*The set up is just as before, Smoke Dawg prefering the plainness of it all, helping him concentrate on whats on hand....the match. His face, plain, gives off a cold stare that seemingly burns straight through you.*

"First things first, go ahead, say something about where Im at, what Im doing. Try me, please. This allows me to concentrate on what I need to concentrate on.....my match, the biggest match I've been in since.....well....since who knows when, the first pay per view main event I've been in since Triple X and The Elite decided to work the numbers and work me out of the equation. But I'll never blame them, its only natural for those that are jealous of another man's abilities to do such a thing, I give them props, they did what noone had done yet....put me out of the game for a good amount of time."

"As usual, first man on the list is Ichabod, the man that can afford gas to drive a monster truck from all over the state of South Carolina, even if the way he says he did it doesnt make sense. The question is has he forgotten about his trip to Canada? Apparently Team World is having some lack of communication, far far worse than any team I've seen thus far. Oh wait....after days of it pending, he looks to be finally leaving.....threes company in Canada."

"And to tell you the truth, Ichabod, I dont care whether you are yourself again or not. I never underestimate my opponents, whether they are going to be either one man or the other. If its SAM I fight, then so be it. If its Ichabod I fight, then so be it. Whoever it is, I've defeated the body once before, and I'll do it again, from pillar to post, all over the arena."

"But you are being too basic Ichabod, too judgemental. Their are good people in the world, good lawyers that do their job and protect the innocent. To classify every man as one specific being just because there are those that are like that.....is unjust, not right. But this doesnt even matter to our match, yet you caused me to spend precious minutes of my life listening to something that you were wrong about.....thanks."

"But I like what you are doing...playing the sympathy card. Telling us we should feel sorry for you this, and not joke about you that. Have you resorted to this, Ichabod? Have you been pushed around and punked out? I recall you trying the same thing on me weeks ago when I was under stressful times, times I couldnt help due to restrictions that I couldnt lift alone. But that didnt stop you.....so you think your words of despair and whining are going to stop me? You really think that dont you.....sad. Hurts to have it returned doesnt it?"

*Smoke Dawg shakes his head for a moment before continuing.*

"But I give it to X and Cheapshots, they are original in their name calling. Skid Marks......and whatever the other one is, funny stuff. If name calling won people titles, then I'd have to say you got it locked in, but it doesnt. Name calling only makes you look weak and pathetic looking, exactly what you two are I suppose...and I thought more of you guys. Hell....even Ichabod himself cant seem to come up with his own, so he steals from you guys..."

"But dont worry, its a-ok in my book, call me all the names you want, I'll look past them all with my boot shoved down your throat, and we'll see how much talking comes out then. But dont worry Cheapy, I hear all the words you say, the inside jokes you spew. Is it wrong to give you guys a taste of your own medicine when it comes to gay jokes? Or wait....I even think there are so many because thats the only way to get you guys to comprehend what I say, anything of intelligence overloads yours and X's thought process."

"And to think and say what I heard about the Jecht situation....think it if you like. I dont need to prove myself, because I did that starting day one. I dont cheat to win matches, I cannot help other people deciding to get involved in my match. Have you seen Wafer interfere in my match since we formed the ORS? No. My match against B-Pac was extreme circumstances that I've said before, so if it slipped past your radar maybe you need to check the archives, something. Like I wanted Ichabod to come into my match against Chandra when I was already rebounding. Like I wanted Ichabod to try and attack X when I already had X and Nester where I wanted them. Like I wanted anything from anyone, I can do it alone. I won the World Title alone, can you and X say that about any titles you've won? Didnt think so...."

"But over look those if you like, thats what the Elite does best, over look its flaws and try to emphasize the things they've done. Sure, Cheapshot is right, he has pinned me in the middle of the ring for a three count. But if I recall, when Cheapshots was going to feel the pain that is 'Smoke Out', VP Thomas A. Anderson had to interfere and save his little Elite buddy. Selective memory there, eh Cheapy? Maybe all the teen age geeks that sit back and watch porno all day thinking its the best thing since slice bread only because they constantly get cut down when they make an attempt to be 'cool' enjoy those oversights. Facts are facts Cheapshots....learn 'em, or shut up about your so called accomplishments."

"Lets get one thing straight though Cheapy boy, I was the World Champion when this place closed down due to the fact of an egotistical prick that couldnt take it that he was supposedly being treated unjustly. I was the World Champion then, and Prez Darren came to me....asking me to return, return as World Champion. I didnt want to do it...hell, I could have easily came back and just waited to defend at New Force Rising, but no. The first week back, I felt the need to defend it. Selena had said time and time again she could defeat me, yet it didnt happen. Sounds like a couple of other ingrates around here doesnt it? We'll see if that holds true to Team World as well."

"Cheapshots, its best you just not say a word, because the things you say just....they just cant be true. You should know yourself Prez Darren cares not for me....hell, did you not even see the hell I had to go through to keep the IC title? He could have just given me time off until Ring Wars, but no. Hell, I would have rather taken it to Ichabod and Triple X, even you rather than sitting and waiting. And as said many a time before, I recall you were scheduled to wrestle me...but thats been spoken on far too many times to care to do it once more.....learn man, learn."

*Smoke Dawg stops for a moment, taking a few moemnts to just relax a bit before continuing on.*

"Lastly, as always, X.....the man that never sees anything right, only the way he wants to see 'em and thats that. Yes, X, we know you are there for a reason. You are there for the rest of Team IC to beat around like the little jiggalo you are. Do I need to repeat myself on how you won the title, or do I need to put it in gay terms for you to understand? Here...lemme do that, maybe it'll help you. You, X, were about to get spanked about by Gazinya. Nester, you're tag teaming other guys partner rushed in, and pulled Gazinya off you, and put him down on the mat setting him up for you to finish it all off. You looked at Nester, knowing he helped you, and laid on top of Gazinya to get your just deserts. Understand it now X? Clear as day yet?"

"Since day one all you did was build an image of someone that cant do things alone. You always have to have Cheapshots by your side, or the Elite helping you out. Not once have you done anything special in the WoW. Hell, you couldnt even put Ichabod down for the count without subjecting yourself to it....but go ahead and remind me of B-Pac and how he helped.....remember how he was paired with the Elite, and you'll know then he was doing your bidding, because The Elite felt threatened by Forsaken, Ichabod's poor excuse for a stable....the same stable I completely tore to pieces single handedly, putting Chad HarZy, Tim Gorder, the recent Chandra Desdemona, and even Ichabod himself.....I dont think The Elite can boast that, much less an actual victory over the ORS."

"And again, you bring up the IC title, a title I really dont care for, but took for the sake of advancing to Ring Wars.....I'll be sure to send you a copy of archives that explains that whole situation, since you dont know how to pay attention. And you are totally right...it is pointless to talk about these things, you never can seem to get the right answer through your thick skull."

"You are right X.....none of you are worth mentioning....hell, I'd love to keep on reminding you why, and letting you keep overlooking the facts and say I just need to move on....what is it, afraid to see the truth? I would have rather been in the main event at King Karnage, than fighting for something that I had won a long time ago.....respect. You are no better than Phuze and The Legion, thinking only you select few deserve to be spotlighted. You fail to notice that smaller names around here such as PKA and Morbius, Lilio and Kris Starr. Be sure to recognize 'em soon though, as you'll be returning through the list to come back to me."

"Because I know, Wafer knows it, B-Pac knows it, hell the rest of the WoW and the world knows it.....you arent worth the words we all speak X....just an utterless amount of crap. Cheapshots came to the WoW because he knew the WCHW was the Titanic of Wrestling Federations. Ichabod had even tried to recruit me to be on his side, knowing that I was the best of the best, overlooking even his long time friend Wafer. I did things that Ichabod only wished he could back when he started, and that was the starting point for me as well."

*Smoke Dawg stops, shakes his head, and turns to walk away.*

"No, you know what, I'll save the rest for The Staples Arena in Los Angeles. Bring your A game boys, because no matter if you guys think you got this in the bag, or are worried sick about Team IC....the fact of the matter is Smoke Dawg doesnt give up without a fight, and I'm going to make you guys work for any and everything you attempt to get from here on out. Now stop watching this and go back to getting ready for the ass kicking you'll be recieving this Monday...."

*Smoke Dawg walks away as the lights go out....*