*The sun raises slowly over the horizon. The waves of the ocean crash lightly upon the beach front as the wind whips the waves around, as with the few clouds lurking about above. With the earliness of it all, very few people are out and about. Very few.....but one in particular being Smoke Dawg.*

*Smoke Dawg walks along the beach, just barely in the waves reach. Sporting swimming trunks, sandals, and his usual shades, Smoke Dawg stops to take a look around. Covering his eyes from the bright sunlight, Smoke Dawg nods his head as he continues to walk.*

"Tell me something, X. How does it feel to hold a victory over me? I mean....its something very few can honestly say they have. I'll give it to you, I had grown lazy and perhaps even off beat with my ways when I was World Champion. When you defeated me. But even then, X, can you really relish the win? Can you go on living a lie? Can you....X?"

"I'll take us back a few years, where it was New Force Rising. The first pay per view ever in the WoW History in its second outing, me as World Champion. You took me seriously, far more than anyone had for a while. I had been the champion so long, it was more of a burden to me, ya know? Like the gnats you just cannot get rid of? I seemingly couldnt lose. New Force Rising came, and The Elite changed it all."

"The Elite proved a very important thing....setting a precedent even. That it can take up to four men, four grown men, four professional wrestler to dethrone me as the World Champion. Sweet Cheapshots, Adam Lax, Thomas A. Anderson, and yourself X.....it took that many people to defeat me. And you consider it a masterpiece in your collect? I consider it to be a warning to you. Whats that you asked X? A warning? Yeah...a warning."

"For see....there isnt four people to help you this time around. The Elite is being dismantled piece by piece. B-Pac was only the first piece. Falling to the ORS twice over is just something....pathetic, but ultimately real. That leaves The Elite with only three. But then again....where has Adam Lax been these days? Is he gone on some sort of self discovery? Who knows. So lets even count him out. Sweet Cheapshots....well....he ran when he found out he had to face me. Looks like someone knows when to get going, eh?"

"That leaves you relying on Nester DeFranco, X. The oddity of partners I must say. And the first true title defense, perhaps the last. Because, The ORS will stop at nothing to take the only place it knows to take....the top. King of the Mountain! You two are our tickets there...."

*Smoke Dawg stops walking for a moment, as a dead jelly fish is washed up in front of him. Smoke Dawg shakes his head, as he steps over continuing on.*

"You say this is your first tag title reign, is it not? Well, news flash for the bright light over your head, theres experience here. Both myself and Wafer have been tag champions before. Hell, I held the Tag Team Titles first of all here, only losing them due to Justin Payne's departure and being stripped of them. There are two key words in this match. They are....tag and team. The problem with those words are Nester's and yourself ability to share them between the two of you, X."

With more tension than necessary, you go to tag with someone you hate. Quite the combination, and I actually think it may work right. Not enough to defeat us, but enough to help make us, make you better. I mean, seriously, why do you think Im here? To catch a tan? No, its because I dont see you as much of a threat."

"Pat that belly of yours, feel all that unused talent you loaf around on? It'll slow you down. Just when it seems to be getting its worst, you get the chance to redeem yourself, maybe even win, hows that sound X?"

*Smoke Dawg laughs to himself as he shakes his head. The air gets quiet for just a moment, as yelling can be heard in the background. Smoke Dawg listens closely, hearing his name being called out from a short distance away behind him. Smoke Dawg turns to see perhaps the most horrible site in the world.......Wafer in speedos!*

*Wafer jogs towards Smoke Dawg, speedos and all, as Smoke Dawg gives Wafer a 'What in the hell?' face. Wafer gets pissed off, his face turning red from anger....and perhaps just a little embarrassment.*

"What in the hell do you call yourself doing man? What the fuck do you call what you have on?"

"Man...some fucking Dick Head ran away with my damn trunks, this is all I had left! Little bastard!"

"That still doesnt answer me as to why you have them in the first place. What the hell dude, you hiding in a closet or something?"

*Wafer looks at Smoke Dawg who laughs and shakes his head. Wafer makes a punching motion about what Smoke Dawg said, as Smoke Dawg laughs even more now.*

"What the hell we gotta be out here for anyways? The sun...its like all bright and shit. Screw this man!"

"Taking a break from it all man, what the hell else? Other than thinking about our match this week...."

"You call what we have this week a match? Dude....I call it....man I dunno what I call it, but I call it something dammit! X is so stuck on himself and his one tiny memory...he best hope he doesnt do something embarrassing with himself, or else he may find himself stuck in a postion with all the stupid bull hes been throwing around."

"You are one sick bastard, you know that?"

"Yeah...I know....isnt it good? Wait....shut up man! You are trying to trick me! Nester is the sick bastard!"

"Well...you are gonna be ready for Ruffhouse this Monday, right? I mean....I know after the string of victories we can sit back a bit, but you know me, I dont like doing that alot..."

"Am I gonna be ready......am I......ready? Man I was fucking born ready! What kind of crack have you been smoking? We've already done one fourth of the damage we promised on The Elite, think I wanna stop now?"

"If you can stop wearing those....those whatever they are, I'd be happy with just that. Cant believe you actually came out here in them!"

"......man shut your mouth up!"

*Smoke Dawg laughs at Wafer as he turns to walk back towards the hotel he is staying at. Wafer looks around, worried about people laughing at him. A cute blonde about his height and a USA flag thong bikini walks by as she smiles at Wafer, waving and blowing a kiss. Wafer smiles for a moment before looking down quickly covering himself with his hands as he turns to follow the blonde.*