.*

"You know something Triple X, you make this match worth fighting alone. I wont even worry about Nester, as you have an incompetent partner, but we all know that dont we? It was proven when Gazinya was able to actually win something we both have....wasnt it? But thats not this week's worries, is it? No, this week the ORS is looking to dethrone the short lived Tag Champions from the perch they share, unwilling as it may seem."

"And the one thing I wonder is....you always have to have The Elite around, some how always numbering four, and even odder always Sweet Cheapshots in.....and you have the audacity to say something of that degree.....something that repugnant? You two are like butt buddies to me, I think I should be asking you what the deal is between you two, or even ask if you guys share the same closet space. But Im not....I dont take the well trotted roads you take, following in the footsteps of such as Boy Wonder, and Thomas A. Anderson, both whom I've defeated."

"You know that, dont you? I'll be sure to send you a copy of the WoW History....maybe that'll jog some memory into your rants and raves, and not look so short sighted in your comments. X, you talk like a black man wanna be, and thats all cool in my book, whatever floats that little sail boat of dreams in your mind, do it. But....for the sake of it all, say things that actually make sense. For the sake of X, try to for me, please......what the hell does for the sake of X mean anyways? Another two bit catchphrase to prolong the boredom of all that attempt to follow your career? Just wondering...."

"Another thing Im wondering, X, why is it everything is either queer this, or sissy that, or fags this and that? I mean....are you seriously trying to find a solid ground to be able to express your hatred of homosexuality....or are you trying to give us a deeper understanding of Triple X, the 'softer, more gentler feminen' side of Triple X? Seriously its like reading a bunch of rednecks talk about someone they dont like, its really a stupid way to go about things, if you ask me. Use your brain, not your head, if you understand what I mean."

*Smoke Dawg thinks to himself for a moment as he sort of zones out. In the background a horn can be honking, then another, and another. You hear some yelling though unclear at the moment, Smoke Dawg wakes from his zoning out to hear Wafer yelling things at the cars, as apparently he is trying to cross the street.*

*Now finally across, Wafer enters the door, shaking his head with an aggrevated look on his face. Smoke Dawg lets out a sigh, knowing in typical fashion Wafer was late. But at least he showed unlike most of The Elite is thus far in the past couple of weeks. The two slap hands, as an ORS meeting commences....apparently.*